Grand Hunt of the Devils?

Anyone know what this is all about?

Was traveling to the Forgotten Quarter to test out the airs there and ended up in the middle of this.

Managed to escape but still ended up in A State of Some Confusion(first time in ages).


lol, looks like I should have let them catch me instead or maybe not upon further consideration…
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I think it’s something to do with being a soulless Seeker with a stained soul.

Yeah, I’m going to try and avoid getting it forced back upon me.

Caveat emptor, Demons!

It’s fairly silly that I had to pull up the CSV from the wardrobe userscript and ctrl-f it to determine whether I had my soul or not . . . Perhaps I have been playing this game too long.

So this just happens in the Quarter?

Yep, just tested it.

Are there any… nasty side effects to getting re-souled by these devils? (If that is indeed what happens)

You die instantly with Wounds and Nightmares 15, lose all your Infernal items, all your Connection; Hell, all your brass and at the very least a massive chunk of your echoes.

My word. Fate might be cheaper. I am quite glad I escaped.
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Yeah… you get your soul back, but they’re not doing it to be nice - they’re doing it because you sold them damaged goods and they want you to know exactly what they think of that. It’s a very severe penalty.

Thankfully it’s a challenge, not luck-based, so presumably you can use second chances to try and get away.

How does this come up? Is it an undiscardable opportunity card, an interrupting storylet…?

An interrupting storylet that triggers as soon as you enter the Forgotten Quarter, it seems.

Does it only happen once, or will it happen every time you enter the Forgotten Quarter until you get re-souled?

Then again, I can’t exactly blame people for not wanting to test it. xD Seekers have no issues with being masochists, but they like to have unique text rewards for their trouble.

Only if you enter the Quarter with your soul missing, I think. Getting it forced back into you will stop it from happening again, unless you lose it again.

If you happen to have a Ray-Drenched Cinder you’ll lose that too. They can’t take numbers, though, or candles; nothing that really matters.

Truly a pearl of wisdom. Let the devils come. They know nothing. Can they tear the scars from your flesh? Can they crack the chains in your mind? Can they rip the hunger from your belly? The talons that rend can only break the skin. The things you hold close run deeper than that.

Let them inscribe their false madnesses upon your mind. Your eyes will burn clear of them; you see stronger things, harsher things. Let them take you to the boat on the silent river. You have been there many times before, and languished - drowned - in thicker waters besides. Let them have their trinkets, their valuables. They mean nothing to you. Only the Name.[li]

Or you could do the wise thing and abandon the search.

I happily sold my seven-stained soul, spent the next week digging in the Quarter, and the Hunt never found me.

News! Or possibly-news. Be careful about this - I don’t want to be responsible for anyone getting robbed (unless they’re into that sort of thing), but I’m a soulless stained Seeker at the moment. I just accidentally clicked on the Forgotten Quarter on my map, and nothing happened. Perhaps they’ve moved on?

Interesting. This shall have to be investigated circumspectly, and only by the most shadowy of individuals, assured of their escape.
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Well, I just got my second stain, and I went back to the Quarter. Nothing out of the ordinary happened.

I lost all my Echos: 2225 and some pence. Years of saving. So much for my Over-Goat
All my souls… common to Coruscating. Gone.
All my Brass, 11000 or so (I spent a lot of time robbing the Embassy). Gone.
But worst of all: My Cantigaster Venom, a Fate-Locked weapon. Gone.
I am a Seeker and I found this to be to much loss. Even pursuing Mr. Eaten gives you something, knowledge mostly. But this… this is all I got:

[i]&quotTo Slow!&quot

You are fast and stealthy. But you run before the coursers of Hell. They overwhelm you like a red wave breaking, bear you down with them. As if in a dream, you find yourself snatched up by their blazing-eyed leader. He is shaking with rage. &quotTrash!&quot he bellows. &quotTrash!&quot

The devils swarm over you, upend you, search you for valuables, scourge and blind you and fill your ears with madness. Lastly, the reinsert your soul. They are not gentle. They hold you while you scream, faces wise and blissful.[/i]

I feel sick. All I wanted to do was try my hand at the new Expedition.
Now I don’t know what to do. Years worth of treasure gone. Years of play swept away in a single instant.
Don’t let the Devils catch you.

One small hope… My Destiny might permit me vengeance.

Although… after thinking about it. I can laugh. A small sad laugh.
I have taken FAR more from the Devils than they have me. I have regained and lost my soul many… MANY times. I rob the Brass Embassy in the name of the C.V.R a couple times a week. Hundreds of Devils thoroughly beaten by my hands and a monster’s fangs (and some killed, I like to believe) in the name of the Church.

I feel slightly better. Now I am off to play chess with the Boatman. Dreaming of the day when I get my chance slaughter every single Devil.
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