Feast of the Exceptional Rose 2016: Gift Exchange

I’m new, so I don’t have a lot of the stuff needed to reciprocate, but I’ll try. I would appreciate any gifts, and my username is the same there and here. Thank you!

I can receive and reciprocate teeth, as long as nobody asks why I want teeth.
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I’ve just finished exchanging gifts with the wonderful Johnathan Siu and already have all the masquing I’ll be needing this year so further gifts aren’t necessary. I’m going back to the Übergoat grind and therefore almost certainly won’t have any spare actions to reciprocate with. Good luck to those still exchanging gifts, may the lady in lilac frequent your doors.

This is an excellent idea. Someone should collect 77 buttered chess pieces, so that
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I’ll take any gifts! Fate not required, but if you do wish to be that friendly… ;)

Mathieu Psmith, my main, has no further need of gifts.

My alts, on the other hand, are open and will reciprocate non-fate gifts as best as their finances will allow:



I’d also appreciate any non-fate gifts for my first feast.

I’ll try to reciprocate as fast as I can if you send me glasses of teeth, illicit volumes or liar’s tongues.
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No gifts for me either, thank you.

I will reciporcate any gifts of non fate, but can only return 10, since I have only ~200 £ on both and have to get those resources on the Bazaar.[li]

This is my first feast, looks exciting. I will try to reciprocate as many gifts as I am able.

Gift please

This is my first Feast, so I’d be delighted to receive gifts and I will try reciprocate. I might be able to reciprocate the cheaper fate gifts.

Delicious friends, given the opportunity to meet so many more interesting companions has left me desiring to exchange certain pleasantries and unpleasantries on this most wonderful and unwonderful of occasions.

I’ll reciprocate any non-Fate gifts I receive. I’ve received a rather fantastic bit of song, although it does make one rather ravenous. Perhaps a few old-fashioned rubbery lumps will satisfy the hunger… I can still reciprocate one or two low-Fate (5 to 10) gifts if it’s coordinated.

May your Feast be marked with great scorn and adoration marvelous masquers.
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Good day, this will be the first feast I have decided to participate in. I am willing to reciprocate all non fate gifts, AND up to 50 Fate of fate-locked gifts. Do send me a message if someone wants to do that ^^

I’ll reciprocate all non fate gifts, and up to 150 fate of fate-locked gifts. Please message me before sending a fate-locked one.

I will also reciprocate all non-fate gifts.

Edit: sorry! I accidentally deleted someone’s message before I sent them something. (If you’re expecting something from me, please message me about it)
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I am thankful for gifts but I will have limited availability and may be very slow at returning them. I do not have Fate to spend, however.

(This is mostly for acquaintances who were intending through their kindness to send gifts already. I am not looking for much in the way of gifts from those I do not know but I welcome the acquaintance once I am again online once more)
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[quote=an_ocelot](I don’t want gifts, thank you!)

Rushing to conceal my disappointment, but in all honesty I should have guessed. :p

As for everyone else: I will be accepting gifts for the present time, and I DO reciprocate. Message me first if it’s something expensive (fate-locked) however. I only have so much I can spend.

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Send me gifts, and I’ll send you gifts. I am in a position where I can reciprocate a virtually unlimited number of non-fate gifts. There will be gifts for all!

I can also reciprocate a less unlimited number of fate gifts. I’ll update this post if I get overwhelmed.

I’d be thankful for any and all gifts, and will reciprocate as quickly as I manage to. Non-fate only, though.