Fallen London Hero Forge Figures

So I’ve developed a minor addiction to designing figurines in Hero Forge, and I’ve made a few Fallen London ones I thought I might share!

First up, it’s Mr Wines!

And here’s its collaborator, Sinning Jenny.

Here’s Colonel Molly of the Brigade.

Here’s Feducci, and his horse, who has no canon name I’m aware of, so I assume his name is Biscuits.

Here’s the Manager of the Royal Bethlehem, out for a walk.

Here’s the Jovial Contrarian. HeroForge doesn’t offer a wheelchair option, alas.

Here’s the Tentacled Entrepreneur, wondering if you’d like to purchase this very interesting skull!

Here’s the Lady Mayoress, Virginia!

And here’s the Topsy King.

Here’s Hephaesta!
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Those are really good.

These are wonderful!!!

Nice! Especially the Rubbery Man. And oooh, the Monochromatic Lantern!
I like how they look so… assertive. Even the Manager’s cane resembles a mace, which would probably make londoners want to avoid meeting him in a dark alley even more :)

The fastest way to get inside someone’s head is by breaking their skull, obviously!

Do you know who this is? This is the Bishop of Southwark! And he wants to wrestle!

Those are brilliant! Thank you for sharing; it made my night :D

just wonderful

I’d already posted one of this year’s electoral candidates, so here are the other two - F. F. Gebrandt and the Viscountess!

His Amused Lordship is, well, amused to see you. (I always imagined His Amused Lordship being a little Elizabethan in his dress. Perhaps because his old icon looked like it was wearing some sort of ruff; perhaps because Brian Blessed has done so much Shakespeare?)

Furnace Ancona is here to lay rail and kick arse… and she’s all out of rail.

It’s the Cheery Man, lord of the East End.

And the Honey-Mazed Bear, lord of wherever it wants to be.

When finally Failbetter makes a TRPG, these will come in handy.


I maaaaaaay have made the bear with you in mind!

Saviour of the marshes, it’s Johnny Croak!


Bear. <3
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I’ve done nearly all of the board members of the Great Hellbound Railway, so here’s His Grace, the Bishop of St Fiacre’s.

And here’s the Wandering Gondolier!

I love most of these, but the &quotBishop of St. Fiacre&quot looks too much like &quotstandard issue evil sorceror, male,&quot for my taste. But some are really really good–the Honey-Mazed Bear is probably the best.
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Fair! I tried to choose the evil sorcerer robes that looked the most like a Victorian bishop’s clerical garb.

Here’s Emilia &quotApril&quot Hathersage, of Cotterell & Hathersage and the Calendar Council!

[quote=Diptych]I’ve done nearly all of the board members of the Great Hellbound Railway, so here’s His Grace, the Bishop of St Fiacre’s.
And here’s the Wandering Gondolier![/quote]
further drowning in pure joy
Looks great!

Perhaps instead of &quotend the Marvellous&quot someone’s wish was to &quotreplace the Marvellous with DnD&quot…