Enigma 3?

Do I need to get the Book or is it possible to figure it out without it?

This will not become a guide for anyone looking for the way into Enigma. If you haven’t found Enigma yet, this thing is not for you.
Here’s a barebones guide to Ambition: Enigma
If anyone needs more help, I am more than willing to provide over PM’s.

I really need to start taking the “be precise” advice to heart. Goodness, I made this more difficult than it had to be. And that was a lovely little bit of insight!

Even with that guide I can’t figure out what… I’ve figured out where… but not what.

I keep looking at the hints, and thinking of new words to try, but none of them feel right, and none of them ARE right.

Course, I’ve been told that the only clue more then I’ve figured out would be the answer, so it’s not like anybody can help me.


I still enjoy seeing you folks working on it, just the same.
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[quote=the truthseeker]
At least you figured out how to get into Enigma, whist I have not.[/quote]

The entire point of what I said is that I’ve not found the way in, but nobody dares to help me, so I’ll likely NEVER get in.

I will gladly exchange tips on how to get into the Secret (or on how to get the Eggshell) for some advice regarding the Splotch. 24 hours, still my neurons yield no answers. I must be misspelling something.

If anyone wants help with Enigma, feel free to PM me and I’ll see if there’s anything I can say without spoiling it. Some general advice though: even if you don’t know exactly what the answer is, try everything related you can think of. Sometimes hints or related phrases are codes themselves.

If I wasn’t informed that I’d already used the access code, I might not even remember correctly that I had obtained a Splotch. It’s certainly nowhere to be found. Most importantly, I don’t remember exactly when I got it, either.

Is this one reasonably possible if I only play FL, or do clues also come from Sunless Sea or some other source? I don’t really play/read many of the other FBG things, and I don’t want to start myself on a goose chase.

The only clue is a pastebin chat log of Alexis popping into the fan run IRC to clue drop some hints. As far as I know, the clue doesn’t appear anywhere else or in FL at all. You can find the log on Saint Arthur’s/Spacemarine9’s tumblr blog which is linked upthread iirc.

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Well, I got stuck in an embarassing manner for a while, but at least I finally figured it out.
It’s really quite straightforward in hindsight.

Small hint which I feel obliged to share, because this is exactly what got me stuck for an embarrasingly long time:

Articles are a trap.

Got it. Much obliged. Payment as usual, yes?

[color=#009900]Some people got it quickly; if you’ve gone in a different direction, it might help if I say that the relevant form is also ‘quick’, possibly twice.[/color]

[color=#009900](It’s only easy if you happen to be in the right place, and it’s easy not to be in the right place)[/color]

A bit of a tangent but while Alexis is possibly reading this, [admin removed a direct reference to a secondary place the Enigma clues can be found - don’t do that, please, folks]

May I ask whether it was made clear why Alexis has chosen not to write in 2016 (barring the two exceptions he mentioned) and whether he might be back to writing in 2017 or whether this is a long term decision?
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I am now up to speed on this, so people may also contact me for hints, though honestly there’s not much I could add to what’s already in this thread. Still, sometimes it helps to talk things through, and I’m glad to do it.

[color=#009900]This isn’t anything secret or sinister. Failbetter is now a team of 14; managing that, being CEO and being creative lead on three projects, not to mention being a single dad, is already more than a 24/7 job. Writing is very time-consuming, and it’s important that we train up the next generation of writers, so I’ve stepped back. Not without regrets, because I love writing, but Failbetter comes first.[/color]
[color=#009900]In 2017 and onwards: who knows? I haven’t sworn a dreadful oath or anything.[/color]

I’ll use this opportunity to confess my undying love for your craftsmanship, Alexis. Enigma, even in its current embryonic form, is probably one of my favourite parts of Fallen London - exactly the kind of cerebral fun that a mind like mine craves. If only other browser games did this…

I can’t figure out the splotch, but I got the eggshell while trying. so I guess I’ll get the splotch in a year or so…