Future permanent companions

A whole order of sexy Kung-Fu nuns more than makes up for that…

(you wouldn’t know about them, they’re a part of the Bag a Legend! ambition)[/quote]

Oh what if you could be with [color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]Sinning Jenny?[/color]

That would indeed be quite an… exciting prospect!

I’d be interested in considering a commitment to the Revolutionary, the Smuggler, or the Wry Functionary. I don’t know that I would ultimately choose any of them, but I’d like to see the writing FBG produced for any of those romances.

Looking through the connections for possibilities outside existing romances and acquaintances - how about an academic romance? The Semi-semiotic Fellow, or the Consumptive Cryptozoologist? Or one involving a cleric? I don’t know that any of the priests or bishops I met are entirely what I would want in a partner, but a romance begun in the gallery of St. Fiacre’s has its appeal. I’d also love a backstage romance at Mahogany Hall - the Kashmiri Princess(es) would be fun, though my own vote would go for someone caught up in the mystery of the Glass.

I’ve also always had a soft spot for his Amused Lordship, though there are plenty of other possibilities for a Society romance. And I certainly wouldn’t turn down a nice sailor…

A whole order of sexy Kung-Fu nuns more than makes up for that…

(you wouldn’t know about them, they’re a part of the Bag a Legend! ambition)[/quote]

Oh what if you could be with [color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]Sinning Jenny?[/color][/quote]

I may stand corrected, but in my opinion she doesn’t seem much longing for commitment ^^

She’s a lot more virtuous then one is originally lead to believe.

Yep, but she has to keep up the act nonetheless.

I recently separated from the Artist’s Model I’d been associated with–while she was a delight, and I certainly wish her well, my affections have been stolen by a diplomat of many faces. Dangerous and shadowy, indeed…

Other player characters.

I’ve been very fond of my good friend, the Cultured Attaché(e)…

Like myself, this fine person embraces the finer sides of being a gentleman and a lady both…
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While I am sadly not yet considered a person of importance within society - I can only imagine the invitation got lost in the bat-clouds - I would be quite interested in pursuing, or indeed being pursued by, a deviless. Don’t you find our sulphurous cousins… stimulating?

hmm, I think a Surface Runner might make a delicious constant companion. Someone nicely embroiled in the Great Game that rewards you with visions of the surface in exchange for keeping them from incurring a career-ending death.

Indeed! I am personally keeping myself free of constant companionship in the hopes of one day pledging my troth with the Louche Devil. He was so interesting to cough tutor. I think he could greatly benefit from more advanced studies…

The hope of getting to have him as my Constant Companion is what keeps me from choosing other options. I remain hopeful that it will come to pass.[/quote]

I, too, would love the Once Dashing Smuggler for a constant companion (Once dashing? My, I’ve seen him without the bandages you know, and I must say I quite disagree!). Because of his personality and deliciously bandaged appearance, Feducci is a strong second choice.

Barring either, a gentle(wo?)manly and mysterious tomb colonist suits my fancy. I can just imagine myself wrapped in a wedding dress of secret-filled bandages…!

Not to mention that with my current lifestyle, I’m likely to end up in the Colonies sooner rather than later. It will be nice to know that my Companion won’t throw me over due to an inconvenient little thing like being mostly-dead.

I still pine for the Barbed Wit. Sadly, I shan’t be returning to Court for quite a while, and I don’t even know if I’d find her there.

I know at least two players who have named their Constant Companions after other player characters. It really helps with immersion and role playing.
I vote for this option before all other. Also, all the others!

I vote for the struggling artist. I never had much attachment to the model, but I was quite fond of the artist. And while the occasional tryst with him now is appreciated, it rings a bit flat when he comes round for ‘patronage’ so frequently without any sort of progress in either his career or our relationship.

I demand the right to marry my Albino Rat.

I think that sort of behavior is frowned upon even in the neath…

I refuse to even imagine how that relationship would ‘ahem’ work, given the size difference.

+1 for the smuggler =)