FLR: The Cheery Man and The Last Constable

[color=#cc0099]Players may now continue the tragedy of the Cheery Man and the Last Constable!

Those up-to-date with the story may continue via the ‘A Message from an Old Acquaintance’ card, which will appear in your deck. Those wishing to start the tale can study secrets in Ladybones Road or visit the Medusa’s Head in Watchmaker’s Hill.

As these are exciting times with some well-loved characters, we’d like to give a friendly reminder to use the appropriate spoiler tags, thank you.

Update 19 October 2017

Hello, we’ve been taking on board the feedback from players and are expecting to make changes tomorrow, for both future players and those who’ve completed the story already.

For now, we’ve blocked off sections to halt anyone else from going through pieces of the story we’ll be adjusting. Thank you for your feedback and for your patience.[/color]
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edited by Absintheuse on 10/19/2017


I almost wish I’d drawn the card before reading this post, it’d be that much more of a surprise.

Time to draw cards like nobody’s business! Which is to say, to draw cards as usual.

Damnation. I misclicked and chose an option I didn’t want to. Is it possible to pay Fate to reset this story after completing it?

Oh, lovely!
I do hope that I’ll be able to keep the Man’s card for the Dream quality! :)

[color=#cc0099]Yes, it can be reset[/color]

Aha, finally I may encounter my old nemesis, the Cheery Man!

But first, I must overcome my old nemesis, the RNG. Well, I’ve waited months already, I can wait a few more hours/days/weeks to draw this card.

I wonder if this story will let us get both the Last Constable and Cheery Man feast companions…

Whew! Thank you! I’m guessing it’s from a card - I shall keep an eye out.

Typo detected: A Furtive Meeting

“She turns from her unenviable view (of) Moloch St Station and offers a fleeting smile”

I’ve completed one of my life goals I never knew I had: Hug the Last Constable.

[quote=Hattington]Typo detected: A Furtive Meeting

&quotShe turns from her unenviable view (of) Moloch St Station and offers a fleeting smile&quot[/quote]

[color=rgb(204, 0, 153)]As always, the best places to send typos are directly to support@failbettergames.com, cheers[/color]

I’m adding that to my personal list of ‘Fallen London Goals’. She always looked like she needed a snuggle.[/li][li]
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Oh god I hope we can hug Cheeryman too!

Did you decline the offer? I am assuming you did, and it immediately dead-ended the story.

Well I’m depressed now… :(

It’s so long ago I can’t remember what the devil all this was even about. The game seems have the idea that I know who these people are, so I guess I’ll take its word for it.

I get that a lot with Fallen London. :)

Wow… so my alt The Courier just finished this and uh… safe to say it has the potential to get quite heavy. FBG were not playing around with the endings here!

It’s great to see actions have proper in-game consequences, and it was a really well written bit of story, but now I’m saaad :P
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I can’t wait to play it; but the RNG appears to hate me with the passion of thousand burning judgements, I must’ve discarded dozens of cards now. Why oh why is it not a pinned storylet?

Please give me a quick, short answer. I’m about to start Preparing for a Lethal Gambit. Just tell me if the storylets i’m presented with cancel each other out, or if they all need to be played through.

They all need to be completed.[li]