Father's Bones

Has anyone completed the Legend’s heart portion of the fathomking’s requests? While he suggested Mt Nomad or Tree of Ages, Mt Nomad isn’t showing up at all around Chapel of Lights in the new game I started for this (even though it’s present in an older game), and I completed the savior’s rock storyline with no choice for fighting tree of ages either.
Is it likely that Mt Nomad has moved away, or has tree of ages been added somewhere else? I’m out of ideas for what might be needed, and neither the ray drenched cinder or the uttershroom sproule were acceptable either.
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I’ve been looking for Mt Nomad for days. I’ve seen it before I reached this point of the quest - very, very rarely - but I have no idea how to lure it out to play.

Is it only for new games? It used to be that every time I got near chapel of lights that I’d get cornered, but I haven’t seen it at all this time. I’ve got everything else too. :/ (fluke cores aren’t accepted either, unfortunately)[li]
(Also-is Tanah Chook named for you, or is it an especially esoteric reference? :D)[/li][li]
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I’m in precisely the same boat, if you’ll pardon the unintentional pun. I’m assuming its spawn rate has been dropped considerably, but I have no idea if that’s the case.

(And, it is named for me, in fact! Me and my wife, to be precise, as I hyphenated our screen-names as well as our real ones on our marriage. And “Tanah” meaning “island” anyhow, it seemed appropriate!)

&quotLand&quot or &quotsoil&quot in Malay actually, pardon my pedantry. Still, that is an interesting surprise. I had always thought the landmark was named after Bali’s Tanah Lot.

Anyway, I’m also trying to find the Tree of Ages, is it even in the game yet? I don’t see it around Saviour’s Rocks.
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It’s not only for new games, I still see it around when I make trips up north. Probably it just wandered off somewhere.

Can confirm the problem. I’ve quartered the Avid Horizon now a half-dozen times looking for that darn landberg. Nothing near the Chapel nor north nor in the southern-western ocean quarter.

This is in a game started just after the &quotFather’s Bones&quot story was added.
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Then I wonder if it’s necessary to simply sit in harbor? I’ve spent so much fuel fuel sailing in and out of that tile already. I also started this game after the ambition came out.

Aw, that’s marvelous! (now what’s the deal with that ruined temple on it)[li]

Got a quick question about Father’s Bones.
It’s near the end, so spoiler alert!

When trying to fulfil the Fathomking’s requests, I’m missing “A Willing Guest”. I have pretty much all officers available, but a couple may have died or disappeared (the Adventuress and the guy from the Principles mostly). Can someone tell me which officer(s) is(are) eligible?

I just went up to the Chapel and Mount Nomad was literally just blockading the dock – I barely squeezed past it, and Diamond has made it so you can’t just turn off lights and rely on high Veils to sneak past stuff. However, this was a captain that I started before the Father’s Bones update.

I’ve just killed it, and it re-spawned somewhere totally different: in the sea between Nuncio, Uttershroom, Aestival and Saviour’s Rock.

Maybe have a look there.

(and I’m still searching for my question two posts above)
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The only Willing Guest that can be obtained at the moment is the Nacreous Survivor. If you destroyed the Principles of Coral, then I don’t think there’s any way you can actually complete that requirement; you’ll have to wait until an update adds a way to get another eligible officer. E: DISREGARD, though it’s a helluva lot more expensive if the Outcast gets melted.
It’s not the only missable requirement, but by the time the game’s completed I suspect there’ll be at least one unmissable way to clear all the pre-reqs.

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Do you know if it also works with the same one but &quotOutcast&quot?

Because there is an option to buy him back from the Fathomking for a ludicrous price (around 10k echos in material…)

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Actually, I’d forgotten about that entirely!

The Fathomking gives you a Nacreous Survivor, not a Nacreous Outcast… so you can buy the Survivor back from him and immediately pawn him back, I guess.

I did just that last night! You do need a fluke core in addition to 7 treasures, 7 scintillack and 1 searing enigma, though, for the nacreous survivor, unlike with the human officers. (that save glitched on me, because I chose to preserve my survivor, but after a while I looked back and I had a statue instead of a cook.)[li]
Mt Nomad chased me all the way into Avid Horizon once, and it does in the games from before the last updates. It 's just the new games with the ambition that lacks a gnashing obsidian nightmare :/[/li][li]
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Interesting. So if you take the loot from the Principle; pay the Fathomking for the Nacreous Survivor then hand him over I wonder if it would be possible to get him to give you another one. Also does allowing the Principle to end count as seeing the eldest die requirement?

I don’t see why that wouldn’t work, honestly. And yeah, the Principles count as an Eldest.

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I think I am getting everyone else Mount Nomad - I am seeing it every time I am up near the Chapel of Lights and this is with a game started after Father’s Bones was introduced. I haven’t updated to Diamond yet though.

I saw Mt Nomad by Aestival. I have no idea what the heck it was doing there, given that it was just one tile up from Varchas.

[quote=Spacemarine9]I don’t see why that wouldn’t work, honestly. And yeah, the Principles count as an Eldest.
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Good I haven’t finished that story line with my latest captain - time to upgrade to something with a larger hold :)

I can’t complete the curator’s quest unless Diamond lets you spawn Blemmigan’s elsewhere as I took the new option at the Uttershroom and the curator doesn’t want that item.