First Steps on the Seeking Road

Should you seek the name? NO! What’s wrong with you? Why would you want to do that? Turn back now! Leave! In these dark waters, you will find only pain. The road is paved with disaster and awash with regret. Much will be asked of you. All will be demanded from you. There is nothing to gain and you will be left with nothing. Seeking is a slow spiral towards destruction. Tragedy without meaning inflicted upon the self. Un-asked for and un-compensated. If you value your life. If you value yourself. If you value anything, LEAVE NOW!

You’re still here? Well, I tried. I’ve recently finished the first few major steps on The Seeking Road so I figured it might be helpful if I collected what I’ve learned here for others. Did I mention you shouldn’t be here? Did I stand between you and destruction waving my arms in futility and declaring &quotYou shall not pass!?&quot Did it do any good? No? Okay then.

Flirting With Disaster

The best place to start Seeking the Name is by Seeking Curios and Secrets in the Forgotten Quarter. At airs 81-100 there is an option titled &quotIn your dreams, you hear a voice echoing hollowly each night&quot that unlocks with Nightmares 5 and Scholar of the Correspondence 1. Choosing it will give you your first point of seeking and boost your Scholar of the Correspondence if it isn’t 3 or above. It will also give you 4 points of Nightmares and cost you about half a level worth of Persuasive and Shadowy. Having fun yet?

Another way to get that first point of Seeking is to become Unaccountably Peckish and pick one of the options that are locked by &quotMarsh-Mired in Dreams of Sustenance&quot on those scary black cards that show up. Some of these options hurt a lot. Others don’t hurt at all. We’ll talk more about these cards later, but for now know that the ACE OF HUNGERS (UP 1), SEVEN OF WORDS (UP 7), KNAVE OF REGRET (UP 8), and KNIGHT OF FEASTS (UP 9) are generally your &quotsafe&quot options. The reason I recommend the forgotten quarter over these is that these things can only be used once per Time the Healer and you’ll want one available after the next step. So use one or the other depending on whether or not you’re willing to wait.

A Bad End

So you’ve got your first point of Seeking. Now it’s time to join Seeking proper. To do that you need to wait for a card. If you’re a Scholar of the Correspondence, the card you’re waiting for is &quotAn Alphabet of Scars&quot. If not, then you’re waiting for &quotA Banner with a Strange Device&quot. The options here are pretty clearly labeled and they all hurt you in slightly different ways. They’ll also all take you to this fun page.

The button you should be clicking is the &quotGo&quot button, which will save you from this madness at the bargain price of 0 actions. But if you’ve read this far you’re probably going to end up clicking the &quotDON’T CLICK THIS BUTTON&quot button. You fool. You poor, poor fool.

Did you click it? Then you should now have &quotA Bad End&quot and be at Seeking 3 if you were a Scholar and 2 if you weren’t. My condolences.

The Seeking Road

The main thrust of Seeking centers around the Seeking quality and The Seeking Road, which should now appear in your lodgings. Increasing this quality is what unlocks the various story branches where you ruin your own life. There are two ways to do this. The first are the options that appear on The Seeking Road itself. These options are locked if you have any sudden insights, so no playing it safe with &quotPerhaps Not&quot retry tricks, and feature watchful checks and resource costs that scale with your Seeking quality, so they get harder and more expensive the further you go. The other option is the Marsh-Mired options on the Unaccountable Peckish cards. Once per week, these card’s Marsh-Mired options will give you a point of Seeking up to 3 times the level of Unaccountable Peckish the card requires. So the ACE OF HUNGERS is capped at 3, SEVEN OF WORDS is capped at 21, KNIGHT OF FEASTS is capped at 27, etc.

If you go to The Seeking Road right now you’ll see two options. One will halve your Watchful in exchange for a single point of Seeking. The other will halve your Scholar of the Correspondence in exchange for a single point of Seeking. DO NOT PICK THESE OPTIONS. They are ludicrously expensive and you will get a much more reasonable one at Seeking 4. Use the Unaccountable Peckish cards (any but the ACE OF HUNGERS should do) to get that first point or two.

