Ghost of Ratmas Past: The Armratgeddon


By the will of the rats it shall be done!

Just for reference, Alexis, can you post your Rat count at the end of all of this?

I’m curious to know the effect of the Rattening.

This is the event that, after years, finally pushed me to make a forum account. Hi.

Anyways, have a seasonal greeting:

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From the Gospel of Ratthew:

For I was hungry and you gave me rats, I was thirsty, and you gave me rats, I was a stranger and you gave me rats, I needed clothes and you gave me rats, I was sick and in prison and you waited for me to get out of prison and then gave me rats.

…I may have brought some fate to send him all but one of my rats. 100 o them got lost to another person, but that’s still 900 rats. I have but the 1 now. WORTH IT.

Seven Fates were burned to send rats. 9 Jewel-rats, 16 Non-corporeal rats, 1 Monstrous mystery-rat, 1 box of live rats and a whooping total of… 300 boring, plain rats.

Where is the &quotrants&quot option?
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On the first day of Ratmas, a Rat-god came to me…

[quote=Professor Sketch]You people do realize this is how the Black Plague started, don’t you?
Continue on.[/quote]
That would be a nice story Alexis can give us after this madness is over; cure London of the plague that the Tiger left us.

There should be a poll option: &quotRats? Rats!&quot

Let’s see, a tiger is a cat, which means he’s a ratter.
There you have it. Alexis is a ratter.

– Mal

I think this is the most glorious showcase of the community possible.

All shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well!
Got the card and I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence or fate, but the action, before drawing the Gift card, set the London Airs to 100.

That’s touching. And deeply unsettling.

So, ‘Give a gift’ turns up. Should I send a contact something unexpected, as is my philanthropic duty? Should I send something to my long-suffering patron, who I think I’ve ratted on at least twice now anyway? Or should I join a chanting mob as they bury their victim in rodents?

I regret nothing. Yet.

Estelle, your art is always delightful.

[quote=Alexis Kennedy][color=#009900]he dresses up as a bat, to fight crime[/color]


There you have it, folks. The Tiger’s first and last official words on this forum. Perfect bookends of his tenure.

(Someone embroider that last quote and frame it.)

Well, either Alexis is not currently in London, or has “Accepting No Further Rats” again. Sad.