Feast of the Exceptional Rose 2016: Gift Exchange

thats the first feast for me (or my character).
EDIT 2: thanks to your wonderful help, i received all low-lvl compagnions. that being said, you dont need to send me new gifts.
Im currently reprociating the ones i received.

EDIT: is having one sort of gifts important? (seems you guys really like teeth…)
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I would love any gifts, but can only reciprocate non-Fate. Thanks!


I’m interested in exchanging 100 fate-worth of gifts with someone. Send me a letter in game if you are interested.

UPDATE: Someone has taken me up on my offer. :)

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My first feast as well, been wanting to try this for a while. I’ll take gifts and try to reciprocate too.

No gifts, thanks.

I am open for both fate and non-fate gifts right now, though I see that changing within the week. Will attempt to reciprocate as much as possible. My character name is the same as my forum name.

EDIT: I am no longer open for fate gifts. feel free to send non-fate gifts and I shall respond in kind
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I’d also like to get some more gifts - and well, folk to exchange stories with, in general. I will also return the favor, unless asked otherwise. :)

Also this is me, for ease of adding and such: http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/Taus%20Melek

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I would like gifts, please. (But no Fate options, as I can’t send the same back.) I am Lisette Wintergreen in London.

I’d like gifts as well. Please send me a message before sending fate gifts though

Gifts would be appreciated, and I will send them in turn. Even if it takes fate. In fact, I would be willing to send a fate-locked gift to anyone that sends me one- as long as I don’t already have one.
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Please do not send me Fate gifts. If you send me non-fate gifts, I will try to reciprocate, but I haven’t done any preparatory grinding, so you may not get exactly what you sent me (I will try to match masqueing value).

Feel free to send me any non-fate gifts and I’ll try to reciprocate your gift as soon as possible. No fate gifts, please! Also, I’m interested in gathering up 52 Singed Playing Cards and 32 Buttered Chess-Pieces for a whole set, so those gifts would be most preferred though not mandatory.

While gifts are nice, I am very poor and don’t have a lot of the resources that are needed to send gifts, so don’t send me gifts expecting something in return. I’ll make an attempt, but no promises. If you want to gift me stuff anyways, Teeth is the best choice.

[li]I have 2 Fate Gifts that I desire, and would like to trade for them. Please PM me with the request, and don’t send it until I confirm, because I would not be able to reciprocate 5 people for 50 Fate worth of gifts, or something like that.

[li]I want 1 Tanned Mask, for stats. I will gift you 40 Fate worth of items, of your choice. EDIT: Done

[li]I want 1 random 10 Fate item, for trading in. I will gift you 1 10 Fate, or 2 5 Fate items of your choice. EDIT: Done
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This is my first Feast! I’d be delighted to receive gifts, and I will reciprocate.
I can’t return Fate gifts in kind, but if you do send me a Fate gift, I will send you a non-Fate gift back.

I’d love Feast gifts! Will return any gifts sent to me, even fate gifts. :) Televangelist ingame.

As a player of some grinding but relative newness, I would be pleased to engage in some intense roleplaying and trading of non-Fate gifts with others. Reciprocity will be assumed for the time-being though should you desire an exact 1-for-1 item exchange it should be done fairly early on so I can ensure I’ve ground enough! Oh yes, and again no Fate: finances being what they are and all, it’d be kind but it’d also be cruel because I’d be strangled by the bonds of thankful obligation. Plz no.

I too would love to receive non-fate give and will give in return, also would just like some acquaintances.


Unless I recieve fate-gifts, I have no use for any of the gifts.

However, if you are recieving fate gifts and going for a companion over 30 masqueing, shoot me a PM and i’ll send you a normal gift to save you a bit of trouble getting to the point where the fate gift is worth using.

If you must send me something, I hear liar’s tounges are very tasty.
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First feast. If you send gifts I’ll reciprocate. And cry as my overgoat that I was a week away from slips from my grasp. mad cackling breaks down into tears

Another first time feaster who would appreciate non-fate gifts.

The Lady Eve