Once you’re at Seeking 4 you’re past what I consider to be the first hurdle on The Seeking Road. If you want to spend resources to increase Seeking I would do it now. The option to spend Appalling Secrets to boost Seeking is by far the cheapest non-peckish option you’re going to get. The higher seeking goes, the more expensive everything gets and the harder it will be to pass the checks. So boost Seeking as far as you feel you can at this early stage and then sitting back and using the Unaccountably Peckish options to get one point a week after that. Your first goal post is an opportunity card that unlocks at Seeking 7.

Controlling Unaccountably Peckish

Since Unaccountably Peckish will get you a free point of Seeking each week well after those points have become unreasonably expensive, being able to control your unaccountable peckish value is important. The best way to raise it is in The Flit with the help of a Starveling Cat. Go to Bats and CatsCats…See what your Starveling Cat knows to get +3 Unaccountable Peckish. If you don’t have a Starveling Cat, they occasionally come from being given a boxed cat or from a very specific bundle of oddities value but if you ask around the forum (specifically, The Singing Mandrake) you may be able to find someone willing to send you one.

Of course, once you have a high Unaccountable Peckish you need to bring it back down because those black cards are extremely disruptive and only useful once a week. To do that, just buy rubbery lumps in the first coil of The Labyrinth of Tigers. 50 Jade will get you -2 Unaccountable Peckish. Between these two options, you should be able to effectively control your Unaccountably Peckish value so that it’s there when you need it and gone when you don’t.

What do I do next?

Keep raising your Seeking value. Stuff will happen. It will be mostly unpleasant.

That’s about it. Normally this is where I’d say good luck. But, Seeking being what it is, all I can do is provide one more feeble &quotyou shall not pass.&quot TURN BACK!
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I will try to add some additional info to An Individual’s excellent starter.

First, let’s talk about endings:

At SMEN 12, two branches open in the Seeking Road, entitled ‘Grieve’ (&quotWhat is forgotten?&quot, requires Melancholy 12) and ‘Hate’ (&quotWhat is due?&quot, requires Heartless 7). Playing one of these sets a new quality, simply called A Question, which is necessary to get to Winking Isle (more on that later). So, you don’t actually need to pick one before going to the Isle; you can change your Question anytime as long as you meet the Quirk requirement; and change it again - without any requirements - at the very end.
There’s a third Question (&quotWho is Salt?&quot) which you can unlock on Winking Isle, later. Again, once it’s unlocked you can change Questions as often as you like. A warning: the Salt branch is pretty meta-gamey and might not be to everyone’s taste.
These three Questions represent the three different endings of SMEN. And they’re really very, very different endings!
Well, actually, there’s a fourth ending, of course: you’ll have the option to Turn Back at the very last moment. This will give you a unique item with a pretty BDR boost. It won’t repair any damage you might have inflicted upon yourself, though.

During the Christmas season, selecting &quotAccept the Name&quot on the Day 9 Mr Sacks opportunity card will set your Question to &quotWhat is forgotten?&quot. You only need SMEN 3 to unlock this option, and it increases SMEN by 1, up to 28.

Scars, Stains, and Chains

[quote=An Individual]Your first goal post is an opportunity card that unlocks at Seeking 7.[/quote]Exactly, and it’s called &quotA Dream of Dark Waters&quot. Choosing the ‘Cry out’ option on this card will give you your first Weeping Scar, after which the card will be locked. So play the other option first, because the text is cool.

At SMEN 14, we get into the real meat of things. Literally, because one Weeping Scar isn’t enough - you’re going to need six more. Getting Scars kills you, each time. You will lose all your Hard-Earned Lessons (obviously, because if you’ve learnt anything from them you wouldn’t be doing this); and you’ll need some Correspondence Plaques and a Skyglass Knife.

SMEN 16: Now you can start gaining Memories of Chains. Surprise: you need 7 of them. You’ll go to prison each time (it won’t affect your Criminal Record, though) and you’ll lose a lot of low-level items. With the 7th Chaining you’ll also lose 77x Sudden Insights (if you have that much) and lots of Wines items (including Airag and any Greyfields 1868 First Sporing you might have).

SMEN 18: And because getting Scarred and Chained was such fun, you’ll want to Stain Your Soul
7 times, too. (You actually need to have it with you, of course.) You’ll need 3 Starveling Cats and at least 60 laudanum bottles (probably a lot more).
Everytime you find yourself without a Cat, you can buy one for 77 Brilliant Souls, or a Baptised Rat-Corpse, or a Deep-zee Catch - or you can ask for one here (or here).
You will lose all your Confident Smiles (about time) and you’ll die after the last Staining (all the Stainings give lots of Wounds, but only the last one definitely kills you).


