Downtime? Lag?

The past 2 days I am experiencing a loading lag in the game and forum. Now I seem to even have 503 service temporarily unavailable error message.
Does anyone else having this delay/loading problems?
edited by Gonen on 4/28/2016

It only just started happening for me. I thought it was an issue with my Android phone but I’m encountering the same problem on my PC.

It’s down at my end too. I don’t think I’ve had substantial downtimes/lags lately so this one came as a bit of a surprise

What’s this? It tells me &quotit’s just me&quot though we seem to share a common problem.

I’ve been getting it to load maybe one in five refreshes. Probably related to the bigger server load from the new players with the app release.

I’ve been getting service errors alot in the past few hours. Optimatum’s suggestion seems likely, but that may just be a healthy dose of confirmation bias talking.

I think it’s down right now. I can’t get on.

Haven’t started the new EF story yet. Could this be the doing of those bloody Pentecost apes? An invasion from hell? Bazaar crying suddenly out of season? Someone drew a correspondent sigil the size of a soccer field? Someone won the Marvelous game and got his wish? Stone pig awaken? Did the sixth city fall on us? Oh my… Did the Liberation finally liberate?

Has HE returned, like we begged him to ever since hiatus?
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Add my voice to the chorus of laggy/unavailable.

Did the liberation finally liberate?!?!? I bwahahahahed. Then patted my XO Captain Monkeyface (He say’s his name is George but he’s only half people) and steered my zeppelin away from London after my bombing run.

Side note it is also down for me. I suppose that means it’s time to cook dinner for my starveling family.

Indeed, the storynexus is down.

Well, sometimes the storynexus is down. Othertimes it loads partially in and provides the boarders but does not show any options or respond to any of the various tabs like Story, Messages, Myself, and etc

  1. The number of the thoroughly knackered server.

It’s also way past bedtime in not-yet-fallen, actual London, so it’s probably going to be that way for a while…

Down here too.

For me too. Strange- I’ve been playing this game for almost a year now and this is the first time it’s gone completely dark on me.

Same here.

Intermittent is what I want to say - I can do an action about every two page loads.

Past days have been normal, but yeah, it’s down/laggy now. At least brute refreshing a couple of time can still work, Silver Tree just keeps popping up a &quotProblem loading template&quot window.

And yet I can’t stop trying to refresh the screen… I may be addicted.