Favorite Hallowmas Companions?

Ok, so having companion upgrades makes this Hallowmas awesome. I was around for the one last year and while that was exciting since it was my chance to gather a Destiny, one year later after joining Fallen London and I was going to almost ignore the season. This changed a lot of things and provided some awesome upgrade paths for some various companions including some really nice fluff for the transformations.

So that begs the question, which of these companions have you liked best? On my two accounts I have gathered 6, almost 7 of the 10 available companions. I loved seeing the Esoteric Accomplice become literally the early stages of Mr. Secrets, obsessed with the hidden lore of Fallen London. Of course I liked my Urchin becoming a Pirate, and how can you debate that &quotI have a tiara, do you have a tiara?&quot as one of the best item descriptions in the game.

But honestly, for me the Pious Henchmen is my favorite. I felt legitimately bad about making my Henchman Faustian after reading the Pious transformation fluff, so bravo FBG for hitting me in the feels.

Anyway, there is a poll, lets talk new companions. What did you all think?

PS: Writers of Fallen London if you happen to come across this, consider making an Urchin go around asking this question in game for fate the data might help you design next year’s companions!
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The Pious Henchman was my favorite too. His transformation text is just so darn cute. In fact, his text is cute even before he transforms, when he’s hinting around and finally just admits he wants you to share some of the confessions with him. It was nice to hear from the Devious Henchman at all, since he’s a bit underdeveloped compared to the other human companions you can get at the Bazaar (since he lacks an opportunity card).

Second place goes to the Well-Scrubbed Urchin. After hearing a pair of backstabbing-themed confessions, he decides he’s going to protect me from backstabbers? Since poor Fleshy has been back-stabbed by every bloodsucker in the city by now, the Urchin’s ambitions come a bit too late, but were touching nonetheless.

Tigress comes first for me. Followed by the Skullduggerous Urchin, who I named “Young John” Silver for obvious reasons. But I like pretty much all of them a lot.

More urchins! More henchpeople! More creepy dolls! More squidfriends! This Hallowmas has been good to me.

The Well-Scrubbed Urchin as an urchin changing for the better was quite interesting (his clean portrait still makes me grin for no special reason). He’s rather clingy too.

That said, I’ll join the Pious Henchman club as he is a honest, emotional and loyal (former?) bandit, but still very determined and dangerous. Did someone say &quotconspiracy?&quot He wins by a long shot.

(I also now have a Fabulous Accomplice -thanks again Horace Glendower for your help!- and I do enjoy her refinement, but… it may be too light for me to consider her a candidate for absolute favorite)

Can’t beat a tiger with a tiara.

I had to keep distant from the game and the forum to finish some real life duties and I ended not coming back when things cleared up. But when I saw the Well-Scrubbed Urchin, I knew I needed one and here am I playing again. I laughed at his description, I’m sure the Professor will cling to him as much as he clings to her, and he gives some good boosts.

Second favourite is the Esoteric Accomplice. Gotta love her glasses.

Anyone else feel really bad about Mr Bubbles?

The Haunted Goldfish text was certainly amusing, but I think I have to give it to the Esoteric Accomplice, just because she’s such a perfect fit for my character.

Should I pull it off, the Rubbery Campanologist will take the top spot, simply because I will have put in so much effort to (hopefully) get my Renown up in time to get the Bell Ringer. I’m grinding Notability like mad (threw down the exhorbitant fate cost to get the Boneless Consort to bump my BDR up to 30) in the hopes of trading for as many Illuminated gentlemen as possible to trade for favors.

…yeah, the Pious Henchman is pretty damn great. I liked both Accomplices a lot, too.

I hope to get a Faustian Henchman before all this is over, but I have to say I’m delighted with my Tigress.

“I have a tiara. Do you have a tiara?” indeed.

I agree that the description of the tigress is the most awesome (“do you have a tiara?”), but I really like the Esoteric Accomplice the best. Good text, good character development, and I really like the image.

Yes, I do! (This despite the fact that I’ve flung a few goldfish to their deaths at the maw of Audrey the carnivorous plant from time to time. But that was a quick death, not a life of horror.) So much so, that neither of my characters is going to create a Haunted Goldfish though doing so would have been easy.

I really want an Extravagantly Titled Tigress for my main. (My alt can’t even afford an ordinary Tigress, alas.) Currently, my main has three augmented characters; the Well-Scrubbed Urchin; the Fabulous Accomplice; and the Pious Henchman. I hope she can manage to get the other 5 (no Goldfish, and I’m of two minds about the Rubbery upgrade), but she’s short on Confessions and I don’t feel like investing more Notability or any Fate to augment that. So I may settle for the three I have and the augmented Tigress. Not sure how many my alt will get–so far she’s gotten only the Faustian Henchman, but she has more Confessions than my main.

I wouldn’t have objected to feeding fish to that plant if the text for doing so didn’t call him “Mr. Bubbles”.

Having completed the upgrades for all 10 companions, the one I found most entertaining was the Haunted Goldfish. Turns out the bar is pretty low for &quotthings fish are not meant to know&quot. The tiger with a tiara is a close second.

No love for the Weeping Doll? While I admit I myself voted for the eminently regal Tigress, I enjoy the imagery of a perpetually tormented doll with an intractable fixed smile it can’t escape. The whole ‘I have no mouth and I must scream thing’.
Hadn’t thought about it like that before, and now suspect I may be an awful person.
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[quote=Amsfield]No love for the Weeping Doll? While I admit I myself voted for the eminently regal Tigress, I enjoy the imagery of a perpetually tormented doll with an intractable fixed smile it can’t escape. The whole ‘I have no mouth and I must scream thing’.
Hadn’t thought about it like that before, and now suspect I may be an awful person.
edited by Amsfield on 11/4/2016[/quote]

Now that you bring up the Doll…
My main has a Watchful Doll, though I’m not sure why; I never liked it all that much, the spiteful jealous thing. But, as with the Goldfish, I can’t bring myself to turn it into a being that forever weeps. So I’m foregoing a Weeping Doll also.

Yes, that was quite canny on the part of the writer. Went and turned the piscine entity from something served with chips into a person!

I just like the face on the fish. SHOCKING TRUTH!

I am really skeeved out by the Faustian Henchman actually - as someone who doesn’t deal with Hell at all, I’m rather uncomfortable of having conspired in someone’s errr, damnation.