SMEN 21: Now, if you have 7 Scars, 7 Chains and 7 Stains, you can get St Arthur’s Candle! You must betray 6 or 7 friends. For this, you need at least 5 Searing Enigmas. Also, 1 Mourning Candle,
1 Thirsty Bombazine, 1 Brass Ring, 1 Bazaar Permit, 1 Patent Scrutinizer Deluxe and 1 Night-Whisper.
You can look for people willing to be betrayed here; but you can also betray (and lose) Spouses, Midnight Matriarchs and Nomen instead of real friends. There’s also a crazy option where you can sacrifice Elemental Secrets to progress…
Note: Footsteps of the False Saints 6 unlocks a storylet at Mahogany Hall’s Wednesday show which saves the seventh Betrayal.
Getting the candle gives you 1 SMEN and hurts your Persuasive & Dangerous pretty hard.

SMEN 24: If you’ve got Arthur’s, you can now get St Beau’s Candle at Mrs Plenty’s Carnival…
I recommend taking at least 3330 Moon-Pearls (the more the better, 7000 is fine) and 150 Memories of Light to the Carnival. You will need to give up EITHER all your Favours & Renown OR all your Lodgings (‘Premises at the Bazaar’ are required for this). 1 SMEN for gaining the candle.

SMEN 27: If you have Beau’s, get St Cerise’s Candle in the Forgotten Quarter now by shoving a Noman, Daughter, Overgoat, Übergoat or Classic Short Story down the Well. Once again, 1 SMEN for gaining the candle.

SMEN 35: Getting St Destin’s Candle via Slowcake’s Amanuensis requires Notability 12 and no Profession; it nukes your Society Favours, Notability and Making Waves.
You need Cerise’s and SMEN 35 to select the ‘Torment’ Destiny, too.
You’ll gain 1 SMEN, both for getting it via Slowcake’s or Destiny.
The requirements for receiving it as a Hallowmas gift are explained here.

Note: You can give up Destin’s Candle on Winking Isle for 1 SMEN and some interesting text. However, you’ll then need to find another one before going North… also, this option is locked with Obscurity 3. What’s Obscurity? Read on…

SMEN 42: If you have Cerise’s, get St Erzulie’s Candle in the Nadir. Having Destin’s is a requirement only for the path of sacrifice: while you don’t have to give up anything to get this candle - you can give up a lot: your Tattoos, Profession*, Notability, Ambition, Ambition:Enigma** and Destiny***, in this order. You will never be able to regain any of the things you give up! You can stop sacrificing at any point, though, if for example you’re fine with giving up Tattoos and Profession, but want to keep your Ambition and Destiny.
With each sacrifice your ‘Obscurity’ quality is raised by one, thus locking you out of regaining said sacrifice forever.
Generally, if you plan to go all the way, there’s no reason to shy away from these sacrifices. But if you plan to Turn Back you’ll probably want to keep all these things - unless you want to experience playing on a crippled account for role-play reasons or whatever (the BDR boost from the Seven-Fold Knock won’t be of much use to you then, of course).
Once again, 1 SMEN for gaining the candle.

  • If you give up your Profession, you’ll still keep your Profession’s unique item.
    ** If you don’t know what this is, just ignore it. It’s nothing important, just a broken toy.
    [/i]*** The ‘Torment’ Destiny will not be removed. You won’t be able to ever change it though.

    SMEN 49: Get St Fortigan’s Candle at the Chapel of Lights if you have all the others (ship required). Once again, 1 SMEN for gaining the candle.

SMEN 63: You need 1 Uncanny Incunabulum for St Gawain’s Candle. You can play this without having St Destin’s. Once again, you’ll need a ship: you will have to go South before going North. Depending on your choices, you will gain 3 to 6 SMEN levels here (for all six: refuse soup, offer yourself).

SMEN 77: Go NORTH if you have all seven candles. Goodbye.
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Ok then, Winking Isle… long-suffering sigh

How do you get there? Well, first you need Mr Eaten’s Calling Card. You can ask here for another player to send it to you, or get it from God’s Editors.
Then, you need to have A Question, 0 Nightmares and 0 Wounds. Once there, you’ll also need a Watchful of 200 (stat-raising equipment allowed); no more than 7.77 Echoes in cash; 0 Favours: Docks & 0 Favours: Society. And that’s only the start.

