Fifth City Stories toggle!

Today we’re introducing a little feature that will make browsing the Story tab in London easier: Fifth City Stories.

This is a toggle at the top of the Story tab which you can expand and collapse to show or hide various stories which otherwise follow you around London. Fifth City Stories will include recurring stories such as A Professional Reward, Festival storylets, and other London-wide things that you might want to save for later, such as the beginning of an Exceptional Story.

If there’s something new in Fifth City Stories, it’ll automatically expand so you don’t miss it.

There might be other candidates to include, and we’ll gladly take your feedback there, but hopefully this is a nice change that’ll save your scrolling finger.


Great improvement!

May I suggest moving older unlocked ES there too. Some of them didn’t move to the library (Nocturnal Noises, for example) and it’s been more than two years since I popped with this suggestion.

Now, I hope there aren’t other technical issues to the cause.

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Hmm, if you’ve started the story it’s going to stick around. Am I right that’s what you’re saying? Or you mean any ES you’ve received but not started?

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Yes, I only unlocked them, but not all of them are generic and present everywhere.

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I’m not seeing anything (Opera browser).

Do I need to do a hard refresh, clear cache etc?

EDIT: Ah, now I get it. The toggle only appears when there’s something to show. The first two accounts I logged into simply didn’t have it because there was nothing for it to show.

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Sounds like it would have been far more impactful last week.

I’m betting somebody was sweating to get that out before the festival, but just couldn’t manage it. That, or somebody else told them, “no way are we pushing out a new change with unknown impact at the same time we’re expecting massive server load”


Not a major issue but I’ve been noticing that the Fifth city stories all mark themselves as new and open automatically whenever I exit and re-enter London (like heading out on the train or to Zee). It’s not a problem as it can be solved by just closing and reopening the folder, but it does seem like there’s an interaction there that might not be intended. I’m running this on Firefox.


We’re looking into ways of preventing this!


My thinking in such situations is, “laugh maniacally, click commit/apply”.
Fortune favors the bold. That’s why I’m the senior systems engineer.

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I see nothing new. How is this toggle thing looks like? Where is it?


I’d love a similar toggle for Ambition stories - I’ve been at several points in Hearts’ Desire where I had to grind up something via cards (e.g., building up a dream quality to 15 to be protected from the Manager in Parabola) and had 3-4 permanent Ambition storylets at the top of every location.