Feast of the Rose 2024: Gift Exchange

Looking to Exchange FATE gifts. Looking for about 80 Masquing for the Commodore and the Lexicographer.

Edit: Out of FATE. Still willing to exchange Non-Fate gifts.

4 left, but this new update requires players to validate their email addresses. The weekend and rat market kept me busy and only now I can attend to some gifts. Except I can’t! :slight_smile:

EDIT: 1 left!

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I would love to receive a kitten!

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You need to verify your email and please, do not send my any gifts. Low on AP and still have some matters to attend to.
My alts, on the other hand, have a good use for those; Winworse and Doctor Pandora.

Over the years I sent close to 400 gifts and received close to 350. You can imagine I have no use after a certain point.


I’d love to exchange Fate gifts, as I’ve got my eye on Ferret this time out. Please hit me up with specific requests, or I’ll reciprocate one-for-one for anything sent.

Sent! :slight_smile:
I hope you’ll get along.

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If anyone has a kitten to spare, as well, I would certainly be grateful. :)

Ooh free kitties for me? Yes please!

For the others, I can exchange more non-Fate gifts.

gift exchanges for the feast of the rose closed yesterday, but i can send you both un-ribboned kittens if you’re in need of one? Will need a link to your FL profiles of course

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Yes please. And thank you in advance.


Alas, I don’t seem to be able to add you as a contact–have you verified your email? (its possible that FL is just being buggy, also, will try again in the morning)