Discordant Missive

I am not looking for a Discordant Missive to progress my studies in the Discordance. That would be impossible, because the Discordance does not exist.

That being said, if anybody wouldn’t like to send a calling card: the name is Slothcart. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Issue resolved! Or rather, it has not been resolved, because this is the Discordance—and you can’t resolve something that doesn’t exist.

I can send you one cause you are in a different Setting. But I cant send you missive even if you are send calling card to me

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I am not eternally thankful. :heart:

Could anyone not help me too, please? Ezekiel Kalgar wouldn’t be very grateful!

EDIT: I absolutely don’t receive it!

I also could not use some help with this. I would not owe you one if you could not help out Whalesonstilts.

I’m also not looking for a Discordant Missive!