Election Candidate: The Jovial Contrarian

[color=#cc0099]London will have a Mayor. This week, we announce the candidates. Who will you support? [/color]
[color=#cc0099]Below is news on our third and final candidate. More news on the Election will come tomorrow.[/color]
[color=#cc0099]The Jovial Contrarian was last to declare. He joined the election only a day after publishing a piece denouncing the entire process as an undemocratic sham. He bears the slogan: &quotMaster Yourself!&quot[/color]

[color=#cc0099]“The Jovial Contrarian sits in the midst of the chaos. ‘At last, the chance to prove we are capable of self-governance is in our grasp.’ The Contrarian extends a hand.”[/color]
[color=#cc0099]The Jovial Contrarian’s campaign poster will be available soon, once he’s finished arguing about typefaces with his printer. [/color]

Well, that decides it: Jenny’s the only sensible option! The Bishop is a madman, and the Contrarian only stands for “always disagree with everyone else”. He’ll never get anything done…

I agree. Jenny is the most sensible, most practical, and definitely the most competent of these three candidates.

Plus, she’s actually interesting as a character.

He’ll get a lot done. Sure, half of it will be the opposite of what the bishop wants, and half of it is the opposite of what jenny wants- both still coherent, of course- but he’ll find a way to bundle them all up into one neat little package.

The Jovial Contrarian, the moderate candidate!

Paradoxical democracy: the thinking man’s choice.

The main positive point the contrarian has is he is a puppet of the revolutionaries and the calendar council. If you like the liberation of the night and want it to happen asap, then this is the candidate for you.

&quotA chicken in every well.&quot
North-Bound MP for Mayor!

Uh… what.

“Puppet” is putting it rather strongly. He does seem to have some links to the Council. Then again, he also seems to have some links to the Masters. He could be both December and Mr Chimes, for all we know.

I thought Mr. Chimes was a rotating position all the Masters fill at one point or another.

I’m a one issue voter and that one issue is “**** hell”, so I’ll be voting for the bishop.

He’s in a wheelchair? When was this revealed about him?

Yeah, that’s probably right. I was exaggerating to make the point that the Contrarian is deliberately enigmatic. He’s a contradictory, Chestertonian character. He’s mysteries all the way down.

From a Veilgarden party:

The Jovial Contrarian… …is looking for someone to argue with.

Take a seat next to his wheeled chair. You’d rather debate than dance any day.

The Jovial Contrarian bangs on the side of his wheeled chair to emphasise his points. ‘…but that’s exactly what I’m saying! No revolution has ever improved the lot of the people the leaders purport to represent. And even you must have noticed we’re in a somewhat exotic environment. How do you think we’ll fare down here without the protection of the Masters? Good God, is that the time? You must excuse me, I’m afraid. I have a party to attend…’

Well, I guess this is the one im voting for, I don’t think I know enough about sinning Jenny to really vote for her, and while I do hate Veils with all my heart, most vake hunters are fools, and they WILL die, and I also don’t want a time machine that will bring us back to a war that we can’t win.

He is one of my favorite secondary characters. I have many, so he’s far from alone. But I deeply love that ability to take both sides of a thing. As I have been known to say &quotI prefer AND to OR&quot, and the Contrarian ANDs so very well, and quickly, in conversation. It’s clear he believes his points when arguing, but can reverse them and argue just as passionately against them. His own position therefor remains unknown – or has never existed. As you say, mysterious, enigmatic, mysteries all the way down.

I am Curious, first and foremost – how could I resist that.

Yet, I’ll vote against him. Even he can not say which positions he will take, and I fear that Mastering Himself is the farthest thing possible – he is flux and evolution, constant and unceasing – the only that never changes is how fast he changes position.

Putting such an uncontrolled, Un-Mastered, individual in power would be foolishness. I should prefer the Black-Shirted Radical to him – at least we agree on several important points.

So, no, I can not vote for the Jovial Contrarian – because I love him, and understand him, for cats are mercurial as well.

Got to be honest, I have no idea who this guy is. I’ve met the other candidates and know a fair amount about them.

[spoiler]The bishop shows up in the Labyrinth of Tigers and while Theological Husbandrth expands that slightly anyone whose made it that far will have a good sense of what’s what.

Sinning Jenny is also fairly ubiquitous, but specific details, and the really interesting stuff, are part of Ambition: Bag a Legend so a lot of players will only have heard her name around The Parlour of Virtues.

But this guy? If I met him he clearly failed to make an impact.[/spoiler]

I hope there’s some in game, assuming this shows up in the game, introduction of these characters to the player base. Because you don’t really get to know 2 of them until you hit mid to late(ish) game content and I really have no clue about this last one.

The Contrarian shows up as part of the Affluent Photographer story, in the Veilgarden Party special area, and on the Revolutionaries card. It’s also possible to trade with him at the market in Sunless Sea.
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I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who forgot who he was :P

I take it that the lack of colours represents his moral ambiguity, and the grey morality of the Revolutionaries.