Forum Game: Mornington Crescent

He saw the trap that was closing in on the Mirthless colonist, and shivered for a moment. A cruel gambit, though maybe a necessary one. &quotSpiretrack&quot, he uttered, praying that someone at the table knew Zailor’s code and was aware of how the Papal gambit modifies any messages being sent.

&quot May I ? &quot said the newcommer in a swish of black spider-silk embroidered with mauve thread and laces as she settled at the table, diffident sparkle in the eye, glammorous lips.

hmm the bandage guy seemed quite cornered but had apparently been cunningly castling by hand with his latest moves… which might save him if no one was bold enough to try a sun-shaded asymetric back door within the next few turn.
I should just sit on the fence here, she thought, good oportunity to make acquintances, gather snippets maybe.[i]

&quot North End, Bull & Bush. No squinting squirrel. &quot [/i]she said softly.

If the rules were similar to what she was used to with the Mornington Croissant version or even the Kamoulox spin-off this move should do the trick for now; although it would definitly not let her win which was perfectly fine… If not, well, if not… damn it… the squirrel thing was maybe a bit too reckless…
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edited by ZeOldOne on 11/4/2016

The ape wanders by, large absinthe in hand, and puckers his lips as he counts the players. Fortunately, he’s not wearing shoes (well, he’s an ape, innit he?) so the matter is facilitated. “Twelve! Jolly good! Let’s see, then, according to Morphy’s Transform, that would be… Bloomsbury. British Museum. Russell Square, then.” He beams genially and swills some absinthe. He’s drinking it like water, but it has no apparent effect. But he’s an ape, how does one tell?

– Mal

No Suinting Squirrel? Bloomsbury? It seems that his competitors are trying to coax Bruno into a trap! But oh, he knows just how to lay low for the next sucker to fall in.
&quotIn that case, I believe it’s time to call The Fifth Coil.&quot

“Baker Street.” Dirae Erinyes believes this next move will sow some more chaos in this game. They wonder where the rest of the players will decide where Baker Street is.

&quotBaker’s Avenue!&quot
The tide has turned, the waves drown him not, but crush his opposition.
He was the king of this game, not the kingmaker.
The Mirthless Colonist plays to win.

“The Squirrel has been called. This generally means Royal Veterinary House standards also apply. Unless, unless someone wants to object?” A slender woman in a tailored suit takes a seat.

“Malet Street.” She says softly. She glances at the ape and visibly shifts her chair in the opposite direction.

&quotIs that so? I was under the impression, that, following the Varchas incident, Royal Veterinary Hospital standards only apply under candle-lit tables. As you can see, these lamps are clearly electric, and so I believe that only backstreet veterinarian rules are upheld. I may be wrong though, but that is how I believed it to work. Either way, the move is legal.&quot
The lieutenant surveyed his fellow players, trying to read something from their simian, bandaged and masked facades. He took his time, fiddling with something in his pocket all the while.

Finally, he announced his move. &quotIcarus Avenue.&quot The tension at the table was almost visible. His dog whimpered, noticing her master’s nerves, no matter how hard he tried to hide them. There were so many ways this could backfire, but if he could slip it through, well, he had not known of anyone who had lost a game after pulling off an Icarus slip.

An Icarus slip, hmm? This fellow had nerves, he’d give him that.
Why, he might even let the Icarus slip… slip. Maybe he should rerail the conversation so no one’d notice this daring play.
&quotThese lamps are electric? It’s vital to the rules to know whether they’re Khanate make or surface! You all know the Traitor Empress has enforced a special ruleset that comes into play when playing above or underneath furniture of Khaganian origin after that incident with the honey and the horse!&quot

&quotOh, also, Shoulder of Mutton Alley.&quot

&quotLooks like standard London to me. And, anyway, if I remember correctly, those rules are just a bunch of silly dances, so we should be fine. B17 to Flowerdene.&quot

A voice pipes up from the corner. “Permit me to add that the latest court circular voids the question by specifying that such rules only apply on the anniversary of the offense. Now, let’s see… The Oratory.”

There. Let’s see how the next player deals with the S-- L— feint.

A long series of tuts escapes from beneath the raven mask. &quotI was under the impression that we were playing under the second edition of the Chilcott rules not the third. Strike one.&quot

Ms. Davidson half-turns to Bruno, &quotIn this scenario, the third individual to use a numbered answer suffers a penalty. If this was the third edition the fourth player to do so would be penalized. Watch yourself.&quot

She sighs and lightly brushes the beak of her mask, &quotMap is too hot. Just because I joined late doesn’t mean I haven’t been paying attention. I’m playing it safe. Plummers Road.&quot
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“Fanny Hill’s parkway,” Dirae Erinyes hopes that this move has yet to be banned by the Empresses. What a sensitive woman and that move is less then sensitive.

Amsfield’s gaze flickers amongst the faces of his opponents. This was to obvious, surely, only one answer could suffice! But these were skilled players. They had artfully dodged every feint laid before them. Behind his mask his brow tightens. No, it had to be that, but what maneuver could he conjure that might subvert the plans they had ensnared him in? D__n caution!
“Skipsberry Rd… via Wattury Lane!”
Perhaps that might be enough.

He surveyed the board, thanking his lucky false-stars that his gambit had thus far gone unnoticed. Now, it would be easy enough, comparatively, to grab a carriage through lesser Wilmot, Vassington and Nowhere street, thus forcing Coleman’s edict and therefore inverting any move made across a sevening line. The only risk he could foresee was that he had foolishly misplaced his omnibus timetable, and so he was reliant on guesswork and luck to make it onto a carriage.

&quotM-------e road&quot was uttered. An uncouth move, to be sure, and one that would anger the Masters if they were aware of it, but it was a necessary wording, and a fundamental element of his plan.

None of the other players had even noticed when he quietly entered the room and pulled up a chair, so engrossed were they in their schemes and stratagems. He watched in silence, patiently waiting for the perfect time to strike. At last, an opening presented itself. The fools had blundered themselves right into position for the Carlile-Furthington maneuver. An often controversial move, but one with a solid precedent for London play.

&quotFlowerdene Street!&quot
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“I’m already on Flowerdene, and according to His Amused Lordship’s 1876 addendum, no players can call the same place.”
But he could see what was being attempted, and decided to double up on his feint.
“Mrs. Plenty’s Carnival”

&quotNot on my watch, you’re not!&quot He slams his fist against the table, wine-glasses shudder and a rogue ferret recoils in shock.
&quotBlue Ghost Street!&quot

Finally the time for a move that isn’t just sound and fury. “The Red Masque Opera House!”

“An opera house after Blue Ghost? I invoke Resetkine’s Formation!” He couldn’t help but smile at the irony, but he’d stuck to the alleys and back ways too long, finally time to meet the battle head on. “Hollow Street.” Amsfield drains his wineglass, to steel himself for what was to come.