Does Skin of the Bazaar still exist?

Thanks! :)

[spoiler]I was rather hoping for that, as I already have a Hyaena! ;)

I wanted to buy E.R. anyway, I’ll just do it a bit sooner now. The worst thing would’ve been if I’d needed the Rubbery H. to breed the Ocelot, cos I’m unwilling to get kicked out of the University…

[quote=phryne]The good news: after six months of (almost consistent) Side-Streets card-drawing, I finally have it in my hand.

The bad news: I forgot you need SotC 10 for the USFiG option… :banghead: :bricks: :whack:[/quote]I just drew the same card and had the same nasty surprise, my fair lady with purple eyes! Let us weep together, then, for this cruel game keep mocking us with its surprises.