To get anything done on Winking Isle, you need to have exactly zero of all these items. That’s Spacemarine9’s original list.
Here’s the list again, sorted by value in Echoes and starting with the most expensive items - so you can go to the Bazaar tab and sell them off one by one.

Breath of the Void
Reported Location of a One-Time Prince of Hell
Rumourmonger’s Network
Vial of Masters’ Blood
Veils-Velvet Scrap
Elemental Secret
Fabulous Diamond
Intriguer’s Compendium
Vial of Tears of the Bazaar
Twelve-carat Diamond Ring
Bottle of Fourth City Airag: Year of the Tortoise
Primeval Hint
Soothe & Cooper Long-Box
Antique Mystery
Bazaar Permit
Blackmail Material
Cellar of Wine
Favour in High Places
Magnificent Diamond
Puzzling Map
Personal Recommendation
Bottle of Broken Giant 1844
London Street Sign
Partial Map
Presbyterate Passphrase
Touching Love Story
Bottle of Strangling Willow Absinthe
Compromising Document
Mystery of the Elder Continent
Ostentatious Diamond
Scrap of Incendiary Gossip
Vision of the Surface
Bottle of Greyfields 1868 First Sporing
Intriguing Snippet
Flawed Diamond
Bottle of Morelways 1872
Inkling of Identity
Map Scrap
Romantic Notion
Fistful of Surface Currency
Drop of Prisoner’s Honey
Bottle of Greyfields 1879
Shard of Glim

To unlock the third Question, you also need to have zero of all these items:
(note that doing this a single time is enough)

A Sealed Copy of the Crimson Book
Impossible Theorem
Dreadful Surmise
Nodule of Fecund Amber
Scrap of Ivory Organza
Starstone Demark
Nodule of Pulsating Amber
Parabola Linen
Searing Enigma
Direful Reflection
Nodule of Trembling Amber
Uncanny Incunabulum
Aeolian Scream
Extraordinary Implication
Thirsty Bombazine Scrap
Unearthly Fossil
Correspondence Plaque
Journal of Infamy
Tale of Terror!!
Whisper-Satin Scrap
Appalling Secret
Maniac’s Prayer
Surface-Silk Scrap
Cryptic Clue
Primordial Shriek
Nodule of Deep Amber
Silk Scrap
Whispered Hint

Good luck on Winking Isle, then… you’ll need it.
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[quote=Rupho Schartenhauer]Ok then, Winking Isle… long-suffering sigh

To get there, you need to have A Question, 0 Nightmares and 0 Wounds. Once there, you’ll also need a Watchful of 200 (stat-raising equipment allowed); no more than 7.77 Echoes in cash;
0 Docks Favours; and Connected Society no more than 7
. And that’s only the start. <snip>… [/quote]

Mr. Schartenhauer, you are right, but you still have understated the case. Because you not only need to have Watchful of 200 total (with equipment; this is critical), you need to be able to adjust your Watchful to lower levels to do other storylets before you reach the one that requires Watchful 200. Let me describe my Seeking alt’s experience to give a better idea of what I mean:

[spoiler]My alt went to Winking Isle, all hopeful, having Watchful of 200+ (natural 200, plus other items), having reduced her Echoes, Connected: Society, eliminated Docks favors, and reduced the commodities on your list all to 0, hoping to complete all the &quotPreparations&quot storylets.

She completed the first one (&quotYou have set aside jewels and riches&quot) and achieved a &quotFasting and Meditating to a Foolish End&quot (&quotF&M&quot) of 11 as a result. Then she tried the next storylet (&quotYou have given up your intrigues&quot), only to discover that it was locked, because she had a Watchful higher than 75.

Because she could not reduce her 200 base Watchful to 75 with the equipment she had on Winking Isle, she went home (losing, of course, her F&M of 11 because that’s the way WI works) and bought and used a LOT of Ridiculous Hats to get her Watchful down to a point where she could reduce it, with items, to 75. The actual number was, I believe, Watchful 97.

