Feast of the Rose gift exchange 1895

Ladies, gentleman and, cough, others.
I’m all too willing to send and receive gifts and will respond in kind to the best of my abilities. I’ll mirror a free gift back to you (unless you want something else) and if you want to exchange more… extravagant gifts, I’d appreciate a PM first.

This is my first year experiencing the Feast of the Rose and I am quite excited. I’m willing to exchange non-fate gifts with anyone, although I am a relatively new PoSI and will take some time to collect resources for some of them.

Willing to exchange non fate gifts with anyone. Please send ingame(what you wish- outside the wine( or pm and I will reply.
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I’d be willing to exchange all non-fate gifts and even a few of the small low cost fate gifts. Send me in game the item you wish to receive. Feel free to pm me, if you want to potentially not do a 1:1 exchange.

I’m willing to exchange non-fate gifts! Send over the ones you want.

I am open to all actions during the Feast of Roses, though i’ve no fate myself sadly.


I am willing to exchange non fate gifts, as well as Fate ones - I currently need the Hearse and the Tanned Mask!
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Mainly wanting to get the tanned mask and gold rosary.
Some other fate gifts and all free gifts welcome. Please pm in regards to any fate gifts.

Will return the favor with all non fate gifts. May take time to gather resources, as I am not yet a PoSI.

Edit: My deeds are done, and gifts have been given, thanks much!
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I’ll remunerate any who send (non-Fate) gifts my way with equivalent gifts. I will send Chartreuse for Chartreuse and Ushabti for Ushabti.

EDIT: No more! Please, no more! I drown in affection/hatred!
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Available to trade non fate gifts. looking for a Tanned Mask. Will reprocitate
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I’m not quite wealthy or important enough to do a lot of trading, but drop me a line if you’d like to try…

I would be happy to send a few non-fate items without reciprocation to new players. Just send me a PM with what you would like. I’d also quite like to exchange for a Tiny Kettle of Pickled Liars’ Tongues or a Buttered Chess-Piece. I could also do a bit of fate exchanging - please message first!

I’m up for trading non-fate gifts.

[color=#c2c2c2]Willing to exchange Mouthless Amber Mask, ask me first through PM, because I no need more than one. I will edit this post when I complete exchange.[/color]
[color=#c2c2c2]exchange completed, don’t send offers anymore
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Edit: no more fate trades please. Non-fate trades are still welcome. Thank you to all those who have sent messages!

Also happy to trade non-fate items. Please include a message to say hi and specify what you’d like in return. I can do all except the lachrymose chartreuse.

Happy feasting!
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Just for collectors’ purposes, I would love to be gifted a Buttered Chess-Piece. I can currently respond with an Ushabti, Playing Card or Liars’ Tongues - let me know if you have a preference. Happy feasting, everybody!

EDIT: And thank you to the kind senders!
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I have been quite fortunate to have built up a large pile of Visions of the Surface, and as such have more than enough idols to go around for all. Meaning that I’m looking for many, many trades in the near future. Non-fate only, please, but all kindnesses shall be returned.