Don't Click without Reading in this Game

I was going to write a letter to a fellow Londoner when I accidentally scrolled down too fast and signed my resignation letter to the rat-catcher profession. This was a day before my payment. I cannot express what I’m feeling right now through anything that isn’t a facepalm. Does anyone else have similar stories of misclicking you’ve had in Fallen London?

Ouch! That’s a nasty bit of misfortune! The worst misclick I’ve had is in the AoTB, resulting in picking up unwanted CPs for A Turncoat (which is pretty mild, all thing considered). Nevertheless, I have noticed how dangerously positioned Chose a new Profession is. Really, somebody should slip in a confirm-this-choice button for this action.

I once accidentally purchased a Starstone Demark with scraps when I meant to pick the 20-scrap chance option. Lost a good portion of the scraps I was trying to grind.

While doing the Mr Pages book quest I meant to let the guy keep the book but the app screwed up and I beat him up for it instead literally rip

I have good news, you can still get your ratcatcher’s payout!

You get an Earnest of Payment as long as you have a profession. You keep it if you drop your profession, and acquire a new one. Your professional payment is based only on your current profession and having an Earnest of Payment. So you can pick up one of the training professions now, and as long as you draw the Docks card within the next week (lol RNG) you’ll be able to get your rats.

I accidentally resigned from being a Correspondent once. And just this week I spent seven Criminals favours on a useless stat boost because I thought it was the “gain a favour” option.

I’ve definitely spent favours on stats I’ve already maxed when intending to get another favour.

I’ve also accidentally done the bidding of Mr Wines instead of confessing to F. F. Gebrandt, locking myself out of the most convenient source of Greyfields '68.

And I’ve discarded opportunity cards that I intended to save more often than I’d like to admit, but that’s not a matter of reading. But I only realized the existence of the “A commotion above!” card, since it looks the same as a relicker card that I regularly discard. I may have accidentally tossed it unknowingly a time or two.

I downloaded that one extension that prevents misclicks entirely so I didn’t waste favors on stat boosts.

Accidentally selling my beloved plant to that horticulturistic villain… a tragedy.

lost all my notability on a misclick :(

I don’t even want to know how many mood cards I’ve accidentally discarded.

I’ve accidentally misclicked and traded all my notability for a minor stat boost multiple times. And back when I was doing The Affairs of the Bod grind misclicks forced me to deal with being a Turncoat probably about once a month.

However, my worst misclick was from the early days of the return of Seeking when an attempt to scroll the screen on my tablet result in a click and I accidentally cut my Watchful in half (from 200 to 100) for a single point of Seeking. One should not Seek when one is not fully awake.
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I accidentally sold the location of the Cave of the Nadir due to some reordering of options on the Urchins card (probably I hit the favour cap and the selling op had moved up to the top). I wasn’t intending to sell the secret ever, and ended up selling to the urchins of all folks, one of the lowest payout factions. Plus it changed my ‘closest to’ in one fell swoop. That was brutal day. A further irony is that I usually have the Cave of the Nadir Protection Stylish script running, but I happened to be travelling and using a tablet at the time which didn’t have the protection installed. Ugh. Sometimes finger click-memory is faster than the eye, that is for sure.
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Yep, I strongly recommend the Opportunity Protector (for opportunity cards) and Option Protector (for storylet options) user styles. Between them I’ve got a desktop Fallen London experience that’s so idiot-proof that using my phone is positively nerve-wracking by comparison.

For the sake of completeness for anyone new to these: they’re not stand-alone extensions but user styles, so they require a style manager: either Stylus (Chrome, Firefox) or Stylish (Chrome, Firefox). I prefer Stylus but both work.

Most of my misclicks aren’t from misreading, but rather from the game hanging on my mobile browser - I’ve lost mood cards that way, become a turncoat and upconverted instead of side converted items (the worst was losing my first mood the day before I was ready to max my sotc, fortunately I drew another a few days later). I also live in constant fear of accidentally wasting fate on a deck refresh since drawing cards on my mobile often involves lag & repeated tapping to pull the card. Playing any option with a ‘cheap’ fate choice (menace reduction etc ) makes me so stressed!

The extensions are great but I really wish there was a way to lock one or more opp cards within the game itself or (or like, just make moods undiscardable) and especially a ‘turn off fate spending for now’ button (maybe spend 5 actions to temporarily gain a quality like ‘subject to the whims of fortune’ which you ‘mustn’t have’ in order to play fate locked choices) - I almost never play the game on a computer and it would be lovely not to play in a permanent state of mild anxiety. I realise this might reduce people’s spontaneous fate purchases so there would be a lot to consider, but I would absolutely love it if they did include such an option.

it wasn’t exactly a misclick, but I once deleted my chracter. thankfully FB is awesome and got it back in no time.

I have read about many misclicks and misfortunes, and experienced a fair share myself (I have something like a 20% mood card survival rate), but I believe this has to take the cake.

During Hallowmas I thought I was going for something I didn’t already have and now I have two Minacious Union Rats

I did the same, because I’d forgotten that I’ve received the 40 Favour item for Criminals! Well, you can’t play this game for as long as some of us have without some screw-ups, eh?

I’ve done that too! Threw out Slowcake’s Amanuensis instead of bribing him, or being silent (I forget which, now). Sympathy.