The other night, she returned to Winking Isle, did the first two &quotPreparations&quot storylets, getting to F&M at 22.

The next storylet, &quotYou have rejected wine and song&quot was locked, because it needs Watchful at 100. Not a problem! She could juggle items to bring her Watchful to 100! So she did that storylet, bringing her F&M to 33.

The next one, &quotNo map knows the place you go&quot, requires Watchful at 125. More item juggling allowed her to pass: F&M at 44.

Ater that, &quot No more sweet memories; no more bitter&quot, requires Watchful at 150. Again, she could juggle items to get there; F&M at 55.

And then, she hit the snag.

The next two storylets (&quotYou know nothing of Stone’s light&quot and &quotAll of your chiefest treasures are gone&quot) require Watchful of 175 and 200, respectively. With her 97 base Watchful and the items she has (which do not include an Over/Ubergoat, alas) she could only make it to 151.

A mood card would help out (though it has to be used at home). Once you’ve used the card, it gives you an equippable +30 Mood in the basic stat of your choice for one hour of real time. She had (and still has, so far) an unused Mood card. However, the +30 she would get from it (when you net out her +8 Watchful for the monocle that would otherwise take up her &quotHat&quot slot) might, at best, get her to 175 Watchful.

Although I am not the world’s best at crunching numbers, my experience and some back-of-the-envelope style crunching indicate that, to get through the &quotPreparations&quot storylets to the point that she can raise her F&M high enough to progress at Winking Isle, she will ALSO need:

  1. To change her Profession to Correspondent in order to get the +12 Watchful weapon (her best right now is +8);
  2. To acquire an Ubergoat (+30 Watchful, among other virtues); and
  3. To use the Mood card, when the other two conditions are ready.

Changing professions will be relatively easy. And she has the Mood card (Heaven forbid she should lose it). But her total assets probably don’t exceed 3,000 Echoes by much, and she’ll need to buy 2 Overgoats (11,712.80 apiece) to make an Ubergoat.

Raising her base Watchful will not help, because Watchful with equipment needs to be no more than 75 at the beginning of the cycle.

In addition, using all those Ridiculous Hats brought her Persuasive (once her high stat) to 0, so she’ll need to raise that to do a lot of the grinds that could make her the Echoes… you get the picture. [/spoiler]
Seeking is such fun!

Catherine, what you describe did not happen for me at all! When were you on Winking Isle? When I was there in November/December, I was able to play all the Preparations storylets with my Watchful of 200.
:edit: The wiki also says nothing of this.
What you describe sounds horrible, it would make the Isle even more super-painful than it already is. I can only imagine that you’ve fallen victim to a particularly vicious bug!
edited by Rupho Schartenhauer on 1/11/2017

Something has gone wrong there, or at the very least something has changed if that is correct. There was no such stat jiggery necessary when I went through the Isle - every stat check was of the &quotYou must have at least x Watchful&quot variety, climbing each time until the last check was 200.
edited by Barselaar on 1/11/2017

Thanks so much for all this info. There really aren’t any good guides for the second half of Seeking (Winking Isle and onward) and this information can be super helpful.[li]

Right now I’m trying to get Destin’s, waiting for the amanuensis to show up in my deck (and no, I don’t have the 43 making waves it would require to force it in my lodgings). And I thought fasting and meditating was slow going!

Does anyone have advice for what you should do with the mountain of money you get selling off your stuff? I’ve heard investing in rats is a good plan. Personally I ended up buying hundreds of malevolent monkeys. I like imagining, on that long-off day when I’ve gone NORTH and my heirs and assigns break into my townhouse to divide up my things, they’ll find the place overrun with bitey, bitey monkeys.

I imagine if you’re the kind of person to Seek, that’s exactly the kind of legacy you’d like to leave behind.

FWIW, I had no trouble going through preparations with my adjusted Watchful of 260.

If you’re looking for resale value, you can’t go wrong with connection items (Rookery Password et al). Rats sell for half as much as you buy them for, but connection items generally don’t lose you much money when you sell them. Although I suppose echo value is irrelevant if you’re planning to go all the way.

Buy Nights on the Town to help you get the Notability?

