Firmament Prologue

You gaze out across the mist-shrouded rooftops of London as the rain falls onto the slates and gables, sluices down the spouts and gutters and splashes onto the cobblestones below. Drop by drop, it pours.

Firmament is Fallen London’s next major expansion, a main story arc that’s free to all players who’ve progressed the Hellbound Railway as far as Ealing Gardens. Play the prologue from today. The first full chapter will arrive next week, on April 18th.

To begin, look for an opportunity card in your deck anywhere in London. (If you played the teaser last week, look for storylets about rain around London to progress.)


Oh, that was only a prologue…

Yup, only the prologue which ends after you get a Memory Below the Firmament.

But I’m loving it already!


Being able to reconnect with an old friend was definitely a nice touch…


It was actually raining where I lived while I played this, so there was this almost surreal soundtrackesque quality about it! Excellent writing, and I liked it when Mr Fires called me his pet that was nice.


Calling it now: players with Vake Steeds are going to get incrementally more frustrated throughout the update.

(Meanwhile I get to collect another IOU from Fires. At this point it’s probably worth investing in a dedicated printing press just to save time in the future. Past a certain point is has to end up more broke than Cups does in the merciful path of Nemesis just by dint of paying me.)

Meanwhile, the Cards route is incredibly deeply sad. The dialogue about how, as usual, the other Masters don’t view you as a real Master at all felt a bit more desperate than it previously has. The player character will just never be enough.

Good update, can’t wait for the full chapter!

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Gonna take some time for me to be free to do this(incredibly busy rn)and I don’t have time to read anything in this thread either-so I’m just going to ask here: should I do this prologue when I haven’t finished my ambition yet? Thank you in advance.

What is your Ambition and what are you going for? If it’s Nemesis or Bag a Legend, you’re probably fine to play through now, but if it’s Light Fingers or Heart’s Desire, I wouldn’t, seeing as several endings of both have tie-ins.


Yah, Bag a Legend so far seems to have no special option.
But I’m not done with it yet, due to a lack of actions.


I mean, from their POV? You’re about 5 minutes into your Curator infancy. Newbie doesn’t even begin to describe it. The process is supposta take a century plus, and they’re 1000s of years old.

On a related note, since Mr Cards (and a Co-conspirator of Mr Fires) both provide inroads to the Masters… shouldn’t sparing Mr Cups or freeing Mr Mirrors as a Nemesis alumni count as well?

Granted the former is a much stronger possibility, given that I would hope a poor Master has more pull than a legally deceased one… but either would be interesting.

As someone who has been broken by the grind to the point of needing to ensure my Notability is maxed out whenever anything more urgent has been taken care of, I just want to say how damn lucky I am to have finished grinding my COLOR PLATE right before the prologue dropped.

…oh, oh this does not bode well.

Edit: And YEP, this defies all logic and reason. If the Admiralty want someone in and out of the place quick, why not just send me up on Vakeback instead of go through the trouble of recruiting all these people and LETTING me pick the infamously heavy duty Obliterator-class (which everyone present should have known I would DEFINITELY pick) anyway? Me bringing my Vake is inevitable, I distinctly remember flying the last time we had roof trouble. It’s just a question if they want the hunt to begin now, or at the worst possible moment.

I can only assume they have chosen calamity on purpose.

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Any chance you could share some journal entries for that, or a summary? I already finished the Prologue but now I’m curious.

Okay, thank you! And it is HD, so I probably won’t do this for some time.

(The circle. Pure. Infertile.)

Well, as you say, Mirrors doesn’t have much pull anymore, due to not quite being in the physical realm, but Cups still hates you. All you did for it was not kill it, and you still put it through a whole lot of suffering in the process. It certainly isn’t favorably disposed towards you.


Any suggestions on which class of air-ship to select? I really do not like to die and do the whole boatman thing and do not mind using more actions if going at a slower pace takes more actions.

We have no idea of how things will work this time around. It’s still too early.
This is the echo I got for siding with Mr Fires, and I know that there’s some text for Mr Cards, however I am not in fact Mr Cards. I would also wager that Escape and probably Time have something associated with them, but I haven’t finished HD on any alts so I can’t help you there.

That’s interesting anyways! And what a bunch of charmers they all are…