[Fan Art] Jane’s Half-Real Gallery

Whatever has not been confiscated by the Ministry of Public Decency… yet.

(Divided because of one spoiler tag limit.)

  1. A seemingly innocent amateur study in chiropteran anatomy, however, known to induce nightmares and strange reactions in certain viewers:
  1. A weighty bunch of collages:

Everyone’s dearest Deacon.

Memories of forbidden passion.

More roses!

Favourite vacation destination.

The Forgotten Quarter. (Done before the realization that it should be much more Asian than European. Oh those deceptive first impressions…)

That card. Again.

The Sun (blasphemously humanized).

  1. There are rumors of a library as well. But most of its texts are in Russian, and the proprietress seems reluctant to translate more than tiny bits, muttering something about the Great Game’s foreign agents and their little secrets. Although everyone knows that she simply is too unconfident and too busy. (Too busy scribbling nonsensical ravings all over the walls of her room at the Royal Beth, to be exact. One shouldn’t look so closely at what Is Not.)

[ Jovial Contrarian | Wreck of the Berrenger | Liberation of Night ]

&quotNo, no. I won’t go there. Supporters of the Liberation will shower me in congratulations, and I can’t stand them.&quot

&quotSupporters or congratulations?&quot


Naturally. &quotWhat’s the occasion?&quot

&quotI’ve… slayed one of the star-gods.&quot

&quot…How?&quot After several meetings at those Veilgarden parties there was less disbelief in her voice than it could have been.

&quotConvinced them that they don’t exist. Unintentionally, I swear. Just an innocent exercise in rhetoric! Can you imagine how hard it is to find a worthy opponent here in the High Wilderness?&quot

(from [u][url=https://archiveofourown.org/works/20828858]&quotАлмазная пыль&quot / &quotDiamond dust&quot[/url][/u])

[ Second City | Mr Candles ]

&quotI understand you, queen Ankhesenpaaten. I, too, miss the sky.&quot

Ankhesenamun, she corrects in her thoughts. No more sense in the old name, no more hope for the new god.

It isn’t a hunch under his cloak, is it? Seems more like folded… wings?

&quotBut I came to love your city,&quot he adds.

&quotI wish you not to see another in its place, then.&quot

(from [u][url=https://archiveofourown.org/works/20828528]&quotДогорают свечи&quot / &quotWhen candles burn out&quot[/url][/u])

[ Parabola | Season of Ruins: Tormented Dreams ]

She should have known better than to trust her worst nightmare.

And yet – what does it take to open one’s innermost secrets and sorrows? To walk one’s memories and dreams together? What else if not complete trust?

Not hers. His own.

(from [u][url=https://archiveofourown.org/works/19329526]&quotBitter sweetness&quot[/url][/u])

JACKPOT! :inlove:

(will review more fully when I’m back in a month, cross my heart)

These are wonderful! Loved them all.

How intersting these are!
I love each one of them!

[quote=Honeyaddict]How intersting these are!
I love each one of them![/quote]
Thank you!


Quite nice. Love it. And speaking of certain library… Фанфики и по Мору и по Падшему Лондону и по Миру Тьмы - просто праздник какой-то:cheers:

Ура, твирина и водки за мой счёт, товарисч! :cheers:

What is the Number… of your landlord’s fingers? ;)

At last, Google Translate, we meet again…

&quotBedlam&quot is my absolute favorite so far because I’m a huge fan of Lynch (and of the MG being this exact kind of sweet’n’jolly walking nightmare fuel). Same, I guess?


This infernal device insists that the Topsy King has a pet Batman instead of a pet bat… And that the &quotWreck of the Berrenger&quot is an &quotAccident of the Burger&quot, for Judgements’ sake.

Thanks <3
(As for the first, yes rather than no. As for the second… well, if there’s a suspicion that I may have a weakness for certain characters, don’t believe this preposterous slander. It’s not a weakness, it’s a full-blown infatuation.)

&quotHow many fingers am I holding up, Winston?&quot
&quotI see. Mixing absinthe with prisoner’s honey again, aren’t we? Sorry, dear, you won’t be leaving anytime soon. Enjoy your stay.&quot
(Repeat ad infinitum.)

A good question, though. Eight in total? Eight on each hand? Eight on one hand?
(TVTropes suggests it’s twelve, and I wonder where they got that from…)

I am a simple weasel: I see Orwell, I upvote.

Liar. You are an ermine, and ermines are never simple.

I keep it secret so they won’t make a fur cape out of me

“Do you understand what we’re trying to do here, Weasel? It will not be like the stupid hedonistic luxury apartments of old. If you want to imagine a tenant’s future, imagining muddy boots stamping on your rug… forever.
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“Do you understand what we’re trying to do here, Weasel? It will not be like the stupid hedonistic luxury apartments of old. If you want to imagine a tenant’s future, imagining muddy boots stamping on your rug… forever.[/quote]
Now I want a &quotThe Merry Gentleman is watching you&quot poster.

don’t forget everyone hate week is coming up down with eastasia

Sketches from Discord (after this happened).