Goodbye / Free Stuff

Goodbye, and thank you so much. [quote=RandomWalker]Calling cards sent. I’ll log in one more time tomorrow to give notability if calling cards have been accepted and the recipient is eligible, but I’ll not be visiting this thread after that.

Goodbye everyone and thanks for everything.[/quote]

I’d love a kitten or point of Notability. Kitten by preference. I’ve just become PoSI and haven’t had enough Making Waves yet.

Ragabrash, I believe RandomWalker has departed. However, if a Parabolan Kitten is what you’re after, there’s a topic on the forums where you can request one. Those with an abundance of kittens are usually happy to adopt them out to good homes.

I’ve still got some kittens - just send me a social action or message in game if you want one. Though they are getting more difficult to breed so I might have to let my panther rest for a while when I run out.