Feast of the Rose gift exchange 1895

Post your availability and wants here.

EDIT: I’ve got what I need, so am now happy to swap if others need things (though I can’t do Chantreuse).
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This is the first year I’ve really paid attention to the Feast, I am happy to give gifts, receive, and experience all the season has to offer.

This will be my first year to attend the festivities, but I am game for any and all trades, gifts, or honestly any other actions in the future as well. I intend on being very active at this feast. I did just notice the fate locked gifts and if anyone needs any of those let me know. I’m willing to trade in kind for them.

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First Feast here so I’m happy to give, trade and receive pretty much everything. Hoping to collect one of everything really
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This is my first Feast, I heard that the Quiet Deviless was available as a companion from previous feasts, I’m eager to try to get her.

I’m not well-stocked for trading at the moment, but i have a volume of fungal themed poetry and a pink painted cat right now

This is my first feast, I humbly request only 1 masqueing gifts at the moment, as my I can easily afford glasses of teeth.

This is my first feast, I humbly request only non-fate exchanges![li]
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I’m particularly interested in trading this year for some of the more… unique items. In particular a gift of Starveling Stole to Hark would be most welcome. I am also open to any other gift (I have my eye on a Heartwood Hearse) and will respond to gifts any of my characters receive in kind, or with a similarly expensive gift/s of your choosing! A happy feast to all!

(Please send a message requesting a trade first as if I get a lot of requests I may run out of Fate and I don’t want people sending expensive gifts if I can’t reciprocate)
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My main is open, at least for now, to all non-Fate exchanges. She can’t send Chartreuse for the moment, though. (If anyone would be kind enough to send one to her, she’d send back a different 2 Masquing item.)

My alt has some item grinding to do before she can send most gifts, but she’ll happily give glasses of teeth in exchange for any other 1 Masquing item.

EDIT: I received two bottles of Chartreuse. Thank you so much to the people who sent them. Any other non-Fate gifts to my main would be appreciated and repaid in kind. :) (Or, if you prefer it, with a different gift of the same value of masquing. In this case, please specify which you would like.)

And my alt is still grinding, but she could offer a couple of pink-painted cats, in exchange for any 2 masquing items, and of antediluvian ushabtis, in exchange for any 1 masquing item except glasses of teeth. Feel free to send her glasses of teeth, though, she’ll repay in kind. :)
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Hello, friends.

I would love to arrange some trades for more wild and unique nonsense. Please do drop me a note and let me know what you are interested in - I will do the same. We shall trade, value for value!

Or something.

I’ll repay any gifts received in kind, not because I need the Masquing, but because it is fun (and exchangeable for Stolen Kisses at a 1:1 ratio).

It’s always a fresh change of pace travelling all over the Neath to regain lost stocks, after all. Maybe I’ll go to Polythreme.[li]
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I’m up for exchanging non-fate gifts on my main. http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/laskaris

I am willing to trade non-fate locked gifts on my main, but expect a short wait as i need to procure some of the resources to get them to you.

I’d be happy to trade non-fate gifts as long as my resources last!

I want to trade non fate gifts. Looking first for:
Singed Playing Card or
Illicit Volume of Unexpectedly Racy Fungal-Themed Poetry or
Tiny Kettle of Pickled Liars’ Tongues
Anything else is ok. On my main.

I am open to all non fate gifts but It might take me a while to gather the resources to return them.

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Delicious friends, free gifts will be reciprocated. Fate gifts might be also, please send a letter in game or a PM beforehand.

I’m looking to trade gifts as well. I’m open to receive all gifts and will return them; if you want to exchange Fate gifts, PM/message me. Thanks in advance!

As a Hunter and Seeker of things fantastic and fatalistic, I am particularly interested in the Hearse and the Chartreuse. I can reciprocate with a similarly valued gift or more depending on our arrangements beforehand. I would, however, like a PM to work out the trade before bequeathing and receiving fate-based gifts.

I am open to most other free trades.
I need roughly today to make the required investments for resources through my trusted rat-broker. And no, I don’t mean a broker who’s an LB - although I have no problem with that. I’m referring to my broker who trades rat and rat-commodities on the free rat-market.
I’ll reciprocate free trades in order of sending, but please send a short PM here with what you want to give and what you want to receive. I’ll send first, and you can reciprocate accordingly.
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PS: If you don’t have anything to trade, I can probably spare a few free gifts. Let me know what you want, and I’ll see if I can make it happen.
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I am willing to exchange for any of the new items as well as any Fate items until my Fate has run out.

I will make an amendment to my post upon being depleted.
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