Forum Game: Mornington Crescent

A very simple, and yet infinitely complex game of sophistry, strategy and occasionally semaphores.

All tables of the Hallowmas party are welcome to play, as are walk-ins.

For those unacquainted with Duke of Cheltenham’s ruleset (scholastically determined to be the most &quotcomplete&quot set of original rules, although some point to the Cokely Manuscript as the older; historiography varies, and is often violently punctuated): Mornington Crescent (game) - Wikipedia

For this game, we will be using the Chilcott Rules, Second Edition, which allows both the Kurilenko and Orleans Gambits, yet does not allow the popular Cobb Maneuver.

Please note that London in the Neath may not correspond with surface dated maps of the Underground, should one be so fortunate as to procure an intact example.

Shall we begin?

Marylebone, a staple of opening plays.
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A disheveled, mohawked man nursing a bloody mary walks hesitantly up to your table and pulls up a chair near it.

“Can I watch?” he asks in a small voice

I see what you’re trying to do here, but I’ll counter with the Goodge Street Riposte.

The Mirthless Colonist settles at the table, he plays to win.
&quotClassic move, not a very inspirational one.
Alliance lane, who’s next?&quot

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Bruno notices and fits himself among the others.
“So, we’re playing the… ahem. I’ll have you know I’m a master at… anyways, Mill Hill Park.”

“Phoenix Place, there is a lovely bird shop there.” Dirae Erinyes joins in with gusto but maybe with not much understanding.

The Mirthless Colonist sniffs. A crooked smile is outlined by his bandages.
&quot’Pope’s head alley.&quot
A controversial move, usually not executed in polite company. The Mirthless Colonist plays to win.
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“We’re allowing variations as per the de Carabas Addendums, then? Alright, let’s mix this up a bit: Moloch Street.”

His bandaged fingers tap against the edge of the table.
&quotJust to be clear, we are using Incledon’s Barnstaple exception when it comes to diagonal aglís, right?&quot
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“Doesn’t that depend on the number of players?”

&quotExactly, and I’m assuming that we’ll have the table full by about midgame, so we can go ahead and expand it with the complimentary Gottfried/Woide ruleset.&quot

takes a chair, grinning smugly Perfect. In that case… Dropknee Lane! Leans back in satisfaction

&quotWe are, of course, using the Hussing-Verley amendment of '62, correct? If so, in light of certain other manoeuvres, Wolfstack Alley, Door 16&quot

“Bartleby Scrivener alley, The Golden Pen.”

&quotThat’s a ruthless move, friend.&quot
He scratches himself behind where his right ear could be.
&quotI want to say Kensington Main, but I think I’ll go for… Sugar Loaf Walk!&quot

Florence meanders over and joins in.
“Kensington would’ve treated you better.” She shakes her head. “Since you lot are clearly dancing around the matter, I’ll just come right out and say High Barnet.” A defiant move, and a risky one. Has Florence accomplished anything other than embarrassing herself?

Bruno realized that he was going up against a higher caliber of player, not your average dockside riffraff. He was going to have to bring his best.
“Aldgate. Pig in a poke.”
That should let him ride out at least long enough to remmber a proper strategem.

“Wuthering Heights, the lovers peak in the marshes.” Dirae Erinye know it was a completely crazy move, but one that would reveal important information about the players. Know others and you know the game.

A powerful lateral move, and one that blocks off a lot of the Northern parallel. He sucks air in through his teeth. He’s going to have to go off the books for this one - the Islington Ascendancy is a risky gambit, and he’s not sure it will work. “Angel?”

He was stupified. These players all seemed fairly capable in their own right, but they were playing completely counter-intuitive. This version of Mornington Crescent had only a single winner, but it’s necessary to help eachother to progress through the first stages of the game. So either these people were busy with a very intricate scheme, or they were completely anarchic morons…

Wait, now he sees it, and ‘it’ is terrifying! They were setting a trap for him! A huge one, at that! He could see the pitfall in Kensington Main, but he did not realize it was part of a much larger strategem!
My god, was he playing against grandmasters!? He wasn’t sure he could still win like this, so he’d have to deny their victory instead.
The Mirthless Colonist fumbles one of his bandages,
then announces, &quotAldernmanbury Postern.&quot