Fallen London Comics: A Pinch of Snuff

Seriously adoring your work, guys. Panel three, page three, is a gorgeous composition, and the dialogue - Bagstock’s “ow ow ow”; the Bishop’s Easter sermon - makes me giggle like a Rattus Faber riding a puppy.

Is that the Starveling Cat I spy on page three?

I just want that pie. If that won’t raise my Hedonist score past 15, nothing will.

Brilliant comic, albeit short. Are there only the 6 pages? It’d be nice to see what the middle poster on the last page says, since it’s covered by speech bubbles.

Really enjoying it![li]

My ISP is finally producing proper pages for me to view instead of error warnings, hooray!

I’m delighted by the new comic! Its narrative moves at a thrilling pace; there are no wasted words or images. Both story and art are engaging. I also like the sepia tones Mr. Arendt applied for the antique feel.

“High Adventure!” is what the comic shrieks, and it’s a fantastic introductory pull for people who have never played the game. When I recommend FL to others, I’ll be sure to link them to the comic.

Page 4, upper right corner, Soap holds his tea cup like a proper gent with the pinky finger pointing straight out, heh.

final two pages are up now, folks. Enjoy! http://www.failbettergames.com/?post_type=comic&paged=5

Just gonna point out here, where you can see it, this comic is awesome and I am greatly pleased with it. I would totally badger everyone I know into reading more.

If people are curious what that middle poster on page 6 says, here’s the full text:

&quotThe Department does not pay for the Eradication of DEVILS

Devils are to be treated as TOURISTS not as RAVENOUS MONSTROSITIES



Delightful is the mot juste, I think. Too short!

“Powdered jade”? Isn’t that made of souls, or am I listening to the wrong rumors? Either way, it hardly sounds fit for human consumption!

You would be most encouraged to try such an exotic thing, and you shall find that it is more to your taste than you might think.[li]

MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE!!! throws money at the author/artist

Witty and intriguing plus adorable artwork. A graphic novel, a graphic novel, my kingdom for a graphic novel!

So, just finished the comic, and I must say you people have outdone yourselves. Bravo, bravo, and bravo.

An excellent addition to the world of Fallen London, magnificent! I would certainly love to meet this pair in the game. Although, it is to be hoped that they and my spouse do not come into conflict…

I loved the comic, especially the last page with its marvellous posters. The official advice for handling sorrow-spiders amused me greatly, and I would pay to read more of this.

That tease on the one-shot version of the Zailor-Zong is most vexing.

Okay, I don’t know how she gets the mushrooms to stay in her hair, but they are lovely.
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