Doorman of the Temple Club?

Just noticed this over in the Forgotten Quarter and was wondering if this was actually new or if I’d just completely missed it. The wiki doesn’t say anything (that I can find anyway).

Is this a new Club to join? Or perhaps future new content?

I think it is related to the Tales of Fallen London Kickstarter. The 3rd stretch goal was for all backers to get access to the Temple Club in Fallen London.

I am a backer myself, $5 only I am sorry to say, but I wonder how and when we will receive the invitation for it.

As far as I know, Failbetter does not currently have a way to determine which characters are owned by backers. I speculate that sooner or later they will get in contact with backers to ask which character we want to receive the invite.

Ah, yes, I vaguely remember this now.

Now I just need to wait for my invitation.

Ah, so is the doorman going to taunt me forever for my lack of funds at that time? Or will he disappear once Failbetter connects donors to characters and they can claim their prize?

It appears that he will remain visible, but not to taunt you - rather, so that when club members invite you to dinner, he can show you in and make you welcome!

I am a backer myself, $5 only I am sorry to say, but I wonder how and when we will receive the invitation for it.[/quote]

You should already have done so. I found one in my e-mail this morning. It contains codes to unlock and make available both FL and Silver Tree in-game rewards.

I can’t help but wonder if the Temple Club was a bit rushed out. Your deck size reduces itself to 0 while you’re there, you can’t visit the Bazaar while you’re there, and despite text indicating the contrary, it has no Travel spot on the map once you’ve been there.

[color=33FFFF]It looks like something odd is happening with the Temple Club - apologies, we’ll look into it. I’ve amended the initial text to avoid confusion in the meantime. All the content there is working, though. Apologies.[/color]

Well, that was very fun, interesting, and informative. Thank you for the invite, good sir. :)

We wrote the Temple Club location a little while ago, so I’ve just gone back and refamiliarised myself with it. You lose access to your opportunity deck and the Bazaar there because we wanted to stress the isolated, secret nature of it. Originally, we talked about having it appear on the map, but in testing I much preferred the sense of place created by entering it through the Forgotten Quarter - most of the Kickstarter-related content is connected to the Fourth City, and this felt a good way to stress that. However, I missed a bit of instructional text that referred to the map, which has now been removed. Apologies!

There is a problem with the decor, though - the Club’s delightful area banner isn’t appearing. We’ll fix that as soon as possible.

Is there a way for non-Kickstarter-backers to receive an invitation to this club, pray tell?

Someone who was a backer and got membership to the Temple Club has to invite you to spend some time there, as someone did for me yesterday. It’s only temporary, but interesting.

Perhaps one of the Members would be kind enough to send you an invitations for an evening…

I agree, upon reflection, that the lack of Opportunity Deck makes the club seem more private than otherwise; The House of Chimes, while only-slightly-less selective in its clientele, might benefit from this as well. However, I must disagree about the lack of Bazaar access, as it could hamper ones experience. If I were to invite a friend to visit the Temple Club, for example, he may get there, realize he’s lacking in items necessary for the cards, and immediately have to depart.

I still haven’t received my invite and I pitched some much money into the kick-starter. T^T

Check your email. Double check your spam folder.

My code worked, but I got this message:
Your ‘Membership of the Temple Club’ Quality is now In good standing!
which doesn’t actually let me get in via the forgotten quarter. Is there an intermediate step, or should I send a bug report?
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[color=#33ffff]Could you send a bug report to Thanks![/color]