Favorite Neathy Pick-up Lines

Being a compendium of wit, wisdom, repartee, and bon mots for the purpose of effecting rendezvous, assignations, and dalliances with handsome and comely personages.

We begin with an old chestnut: Is that an Emergency Blunderbuss in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Do please add your own.
edited by Lady Sapho Byron on 11/17/2014

“May I sketch you?” has been quite effective a number of times.

Also, “I’d love to base a character on you.” Being an author of repute has its benefits.

&quotAre you a Judgement? Because your hotness is positively blinding.&quot

&quotIs this a honey-dream? Because you are just too good to be real.&quot

&quotCome home with me, baby, and we’ll give the Bazaar all the love stories it could ever want…&quot

God, those are terrible… I’m gonna go ahead and say that Zero probably came up with those.

Is your name Rubbery Lumps? Because you look scrumptious.

Have you been studying the Correspondence? Because you’re smokin’.

You must be F. F. Gebrandt’s Superior Laudanum because you give me sweet dreams.

Want to get drunk and hunt criminals?

That certainly would have worked on me in my single days.

Want to come back to my place and Collate our Research?

If you were the Bazaar, I’d be London, because I’ve fallen for you.

If you’ve got the time, I’ve got the Nikolas & Sons Instant Ablution Absolution. broad wink

Definitely try the ‘Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?’ line on a devil.

Wanna join the mile deep club with me?

Are we on a slow boat? Because you stole my breath away.

For use in the tomb colonies: Do you have more bandages? My fibula came loose when I fell for you. (Alternatively: I dropped my jaw.)

You’ve made me immune to irrigo, 'cause babe, you’re unforgettable…


For the newspaper barons:

I bet you and I could make a hot press.
edited by dragonridingsorceress on 11/19/2014

I welcome you now to commingle our choirs.

Want to play Curate and Sister with me?

Want to head back to your place? I’ll bet I can make your amber tremble…

So I hear you’re a Neddy Man – could you show me your stick?

“Did it hurt? When you came to that place? And they sang of their lightnings and shapeful disgrace? And you tilted our vanes and ennobled our spires? They welcomed you then and commingled all choirs?”

“Are you a Fingerking? Because you’ve been haunting my dreams with remorseless, sinister determination for longer than I dare say.”

I’m only seeking one name, and that’s the name I’ll be screaming later to-night.

Are your eyes irrigo? Because staring at them I forget everything else.

I’d return from the River for your kiss.