Many dog roam across Fruitbush City’s streets, leashed to their owners, happy and content as dog can be. However, some dog walk without leashes, trusted enough by their owners to tend to themselves. Some dog have set up a secret dog society. Some dog…

Some dog are like you.

Hey folks! I made a game called Doghunt. You can play it here. Here is some blurb to convince you to play:


  • A factual look into the life of dog. Create your own dog, and engage with dog society. What terrors lie in the minds of men?

[ul][li]Use a detailed dog creation system to create a dog[/li][li]Interact with real historical figures, such as Arf Barkwoof, King Dog[/li][li]Obey Doglaw[/li][li]Upgrade hats, shoes, coats and collars. Then wear them[/li][li]Get educated

  • “I like hearing about this game more than League of Legends” - David, box maker[/li][li]“this is the greatest game” - George Arcia, game designer[/li][li]“dog” - Sotek, good guy

[ul][li]click this link[/li][/ul] Please leave feedback, bugs, questions, comments etc. here. Thanks.

[color=#009900]This game has caused me to bite my keyboard with glee.[/color]


I’ve been playing a bit of this tonight and it’s brilliant. I’m so excited by being a dog that I had to come and mention that!

Dog likes schadenfreude. Hilarious. (And, that totally makes me miss my dog. He loved schadenfreude.)


[color=#009900]Dog must like.[/color]

I used the detailed dog creation system to create a dog.

This game is liked because toad are irregular.

Ahahahahahaha. I am Spreadsheet Dog.

this game is why storynexus exists

<Gives up on his ostensibly funny game in envious frustration>

I’m totally digging being a dog. I’m also a dog that is digging. I can turn invisible and apparently I’m “Quite Fashionable”, which seems to be where the content ends! I like it and look forward to some updates. :}

Hi folks! Thanks for all the positive feedback (especially from Alexis, creator of Echo Bazaar! wowow). I am working on the start of the Super Smell and Financial Analysis stories. As far as current content goes, if you are Quite Fashionable and can travel to the Palace, you are finished for now. If you can’t get to the palace, try disobeying Doglaw until you hit the Doghouse.

Also, I just raised the maximum actions to 20. I had it at 10 because I figured that was the most people would be able to play before getting burnout. But, it seems like I was wrong!

If I can ask a question of you all, what powers, likes and hates did you choose? The analytics aren’t as detailed as I’d like. It’d be nice to know what most people are waiting for so that I can ignore it and continue to write whatever takes my fancy.

My brain keeps reading the name of this game as “Doughnut.”

Invisible, schadenfreude, heartbreak. I also sent some feedback through the StoryNexus feedback feature.

update: persuing the doghouse is hard with the 5 card for losing some Infringing for free. I now effectively have two cards in my draws because I don’t want to use either option. I think you could make a third option on the card for people who want to get into the doghouse. :} It would also make the grind to get there much more bearable, right now I’m entertaining the prospect of a 10% chance with persuading the cat and then disobeying the law on the owner card.
edited by Vael Victus on 2/2/2013

Invisible, schadenfreude (I’m french, I didn’t know what it meant, it just sounded funny x)). :)

dog likes the blues. dog hates french. dog invisible.

I am presuming that at the moment the ‘swim to fruitbush river’ and ‘catch a train to the market’ options don’t actually do anything? I get some text when I click those options, but it doesn’t move me to a new area or give me new cards.

I’m also wondering if the initial difficulty levels are cranked up very slightly too high - given that you don’t increase your skills on failure, so you just keep failing.

I think it is very quirky and funny though, and I can’t wait for more content! I chose -

Dog Power: Financial Analysis
Dog likes: Schadenfreude
Dog hates: Rejection

swimming along the river took me to fruitbush riverside but there’s nothing there of any use from what I can see, the market is just the same except you can buy things there

“All dogs go to Dog Heaven, which sits high atop the clouds. Dog Hell is illegal, per Doglaw.” Dog what are you doing that’s not how laws work. You can’t just ban metaphysical places like that, dog.

Edit: Dog heaven bites. Avoid at all costs. No bones. No owner. Only singing, and too much of a pain to get out.
Edit 2: 20 actions spent and I’m still at Ouch 6? This isn’t Dog Heaven… it’s Dog Hell! Somebody alert the policedogs!
edited by Saharan on 2/3/2013

starts humming “Let Me Be Surprised”

[quote=Vael Victus]update: persuing the doghouse is hard with the 5 card for losing some Infringing for free.
edited by Vael Victus on 2/2/2013[/quote]

Eluding Doglaw is an infringement of Doglaw, actually. Just play that card repeatedly.

I balanced Dog Heaven back when actions were 1 per 10 minutes. When I slowed the actions, I forgot to increase the menace reduction to compensate. I’ll go double it now.
edited by Kadir on 2/3/2013