Future permanent companions

Those of you who have not yet tied the knot with a permanent companion, what relationship do you hope to see to final fruition in future content?

Personally, I’ve always had a certain spark for the secular missionary. May she return soon, and may her husband never be found!

Yet at other times I can’t help consider the possibility of Chi Lan, the royal fencing instructor. Our every meeting would have the passion of a duel to the death!

Lastly, in my least sane moments, I imagine my boundless curiosity could tempt Virginia from her hellish pursuits, and we could spend eternity uncovering the secrets of the correspondence - or going mad in the effort.

What of you, fellow 'neathers? Who would you choose that is not yet a possibility? Would you see a fierce competitor brought to a dynamic union, such as Orthos? Would you prefer to rekindle an existing romance option such as the curate, the barbed wit, or the acclaimed beauty? Or a hauteur romance with a gentleman or lady of breeding? A scandalous union with the kashmiri princess? Or do you seek something more exotic; something to sate a vice only found in the 'neath - such as a suitor of clay or the affectionate devil? Feducci’s vitality has a certain charm as well. Or do your appetites run far beyond the pale - perhaps to an unearthly devotion to a fluke?

Blue actually has a good reason to stay uncommitted. He’s flirtatious, but not seeking eternal love… Though this doesn’t stop him from getting “better acquainted” with the people he’s interested with ^^

From this point of view, though the Secular Missionary sure has a modest, undeniable charm, he’s actually doing his best to find her husband alive and well.

Yana “actually” married their Devious Henchman, Martin. The Master Jewel Thief is just a placeholder.

I’m not seriously suggesting we should be able to marry our pets, but perhaps three or so generic options would be useful for people who want to do something similar.
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I am a cold, heartless being of pure logic, so I do not love anything. My current Constant Companion is the Artist’s Model, for no other reason than because she gives a Watchful bonus (my stat of choice). I know, I’m horrible. D:

If I had to choose an object of platonic affection, though, I suppose I would choose the Barbed Wit. She was one of my favourite characters – it was nice to see a fellow intellectual mind in the stuffiness of the Court.

I confess that there will always be a soft spot in my heart for a particular Sardonic Music-Hall Singer. She was my first acquaintance upon my arrival in Fallen London, and always willing to join me in a drink when the pressures of the 'neath become too unbearable. She can also shatter glass with her voice, which is always fun at dinner parties.

Though I also must add that the Wry Functionary can play an absolutely brutal game of cards, probably one of the best players in the 'neath, and the importance of that can not be overstated.
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I might pursue Kashmiri Princess’s. Other then that I can’t think of a character that interest me. My character might just be forever alone.

I sincerely hope to see the Once-Dashing Smuggler again. He was always so very intriguing.

The hope of getting to have him as my Constant Companion is what keeps me from choosing other options. I remain hopeful that it will come to pass.

I’m not sure he’s legally allowed to marry. If he’s lot legally dead, then he’s still [color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]the Gracious Widow’s husband[/color].

Of course, I strongly doubt he’d care whether it’s legal or not.

I rather doubt that death ends your rights or obligations for residents of Fallen London. At most, it puts them on hiatus. In fact, it might be advantageous to spend a year dead for tax reasons.

I’ve always had the softest of places in my predominantly so very cold heart for a certain honey-dependant jewel thief. What turmoil! What a tempestuous affair. For the love of all things dramatic, there is no love such as the one had with the good sir.

I find courtship with the Quiet Deviless quite charming! Although the delicious attentions of the Dashing Smuggler and his roses has been quite the draw!

A Lady dallying

Both the devils are attractive and enchanting. But then again, we simply are bewitching individuals. If I do say so myself!

Except he’s one of the existing options. We’re discussing hypotheticals here.

Do you mean to say that I will see him again? How intriguing. I was under the impression that, after a boisterous conflict involving honey management, that was that.

Do they currently offer any romantic interests in Clay?

Current options are one artist, one jewel thief, two [color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]diplomats[/color], three [color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]snuffers[/color] and a [color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]Rubbery Man[/color].

On the Surface I would certainly think about marrying the Honey-sipping Heiress, but Death being what it is down here, who knows when she will actually inherit?

For the time being I’m happy with Natalie… a card-cheating model, isn’t that every ma… er, wom… er, yes, isn’t that everyone’s dream?
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There’s no shortage of candidates for Constant Companionship among the existing romantic interests of London - Firebrand, Missionary, Smuggler, Wit, Beauty, Heiress… personally, I’m happy with the Artist’s Model. As unfitted as Hubris is for matrimony, I suspect that he and the Quiet Deviless would be well-suited. Otherwise… we have bohemians, criminals, and officials; what’s left? People of business, of law? An inspector, or accomplished hunter, or even a Tiger Keeper?

About the people of law, there would be the Ambitious Barrister. But she seems more interested in career than in family… Though, once you’ve become A Person of Some Importance, you actually become quite an eligible bachelor ^^

On the other side, no sexy nurses in sight XD

A whole order of sexy Kung-Fu nuns more than makes up for that…

(you wouldn’t know about them, they’re a part of the Bag a Legend! ambition)