Firmament - Chapter 1

Two vast stalactites, containing a third suspended between them, like an embrace. One is misshapen and ungainly, one smaller and ovoid. The third is like a knife, aimed down, down below.

The first chapter of Firmament is here! Journey to the Roof to unravel a mystery long in the making; uncover new locations, conflicts and intrigues that speckle the Roof like the false-stars; follow fire, and save yourself from what comes after.

Firmament is Fallen London’s next major expansion, a main story arc that’s free to all players. It begins once you have progressed the Railway story arc as far as Ealing Gardens.

As part of this first chapter, you’ll also unlock the citadel of Hallow’s Throat, a new location on the Roof. Traverse the Lung and Spleen. Reshape yourself. Water your new throat at the Arms.

To begin Firmament, look for an opportunity card in your deck. For those who’ve completed the prologue, look for the air to clear, anywhere in London.


EDIT: After 7 days since you finished the prologue, you’ll get a message that will increase Firmament to 40. This means the initial story, where you probably don’t have the ship ready, is gone.

A quick summary from diagonal reading over Discord. I don’t want to spoil myself and I don’t have the time to play it now.

  • New map. MAAAP!!!
  • New location with its market
  • New items, of course
  • A very nice item pointing East… but nothing else to it, for now
  • Stuff, a lot of stuff
  • The new advanced skill can now be increased

Beat me to it! I was having a nice bit of mackerel. :smiley:

Hope you all enjoy!


How is an ironic nod distinguished from a regular nod?

by a very small margin, in fact only a few degrees …


By the accompanying facial expression maybe…? :thinking:

Also, the act of nodding itself can probably be exaggerated to some degree.

Tbni Ironic GIF - Tbni Ironic Nod - Discover & Share GIFs


I thought of that, but I’m having some trouble picturing it without imagining someone madly bobbing their head like a chicken.

The gif doesn’t really seem ironic at all, it rather reflects a change in attitude following additional consideration!

But yes, perhaps an ironic nod comes together with some sort of sardonic smirk.

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I know it’s not perfect. Best I could find on a quick search ;)

A regular nod is regular. An ironic nod is +3 Persuasive, +1 Bizarre.


I love this new part of fallen London. First I saw the map and my kin fell halfway to the floor, now i’m playing the story and really feels invested. You got me by the guts !

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Has anyone noticed any connections or special options for various Ambitions or Exceptional Stories?


The new map art is f-ing great! Good job whomever.

I especially like the impaled whale. Hope to find out how the hell it got there.


The map is so so gorgeous, I clicked and just spent a few moments staring in awe. This story looks so good I am insanely excited to play it (alas at the moment I am tragically out of actions due to a lengthy jaunt in the Mirror-Marches)


Love the new headers.

By the way, the currency for the bazaar up there can be exchanged with nodules of warm amber. A good reason to be on friendly terms with the rubbery gentlemen.


My first instinct on seeing the new market is to go back to Aeschaven and grind warm amber for a few days, just in case the items are relevant to the story.

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I don’t have ‘Restored to the Court of Her Enduring Majesty’, so that option with the Starved Man with a Moving Camera is locked for me.

But I guess that is a side quest that can be returned to in future. For now, it’s the quest to search for the rain.

Note that the new currency is supposedly worth 0.05 Echoes (EDIT— my bad arithmetic, originally I had written 0.2) , according to its description, which means that if you choose to sell Warm Amber—usually valued at 0.1 Echo—you are doing so at cost.

Personally, I’m going to hold off liquidating my stockpile until we find a more economical way of accumulating Stuivers—though I may give in and make the one-time purchase of the new equipment if no such method becomes apparent before the next chapter of Firmament.


An exciting adventure. Quite a lot of typo though.

Up I go at last! The Ender of Chains soars again!

I can’t wait to load it up with as much armament as I can, keeping in the spirit of its name.

As a Dutchman I must say it’s very interesting to see that Stuivers are the currency of the ceiling.

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