Firmament – Chapter 2

Far above, a strip of silver coils around the root of a stalactite, a long fang of rock that juts down toward the zee. Beneath, a vast whale hangs belly-up and speared upon its point. These are the Harpoon and the Leviathan, forming, where beast meets stone, the improbable cradle of the Midnight Moon.

The second chapter of Firmament has arrived! Journey to the Midnight Moon to hunt the source of the rain plaguing London. Heed the calls of the Candle-Men and ambergris miners, and enter the belly of the beast.

Firmament is Fallen London’s next major expansion, a main story arc that’s free to all players. It begins once you have progressed the Railway story arc as far as Ealing Gardens.

As part of chapter two, you’ll also unlock a new Roof location – the Midnight Moon – where you can ply the Midnight Trade. You’ll also unlock a major new activity.

Continue the story of Firmament from Hallow’s Throat. If you’ve not yet begun Firmament, look for an Opportunity Card in London.


Something new and nice:

Zeefaring luggage!!!


Ohhhh, it’s out! Good for you’ll! I’d say “hopefully I’ll finish my ambition+the GHR before the final chapter comes out”’ but that doesn’t seem likely. Still great, tho!


Of all the places I guessed we might go, this isn’t any of them. By a long shot. This is wild.

A new cat! Two Light Fingers tie-ins! Gelato!

And the new thing I’m in the middle of, which I assume is the new activity, is truly wild. I can see how it replaces the lab but uh… adventures.


As a Monster Hunter I can grind for Final Breaths, one per action spent. Yay! :upside_down_face:


I would recommend selling Roof-Charts and/or wamber in Hollow Throat to accumulate at least 3500 stuivers. You need them for BiS items in Moonlight Bazaar


Another 2,000 for ambergris for the BiS item in Hallow’s Throat we’ve seen but not touched. I might recommend doubling back and picking that up first thing, the Chthonosophy will come in useful.


Oh? How d’you buy Ambergris then?

From the shops in the new location.

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Fair enough. So 5500 total. I’ll need to see if I have to grind a bit before diving in.

So just an FYI after you’ve completed the “story” portion, there’s still more to do at the Moon. A whole bunch, even aside from the, ah, repeatable activity. Stick around and pull every thread.

You probably could see it coming but you eventually get to meet Old Ressurrection, which sets more stages for the future. And I gotta say even after everything else that happened, there was still more room to be gobsmacked. Listen to her talk, she’s got a story.


Is it me or main story of this chapter is batshit crazy and not in a good sense?

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Don’t miss out the chance to grind Cthonosophy.

If you’re in that strange library:

  1. Find the flower gallery and eat the fruit of knowledge.
  2. Find the tea room, and choose trying to figure out what’s going on.

I’ve just managed to reunite the captain with her crew before running out of actions yet again. And I am frustrated beyond words that there is NO means to extort, refuse, compel or otherwise force consequences upon the person responsible for unseasonable rainfall

I sincerely hope there is an option to feed her to my Vake when we get out of bl*ody Naples.


I’m enjoying the batshit crazy parts myself. Was wondering if the librarians are Scrive-Spinsters like in Sunless Skies, they seem less…refined, but the library inside the whale definitely seems like it was Judgement-wrought. I just wish, once again, there was more to do with the steed this story continues to ignore than bring it up as a glorified peptalk to a character that b*ggered off back in the library.

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Where? I haven’t seen this yet (grinding just a tiny bit of stuivers before returning to get the new gear and play more library) and want to be sure I don’t miss it!

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Please pardon my confusion. It sounds like above that players are saying that you should have 5500 stuivers before starting on part 2 of Firmanent. Is my understanding correct? Are there other items that you should have before starting part 2.

No. You need 5500 st to buy all new items immediately.
But this is not mandatory for the story.


While you’re traipsing around Borges’ Library of Babel and pulling out what remains of your hair thinking how you’ll get more Anticandles, don’t forget to take some film at the Midnight Moon and swing it by Hallow’s Throat to give to the Chromatophoric Cinematographer! I used a Peligin Emulsion and a Fish-eye lense and got some lovely imagery out of it.
if anyone wants to see: Be sure to scroll past the pinned entry


Out of actions again so I’ve yet to see how…tangible the results are. But here we go. Whalerise. At least there’s a chance the poor widow will find a new life as a space whale out in the High Wilderness. There’s no future in the Zee but as one of my future victims