Does Skin of the Bazaar still exist?

Either my opportunity card luck has been abysmal (as I’ve spent three months drawing 20+ cards a day in the Bazaar Side Streets) or the card vanished one fine day. I’m more inclined to say that my RNG has been taunting me, but just to be sure has anyone drawn the Skin of the Bazaar recently?

Keep going, it’s just the Dice God.

I drew it after camping on the Bazaar Side Streets for… checks date from the post in the forums six days. Wait, really. It seemed to be more than that. .-. Now I’m keeping it in hand, because I’m sotc 5 and I want the option that needs you to be sotc 10.

Thanks fellow Londoners, guess my deck is just too thick. Sometimes I wish I had spent my Lacre better come Christmas and had a place to which I could escape from the Sardonic Music Hall Singer and other City Vices.
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You’re not alone, ShroudedInLight! I’ve been trying to draw that card for at least as long as you - though admittedly I’m less disciplined concerning the number of cards I actually draw every day…

Definitely luck of the draw. It popped up for me on my first visit (of course, I had no idea it was so desirable…)

With a Remote Address and a lot of deck trimming it took me about two months to draw, even with say 50+ cards a day. Rare cards are definitely rare.

I drew it a few days ago. My SotC was at 11 already, so I did not benefit from it…

The main draw of the card is the special option unlocked with one ending to Uncovering Secrets Framed in Gold.

[quote=Optimatum]Rare cards are definitely rare.[/quote] Indeed.

I once went through a year and a half of very active card flipping before drawing a Mood card. And then I got two within two weeks.

I’m camping che Bazar for this card, too. Been there for at least a week.
What worries me is the note I found on the wiki, saying:

Does this mean having hight manaces prevents me from drawing this card, or simply that going to a menace zone will remove it from my drawn cards? Because a person as fabolous as me can’t avoid being always a little scandalous.

That’s an old warning from back when you would lose all your cards when you went to menace zones, out to Zee, and other places like that.

Do be careful - if my memory can be trusted, there is no special border around the card. It’s white and looks just like the Bazaar lodging card. After eight months in the Bazaar Sidestreets I think I very nearly discarded it.

It took me two or three months to find it, and that was with an absolutely trim deck. No conflict cards, remote lodging, the works.

It took me over six months to draw it (I can’t recall exactly how long, but may have been more months than that), with a probably average not-really-optimized deck, to the point where I doubted it still existed.

But draw it I did.

it took me 10 days to get it, with zero deck trimming. so, it’s just lucky luck apparently.

The good news: after six months of (almost consistent) Side-Streets card-drawing, I finally have it in my hand.

The bad news: I forgot you need SotC 10 for the USFiG option… :banghead: :bricks: :whack:

So, I need to know two things:
(1) Do I lose Skin of the Bazaar if I &quotPerhaps Not&quot out of it? (I haven’t clicked on it yet)
(2) Are there still any areas in the game that clear your hand? (menace-zones?)
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You should keep it if you perhaps not out of it. Menace zones no longer clear your hand, so you’re safe there. Maybe put it behind an undiscardable card too, to lessen the chances of an accidental discard.
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Thanks, that’s something at least.

I have another question regarding Fate-locked content, please answer per PM:

Which beast do I need to breed the Ocelot?

I believe this thread may be of use to you:
I’m using it with my browser, and it’s been pretty helpful.

To answer your question, Phryne:

You’ll want to have The Formula for Empyrean Redolence and a Somnolent Hyaena, the latter of which is rather easy to come by.