[quote=Rupho Schartenhauer]Catherine, what you describe did not happen for me at all! When were you on Winking Isle? When I was there in November/December, I was able to play all the Preparations storylets with my Watchful of 200.
:edit: The wiki also says nothing of this.
What you describe sounds horrible, it would make the Isle even more super-painful than it already is. I can only imagine that you’ve fallen victim to a particularly vicious bug![/quote]
I agree.

I have an alt right now on Winking Isle, and having (modified) Watchful 200 is enough to pass all the preparation steps.
Each of the seven preparation steps requires Watchful to be 25 level higher than the last step (starting with 50). There’s no check for Watchful to be less than some value.

You’ve either encountered a nasty (and temporary!) bug, or perhaps there was some other requirement on that preparation step you’ve not met and by mistake read it as the Watchful one.

[quote=Rupho Schartenhauer]Catherine, what you describe did not happen for me at all! When were you on Winking Isle? When I was there in November/December, I was able to play all the Preparations storylets with my Watchful of 200.

:edit: The wiki also says nothing of this.
What you describe sounds horrible, it would make the Isle even more super-painful than it already is. I can only imagine that you’ve fallen victim to a particularly vicious bug!

edited by Rupho Schartenhauer on 1/11/2017[/quote]

My alt was last on Winking Isle two days ago. No, sorry, three days ago, now; it’s Thursday.

If it was a bug, that would be great! Though at this point my alt’s stats are in sad disrepair–using Ridiculous Hats the way I did kills your Persuasive before anything else, and that will take a while to re-build.
The Wikia does cite different Watchful unlocks (50, then 75, then 100, etc.) but it states them as though they are minimums, not maximums. I will have to think about how to explain this all for a bug report.
edited by cathyr19355 on 1/12/2017

These are definitely all minimum requirements.

As I said, I have an alt on Winking Isle for the past week, with Watchful 200 (doing multiple rounds for a few days now, so I had to go through the preparation phase more than once). This alt is slowly approaching F&M 60000, and then I’ll start the last round on the Isle and can share the preparation stages’ requirements.

I just got back from winking isle.

It was stat minimums for me.

report the bug, and goodluck.
edited by ICountFrom0 on 1/12/2017

These are definitely all minimum requirements.

As I said, I have an alt on Winking Isle for the past week, with Watchful 200 (doing multiple rounds for a few days now, so I had to go through the preparation phase more than once). This alt is slowly approaching F&M 60000, and then I’ll start the last round on the Isle and can share the preparation stages’ requirements.[/quote]

Thanks. I was (and still am) afraid to build up my Watchful again. I’ll contact FBG when I get a chance.

Thanks, everybody, who provided information relating to my alt’s sad plight. I’ll report it to FBG when I get a chance.

My issue ultimately resolved. My alt has SMEN at 77 and all 7 candles, and is readying herself to go NORTH.

edited by cathyr19355 on 1/12/2017

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As I’ve made my preparations to go to Winkling Isle I’ve apparently overlooked something of vital importance. I don’t have &quotA Question&quot, though I thought that I did. Is there anyone who can guide me to what I need to do now?
edited by Aardent Lore on 8/15/2017

Grieve. Yes. I see. Very appropriate.
edited by Aardent Lore on 8/15/2017

Did you figure it out? Not sure if that’s what your edit means.
Anyway, you get a question in the seeking road. You choose to grieve or hate. Hate is waaaaay easier at this point and you can change to grieve with no requirements at several points later in Seeking. If you want to grieve I’d suggest to just go for hate right now instead of trying to get melancholy 12 or whatever grieve needs, then switch later. 100x easier. only issue is if you’re strict RPing.
FYI which question you ultimately choose (you’ll get one last chance right before the end, if you go through the gate) does affect the ending a lot. There’s also a third that requires a quality you get from completing extra requirements on Winking Isle.

Grieve for Candles. Hate for Eaten. Ask Who is Salt? if you like to be confused

edited by Pumpkinhead on 8/16/2017
edited by Pumpkinhead on 8/16/2017

So does that mean I need three alts (or snooping through other people’s journals, but that’s cheating) to fully experience the Seeking content?

If you want to experience the 3 endings yourself, yes (that’s what I did).

But if you finish it once, most other Seekers will be happy to discuss the other endings with you in a private.

[quote=Pumpkinhead]Did you figure it out? [/quote] Yes, thank you. I’d used up my Tears of the Bazaar to push my melancholy to 15, so grieve was my only option.