Goat Farmer's Browser Extension

Lately I’ve been working my way towards an Overgoat but I’ve found tracking my progress a bit of a nuisance. There is an excellent script over here that I’ve been using a modified version of but it’s annoying to have to find said script, copy it into the javascript console, and run it each time. So I decided to simplify the process. I’ve created browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome (sorry IE users but your browser is too annoying and crazy) that run this script each time you visit the Bazaar page to total the value of your items and held echoes and prints the result at the top as shown below.

The Firefox extension is available here.

The Chrome extension is available on the Chrome Web Store here.

If you wish to gaze in horror upon my poor Javascript skills, you can find the source code I used to create the extensions on GitHub here.

Update 1:
It is now possible to exclude items from the total wealth calculation. On the &quotSell My Things&quot page if you click on an item it will become transparent and will be ignored for the purposes of calculating your wealth until you click on it again. Your excluded items are remembered in the same way that your target wealth is remembered. This feature is not available if your browser does not support local storage.

Update 2:
There is now a &quotReserve&quot button that appears beside the usual &quotSell&quot button on the &quotSeel My Things&quot page. Pressing it lets you set a number of items that are reserved. Reserved items are not included in the &quotTotal Wealth&quot calculation. For example, if I have 500 Deep Amber and I set a reserve of 100 only 400 will add their value to my total wealth.

Standard legal warning. I have no affiliation of any kind with the Failbetter team. These extensions are third party and provided as is. There is no official support and you use them at your own risk. If you encounter problems with your &quotBazaar&quot button (or any other aspect of the game) please remove the extension and try again before contacting support.
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For those who are interested, I’ve updated the extension to include a &quotTo Target&quot value below your total wealth. You can click the &quotupdate&quot button (see updated screen shot) to set the amount of echoes that you are working towards and this field will tell you how many more echoes are required to reach your goal. The extension remembers this value and will update to reflect your progress each time you visit the Bazaar.

The updated version is available from the same links in the first post. You should be able to install the new extension over top of the old one by repeating the install process. If that doesn’t work uninstalling the old extensions first definitely will.

Note: The value is remembered by your browser’s local storage. This means that if you switch browsers or computers you will have to set the value again in that new location. It is also possible (though unlikely) that you are using an older browser that doesn’t support local storage which means you will have to re-set this value each time you visit the site.
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Another small update. For those of you will multiple accounts the extension will now remember a different target value for each character.

Many thanks for your brilliant work!

Great extension! I do have one feature request though - Could you add a field so we can ignore items, or just all items over a set value?

Nice work! I’m certainly not aiming for an Overgoat right now, but it’d be interesting to find out how much I own anyway.

Yeah, like say, an overgoat. I’m going for Goat 2!

Yeah, like say, an overgoat. I’m going for Goat 2![/quote]

That’s definitely something I’d like to have in there as well. I’ll try to come up with a way to do it next time I have time to work on this. In the mean time I’ve just been setting the target value to the value of the item I want plus the value of the items I’d rather not sell. It isn’t ideal but it should help you get by.

And as it turns out I’ve had time today. You can now exclude items from the &quotTotal Wealth&quot calculation by clicking on their portrait on the &quotSell My Things&quot page. Enjoy!

this is so great!! although discovering that i could afford a goat if i sold literally everything i own is a terrible temptation.

Would it be possible to set per-item thresholds on what you’re willing to sell? There are very few things that I don’t want to keep some amount of in reserve, and it would be quite nice to be able to exclude those.

Oh, wow. If I sold everything I own, I could purchase four goats…

I hadn’t realized I’d hoarded that much.

It’s certainly possible. I’ll see what I can do next time I have time.

It is now possible to set &quotReserve&quot amounts for each of your items. Only items in excess of the reserve will be included in the Total Wealth calculation. Enjoy!


. . . I seem to 2/3 of the way to Cider if I sold literally everything. I don’t actually know what to think about that.

I have installed the extension, but I can’t see the labels at the top of the Bazaar page.
I’m using Firefox 33.1.1 in Private Browsing.
(Yes, the extension is active).

I had that problem initially as well. I’m not entirely sure what went wrong, but restoring Firefox to its default state (under Troubleshooting information) fixed it. If you’re certain none of your extensions are conflicting with this one you could try that, and download all your stuff again afterwards.

[quote=irian]I have installed the extension, but I can’t see the labels at the top of the Bazaar page.
I’m using Firefox 33.1.1 in Private Browsing.
(Yes, the extension is active).[/quote]

The first thing that I’d try is using regular browsing instead of In Private browsing. It’s possible that that is disabling the local storage stuff that the extension relies on for remembering settings. If that doesn’t work, try what Sara Hysaro suggested. If it still doesn’t know let me know and we’ll troubleshoot further.

Edit: I ran a quick test and &quotIn Private&quot browsing does appear to break the extension. If I have time I’ll see if I can do something to keep the extension functioning with reduced functionality under these conditions. In the mean time you’ll have to use regular browsing for the extension to work.
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it says the Manifest File is missing. I can’t seem to find this “crx” file, or produce it?

Chrome has, since, tightened its security considerably.

Follow these steps:

  1. Get the Chrome file from http://ithinktoomuch.ca/downloads/extensions/flgf-extension-chrome.zip
  2. Extract the .crx file from it
  3. Rename it as a .zip, extract again to some folder
  4. Delete the _metadata subfolder and the .pem file
  5. Go to chrome://extensions
  6. Enable Developer Mode
  7. Click &quotLoad unpacked extension&quot
  8. Select the folder you extracted the .crx to
  9. Don’t forget to reload the Fallen London page
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