Goodbye / Free Stuff

Dear All,

As I am planning on leaving Fallen London, I’d just like to say thanks to everyone for all their help and support. I’d also like to thank Failbetter for making such an entertaining and absorbing game, and I wish them every success in the future.

Fallen London has been immensely fun and fascinating to play, but the frustrations are getting to me and I’ve pretty much done most of the existing content (haven’t gotten some of the end-game grindy stuff, but I’ve done everything that’s held my interest).

As a ‘thank you’ to the community, I’ve decided to pass on what I can (within reason). As such, I have, last I checked, 300 fate scattered across alts that can be given in blocks of 100, and I have 120 first city coins that I can pass on in batches of 30. I also have 17 panther kittens, but I presume that anyone who wants one of those already has one. I’ve got 11 notability, most of which I could pass on if I happen to draw the amanuensis’ card. I’ll burn off what fate I have left after giving the excess away into turning cards. If the amanuensis should show up, I’d be happy to gift a point of notability to any POSI who does not yet have any. The odds are probably quite low, and I’m not going to grind enough MW to just summon him.

Please post below if any of the above interests you. One item per person, please. I’ll check this thread tomorrow (if I remember) and send out stuff on a first-come-first-served basis. Anything not taken at that point can gather dust in case I ever decide to come back.


BFW: Closed so kitten/notability requests go to the right thread (now RW’s gone) and get a chance of being answered.
er … I’ll link notability thread when I find the right one. If there’s one.
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I would appreciate a Panther Kitten if you are giving them away.

Sorry to hear you are leaving Fallen London but some fate would be very appreciated.

Oh, it is a shame you’re leaving, but your offer speaks really well of you.
This may sound rather beggar-ish, but I could really use the Fate. That said, I am pretty new in this community, so if you would prefer to give it to anyone else that you have more relation with, I won’t feel disappointed, so no pressure :)

And you have my best wishes. May fortune smile upon you and your projects, Randomwalker.

Fate is of course delightedly accepted. I would be happy to ‘pass on the largesse’ by giving gifts in your honor whenever the opportunity arises, which seems fitting.

Thanks for the replies, everyone. One kitten and all the fate are now accounted for. I’ve sent out all of the above except for Lady Ciel’s fate, as she is apparently not eligible for this invitation.

Sorry, didn’t think about where I was. I’m at the Festival, give me a bit of time to finish this cycle and I’ll be back in London.

I’m back in London now.

Thank you once again, I do hope that you return to Fallen London someday.

No problem. Fate sent.

Huh. Don’t know what the odds are, but I’ve drawn the amanuensis’ card. Please do let me know if any POSI wants their first point of notability.

I’d be happy to benefit from a first Notability point (Hefty Harrison). Much appreciated.

My kitten is an adorable little thing, many thanks :)

…and almost immediately, I draw the ‘Give a Gift’ card :-). Anyone in need of aught?

Glad you like the kitty, Endy/ You’re welcome.

Theus, is Hefty at zee or suchlike? You are not currently eligible for a point of notability.

Er, I think I’m on my final steps towards POSI (University tales 22), so is it possible that you wait for half a day? Sorry if it is too much trouble.

If you still have Notability to lend, I’d enjoy a bit…

My apologies, I was off fishing. I’m back in London, now.

Hmm. Tried to give notability to Hefty again, and to the Dark Gentleman, and both came up as ineligible.

The only reasons I can think of to be ineligible are: not in London, not POSI, or to already have at least one point of notability. If there are other requirements, I am not aware of them…

D’oh - answered my own question - you need to be an acquaintance. I’ll need to send out some cards, I think.
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Hey bud, its sad to see you go. If you wouldn’t mind, could you send my alt Mary L Laplace one point of notability? It’d be much appreciated. I’d send you a gift, but that defeat the point, doesn’t it. I wish you all the best! I’m sure you’ll find more new worlds to have adventures in. (Even the real one).

Calling cards sent. I’ll log in one more time tomorrow to give notability if calling cards have been accepted and the recipient is eligible, but I’ll not be visiting this thread after that.

Goodbye everyone and thanks for everything.