FL Roleplay Group - Discord

I’m looking to set up a Fallen London roleplay group on Discord, something for some fun in-character interaction, world building, etc. with potential for in-game interaction too!

Rules/plans so far:

  • 16+ only, must be 18+ for NSFW[/li][li]No overpowered characters / godmodding / etc[/li][li]Make sure you develop your character well! Try to avoid Mary Sues.[/li][li]Semi-literate paragraph-style roleplay[/li][li]Different channels for different areas of FL[/li][li]Potentially server-wide plot events (once things are established a bit)

Let me know if you’re interested!

I’m interested.

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This sounds interesting. What did you mean by ‘no Mary Sue?’ though?

Can we still join even if we just started the game, or would you prefer people who have more experience with it? (Sorry, I’m just trying to get more involved community-wise and stuff)

Characters that are just… too perfect. Usually they have few to no flaws, or &quotflaws&quot that don’t actually affect them.

I think there are a few of them out there. My friends and I have one too. I think multiples are actually a good thing since different people probably have different ideas of what they want to do/how many people should be involved/what types of characters/how serious or laid back it should be/etc. More RP rooms increase the chance of more people finding a room that suits them and their style of play.

I’m interested in any and all FL discords. And rps.

How often would we be expected to reply? I do like roleplaying, but sometimes I take a life to the knee…
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Count my interest as being thrown into the mix … with Slyblue’s caveat as my own … sometimes RL does RL things.

I would also be interested in this (or any other FL discords, honestly).

I’m interested as well. I’m rather busy irl, but I’ll do my best to make time for this. Very exciting.

I am definitely intrigued.

I hope the link to the discord is posted here if it does happen at some point.

(Do write me down as interested.)

I’d personally love getting into an rp server, so count me interested. Like others in this thread, I may not be an active voice in chat 24/7, but I’ll make an effort to interact when I can.

Been watching this topic since it was posted; now seems like a good time to bump it, so: I would also be interested.

I would be interested in joining as well! Please send me the link!

As someone who is trying to run an RP group and is interested in FL RP in general, I’d love to join in as well.

A Mary Sue is a term used these days for characters that people have created that are usually idealised versions of themselves = perfect in every way, just totally awesome in fact and they save the day with their sheer awesomeness and amazing skills and appeal in every category known to man or woman or squid or devil. Common in teenage fanfiction etc and especially tiresome for anyone to read about (apart from the author of course who thinks it’s brilliant! Yay!)

I’ve commonly been accused of being a Mary Sue myself due to how ridiculously awesome I am, and I can only counter that my awesomeness and perfection in all things under the sky is purely a result of my wonderful genetics and, well, general awesomeness*

*this may or may not be true in any or all parts
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I would be interested in giving it a try

Are we completely sure such a thing doesn’t already exist?

Nevertheless, sign me up. I’m always down for some RP.