Feast of the Exceptional Rose 2014/1892

If you’re subscribed to the newsletter, I’m sure you’ve got it by now and know about the announcement of the Feast of the Exceptional Rose coming in soon. There will be new gifts to get/send, new companions to court and new ways to obtain intrigue/scandal. (Guess which one I’m excited to look into.)[li]

And no doubt your eyes got caught of this part here in the newsletter–

I’m of course curious about this. Do they mean people who will try to get in your party uninvited and eat your food, people you’ve bested in the pasts hoping to muck up your day with lies and duels? Terrible weather coming in and ruining the outdoor party you’ll be holding after? I suppose this means some of us will be needing to rid ourselves of our current companions in order to be with the character players? The possibilities.

Also good luck to our Tiger when the Feast rolls in. No doubt there’ll be besotted and earnest proposals to dodge left and right when the holiday begins.

. . . I doubt anything will come of it, but I think I have to propose to Mr Eaten.

You will die a hero. I can just see it now… &quotYou may now kiss the bride!&quot falls down a well

And as for the unexpected guests, I think they’ll be random events of both good and bad nature, noteworthy people from all over the Neath coming to celebrate, from Schlomo to the Duchess.[li]
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It would be worth it.

I’m just hoping the petpanions from last year will finally become constant companionable.

I hope so too! I figured they’d be ready for marriage by now. We’ll just have to wait and see.

I’m superhyped for this. Last year’s Feast was what cemented my love for FL (I started in January), and my only regret is that I didn’t get every single companion from last year. I’ll be rectifying that this year if possible in addition to all the new faces. That &quotAnd Goats&quot bit is freaking me out, too.

EDIT: Oh yeah, player marriages. That’s cool, I guess.
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I suspected player marriage was on its way, but I’m glad it’s come so quickly! And, I will be well chuffed if the Quiet Deviless and/or the Missionary/Firebrand become available as spouses.

i am unfortunately OR fortunately more obsessed with killing the “man who dresses like a bat”, and murdering things in general, than anything to do with romance and such frivol distractions. however i hope to discover some intriguing secrets and maybe grab some pets and exotica along the way.

I highly recommend dropping everything to participate in the festivities, given that you won’t be able to do it again for at least a year (if ever), whereas you can partake in Vake-murdering whenever you please.

I don’t quite know about the whole “marriage to players” thing, but I am hopeful that they broaden the field of eligible spouses. I need one that has a special tolerance for a professional murderer, in this case a Licentiate, but does not require access to the Foreign Office.

I really hope the Quiet Deviless becomes a possible Constant Companion. She’s one of the only stories I remember from my early days when I didn’t read all of the text.

I’m a terrible person, I know.
I’d consider starting a new playthrough if it didn’t mean having to repurchase all the fate content I unlocked.

On one hand, I’m looking forward to the Feast and all its content. On the other, I really don’t want to cheat on my beloved Rubbery Companion.

I see some difficult decisions ahead.

Yeah, as someone with a Fate-Locked Spouse, I have mixed feelings about this. I’d like to participate in the new content, but I don’t want to lose my Snufferwife either.

I don’t know about the Rubbery, but I can attest that you can divorce your Snufferwife and later win her back without further expenditure of Fate/Nex. You just have to get her back the same way you got her the first time.

(Sorry if this is dipping towards &quotfate-locked content&quot stuff, but it seems fair enough to point out merely that you don’t have to rebuy the story with Nex if you want to divorce the spouse)
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I became POSI shortly before the last Feast and there was a definite suggestion that the companions we met at the Feast might become available as spouses and I hope to become closer to my Hollow-Eyed Tragedian. So I never got around to courting any of the currently available spouses.[li]
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I don’t know about the Rubbery, but I can attest that you can divorce your Snufferwife and later win her back without further expenditure of Fate/Nex. You just have to get her back the same way you got her the first time.[/quote]

That’s interesting! I assume you lose the artifacts you got when you married her, though. Still, that’s an option worth thinking about; I’m getting rather tired of the Cultured Attache’s dreadful table manners…


Well, I didn’t get any dowry when I married my delightful attachée. We parted ways when I started following a dark and dangerous path, but she forgave me and we joined our lives a second time… Still no dowry, though.

uncomfortable coughing and murmurs

“You may now kiss das Ubergoat.”

screams of untethered horror drown out all other sounds

If you all keep making Goat jokes, I’m just going to hide in my Sanctum and not come out until March. On an unrelated note: