Hallowmas: Confession Trading

Hey, is anyone willing to trade a Confession of Violence for either a Confession of Curiousity or a Confession of Impropriety?

It certainly seems like Violence and Whimsy are not going to be available until next week. Guess I’m done trading for now.

looking for a confession of Impropriety willing to trade a guile confession

It looks like there are opportunities to trade for Violence and Whimsy at The Wreck of the St. Elmo and The Pavilion of Butterflies, respectively. Both require Airs 34-66. At the Wreck you can exchange Guile for Violence, and at the Pavilion you can exchange Violence for Whimsy. I’m basing this off of information on the wiki (https://fallenlondon.fandom.com/wiki/The_Wreck_of_the_St_Elmo and https://fallenlondon.fandom.com/wiki/The_Pavilion_of_Butterflies).

Deliciousest of friends!
(that is not a word?!)
I wish to trade a confession of guile for a confession of violence, as I have much to many guile and none of dangerous.
My name is the same as here

TRUE. Though only during the second week of Hallowmas.

My main has a slight excess of Curiosity confessions.

I’m happy to trade them with anyone who needs one; I’m fine with whatever is traded in return.

I have quite a lot of violence.

I need violence! In return for which I can offer curiosity, impropriety, pride or, most preferably, whimsy. Anyone feel free to make an offer. :)

Need 1 Whimsy, 3 Violence.
Have some Impropriety, Curiosity, Pride.
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I need a confession of violence. I can trade with impropriety and guile.

Thanks to all traders; all offers prior to this post have been concluded. I currently have just the one extra Curiosity, which I’d like to trade for Pride or Violence.

I have:
Curiosity 3
Impropriety 2
Pride 2

I want:
Whimsy 1
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A new wave of confessions are here, and new trade requests!

EDIT: First come, first served - no longer trading! Apologies to the others who wished to trade.
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I have everything now. Thanks for the trades everyone!
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All done!
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[quote=Zarhon]A new wave of confessions are here, and new trade requests!

I offer: 1xCURIOSITY or 1xWHIMSY

I want: 1xGUILE
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Have Curiosity, Need Whimsy
Name is the same
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I have Pride to spare, I need one of Impropriety

(edit: got it, thank you folks!)
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Nevermind. Thank you to those who traded with me.
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