Fate-Locked Content

Speaking as someone who has been enhanced, I’m fully happy with the purchase, although I have tired of my rubbery companion and have since become entangled with a certain spy. The extra options are always interesting, and I look forward to seeing what comes later. Although I do wish I had a few more points in the quality to spend.

Also, I’ve bought pretty much every fate option. I don’t mind giving failbetter my moneys, given how much Echo Bazaar has entertained me over a long period of time.

Does in contact with a Long-Lost Daughter increase past 6, as I don’t seem to have any story resolution or indicator where to go next? Am I just waiting for an opportunity card?

There was at least one point in the story where you must wait for an opportunity; alas my journal on the subject neglects to mention the specific level of that quality at which this occurs. I can say with certainty however that the quality goes higher than six.

Thanks Dave, appreciate the confirmation.

Just tried out one of the new Pygmalion options in Mahogany Hall, the Elegant Lady. Not much different from the first two, really, but somewhat interesting.

If you return to the Fate tab, you’ll see that you can spend Fate to reset the Soul Trade storyline, letting you make a different choice. As for anything happening after Merchant 5? Nope - that’s it. But it is profitable.

So when are they ever going to o something with the long lost daughter reward? You know [color=#ffffff]the adopted-ish daughter?[/color] Right now it has zero attributes. ?_?

I hope they do; it’s never an option on cards or anything. It was very disappointing in that regard; and I hope they correct that.

Double spoiler for Fate locked content and also the TV show Terra Nova:
[color=#ffffff]On the last few episodes of Terra Nova, the various interactions between Sky and Taylor stuck with me as “That’s the kind of tumultuous but ultimately beneficial relationship I’d love to see with my ‘adopted-ish’ daughter.” Alas, that sort of thing is nowhere in sight at the moment. The soul trade storyline on the other hand keeps popping up and making me quite jealous of that.[/color]

Sounds like the Soul Trade has gotten some good reviews here- is it worth the purchase even for one with attributes far past the 20 recommended? (I’m not yet Important, but my adjusted stats are in the 78-100 range)

Oh certainly. While it’s a storyline, at the end of it you’ll have either a permanent storylet or a recurring opportunity card, depending on your choice. Both are still useful at the very highest end of the game.

You’re not seeing the option? A CHANGE IN SOULS! - 25 FATE. Next to Reset Your Ambition.

Speaking of which, I find myself unable to discover the true plans of the Bishop and his flock in the fourth coil, even after acquiring some Empyrean Redolance. Could it be because I’m not close enough to the church, or should I look in some other places ?

Have you bred all the creatures you can with your new concoction?

Alas, I cannot breed the rubbery hound, having no means to access Flute Street. But no, I haven’t tried the Tomb Lion. I thought I would not go over the hassle of being exiled to the tomb colonies unless it is necessary.
But your response hints at it being so. Sigh

Afraid you’ll need the Lion, yes. Not to worry - a little scandalmongering today, some fascinating adventures tomorrow.

I’ve recently become an Exceptional Friend, and find myself paralyzed with indecision over my admission to the House of Chimes. Is there an option to change your mind, and if so how expensive is it?

Yes; 10 Fate.

But I don’t want to reset the ambition, just the soul trade storyline :)[/quote]

Note I said ‘Next To’. A Change In Souls, resets the Soul Trade storyline, is NEXT TO Reset Your Ambition.

But I don’t want to reset the ambition, just the soul trade storyline :)[/quote]
[color=00ffff]If you’ve already done the Soul Trade storyline, the option to reset it on the Fate page is called ‘A Change in Souls!’[/color]

I do apologize for bothering those of you who are implicated in a struggle against hell, but even after acquiring an ocelot, hound and stallion, that thick-headed priest still won’t let me know about his no doubt insane plan.
Which, I find, to tell the truth, rather frustating.