Feast of the Exceptional Rose 2016: Gift Exchange

If you want gifts, post here.
If you don’t want gifts, post here too. (I don’t want gifts, thank you!)

EDIT: make sure your FL username is somewhere in your post! Don’t make guess whether your forum name is the same as your FL username.
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No gifts for me, thanks.

I also do not need any gifts this year.

I am happy to try and reciprocate any non-Fate gifts sent to me in short order – I’ll try to send whatever you send to me back to you. No Fate gifts, please! I will update this post if I am overwhelmed.

[UPDATE: I now have enormous quantities of Buttered Chess-Pieces and Pink-Painted Cats, and am running quite low on supplies in those categories. I seem to have received a lot of Glasses of Teeth as well! I’ll still try to return whatever you send, but in the interest of rounding out my collection, I’m now requesting Tiny Silver Kettles of Pickled Liars’ Tongues and Illicit Volumes of Unexpectedly Racy Fungal-Themed Poetry from those of you trying to pick a present to swap.]
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Hello, people! Please, send me gifts, but the ones I can reciprocate (I don’t know what they are yet) - that is to say: usual gifts, not Fate gifts. The gifts I can possibly grind for. UPDATE: if you are going to send a gift, please, send either a honey-card or some teeth. In this case I can send you something back.

Thanks for this thread, Ocelot!
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This is my first Feast, so I would love getting as many non-Fate companions as possible. Would be happy to trade gifts with you, friends. However, due to my country of residence I am unable to purchase Fate, so no Fate gifts, please, I will not be able to reciprocate.

Would like to get gifts and will try to reciprocate everything. For Fate ones, please send a message before. Thanks!

This is my first feast, so I’d love to send and receive some (likely non-Fate) gifts!

I’m a newbie, so non-fate gifts would be greatly appreciated. I’ll try and reciprocate with whatever I can get my hands on, :)

Greetitations! Gifts would be gratitudianlly appreciated and reciprocicated. Tatty Bye!

No need to send me gifts, though I’ll try to reciprocate if someone does send them (by mistake?).

I don’t really need any gifts, but if you send me something, I will probably send you something back, unless it costs Fate. I don’t have any Fate. Preferably teeth, because I’d like to get at least 77 jars of teeth, because teeth. tooth. teethsome.

This is my first feast as well, so if you would like to send me any gifts it would be nice. I shall do my best to send something back, namely a large amount of teeth in a glass.

Gotten quite a few gifts, so no more until I can catch up, thanks!
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Dear Citizens,

I would appreciate greatly any offering or gift during the feast. This is my first one, having spent the previous event in undisclosed locations overseas. The moths ate any calling cards on the way there.

I will reciprocate all and every gift to the best of my abilities.

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I’ll both accept and send gifts, though none of the Fate variety. Thanks in advance.

I will gladly accept any gifts proffered, and will reciprocate all non-Fate gifts received as soon as quasi-humanly possible.

First feast I participate in, so any non-fate gifts are welcome. I’ll try my best to return the favor.

EDIT: No need for further gifts.
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i would love gifts (obviously not fatelocked) and i will return them, thank you
i think to have reciprocated all gifts, if not please let me know and i’ll send you back
please, don’t send anymore gifts
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I will reciprocate non-Fate gifts with something. Maybe with teeth. Probably teeth. (It’s going to be teeth.)