Directory: Role players and their characters

Just as the topic suggests, this is a thread for those individuals of rich imagination, who enjoy in-game roleplay and wishes to find partner(s) in this kind of activity.To save your delicious time and nerves I will explain the purpose and &quotrules&quot of this thread in Q&A form.

Q: Is there any reason to create this thread / Aren’t there other samely-purposed topics already existing ?
A: Role players usually create separated threads in the &quotMr. Page’s Fabularities&quot branch of forum to find partners. All those topics are separated, mighty share of them are outdated (original posters already left the game leaving people to practice forum necromancy), they may come in different style forms, which is not very good for cataloging. That is why I thought that the formatted directory-type thread may come in handy for people involved or interested in roleplay.

Q: How does it work in general ?
A: It works the same way as advertisement boards. The sole difference is that you advertise your character(s) instead of previously used Volkswagen &quotbeetle&quot.

Q: Let’s suppose that I am interested. What do I need to do ?
A: Consider leaving your post (written and composed in desirable form) or/and seek for others players posts to contact them in-game and begin your mutual RP adventure.

Q: So how does that &quotdesirable form&quot look like ? / Give me the fulfilling rules, please.
A: Here you have it, my good man / madam / ehm… whatever.

[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]----------------------------[/color]
[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]- Charactrer x name with a link - character’s x short description (1-3 sentences, please) [/color]
[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]- Character y name with a link - character y description [/color][color=rgb(194, 194, 194)](1-3 sentences)[/color][color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]
[/color][color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]- Character n+1 name with a link - character n+1 description [/color][color=rgb(194, 194, 194)](1-3 sentences)[/color]
[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]- Notes + personal comments (0-5 sentences)[/color]
[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]----------------------------[/color]
The first post in this topic will serve you as an example. And now to the rules !

  1. Please, leave only one post.
  2. Keep it short and avoid story spoilers.
    3) If you want to change something in your post then edit it’s contents.
  3. If you want to &quotpush&quot your post up then create a new one -> fill it with the contents from the old one or write it anew -> delete the previous (outdated) post, please.
  4. Heed the general forum rules while posting (which is obvious).

Q: How do I know that the player I want to play with is still active ?
A: There are few ways to find that out: check his/her/its game profile - if it is visible and contains recent journal entities then it is a good sign; check the forum profile of the person that interests you - recent log-in and posts is also a good sign; write him/her/it and wait for a reply to know for sure.

Q: I want to enrich my character(s) description(s) with some details. What should I do in such case ?
A: There are two threads in [color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]&quotMr. Page’s Fabularities&quot where people describe their character(s) appearance and backstory. Post there first and link those posts with your character(s) &quotadvertising&quot here. Remember - Properly described characters are absolutely delicious. And do not forget to fulfill &quotthey say&quot line in your character(s) profile

Q: The person I contacted earlier does not reply. Help !
A: That person may be absent / inactive / slow to reply. Or their character(s) may not like yours and be rude and snobbish enough to ignore them entirely (yes, such things happen sometimes, but do not lose your sprit and seek for another person(s)).

That’s all for now. I hope that this thread will help you to find delicious RP partners, and I am looking forward to see many of you in-game !

Oh, I think I have a last-minute advice for all willing to listen: though it is flattering to be addressed, it will be more reliable if you contact the other player instead of waiting to be contacted.
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Andrew Astherson - (Lawful good) Seasoned monster-hunter of slavonic-tatar heritage, heavy temper and complicated lifepath.

Clement Mustela - (Chaotic good) Merry, generally friendly (and genuinely stupid) Irishman who claims to be a detective.

Notes: I am an active player, so I seek for equally active partners. My timezone is UTC+2:00, but I log-in oftenly. Expect to have 1 reply per day minimum. Allthough, my characters are currently featuring in three stories, which means that both Rew and Clem are availiable only for &quotcasual&quot RP (According Sestina’s interpritation, which can be found in this thread )
edited by Andrew Astherson on 10/30/2015

Thanks, Astherson, this will be a good space.[li]

Jackie Pink - (Chaotic neutral) Clever and melancholy American with a keen eye and a quick smile. Very curious, always ready for mischief and mystery.

Notes: I am fairly active and always interested in role plays and diverting activities. Additionally, Pink generally operates without gender, and though pronouns aren’t terribly important, would rather be referred to by name than pronoun. [/li][li]
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The Black-Shirted Radical- (Lawful Neutral) An eccentric, fiery orator with a great deal of radical policies and mobs of violent supporters. A strong mind and a brilliant public speaker with a bored streak and an arrogance that only comes from breeding and failed ambition.

Lamia L- A socialite with a dangerous reputation. The sort of person aristocrats invite over if they are interested in meeting devils, and, perhaps, in the hopes that someday she’ll rip off her sleeves and duel someone in the garden. Wouldn’t that make for a good story?

Notes: Would love to start something long term-ish. I like to go over story ideas in OOC first, but impromptu introductions are also welcome.
edited by Lamia Lawless on 5/31/2016

Thaddeus Eaves- Equally comfortable with high society, devils, and urchins, the only thing he truly cares for is the truth. In fact, he is obsessed. It brought him to the Neath, and it will drag him further still. What kind of truth? The truths of science, the truth of the human soul, the truth of who killed the first and only woman he has loved, or the truth of the Bazaar; it does not matter. Thaddeus wants to discover and understand all of it, by whatever means necessary. Even (and especially) if it kills him.
Thaddeus looks up from his typewriter and watches a fly that has been following him a bit too closely. He returns to his writing and adds the following:
While generally someone who prefers working alone, Thaddeus enjoys human companionship and would even be willing to work together with a like-minded individual. Feel free to introduce yourself to him.

edited by Thaddeus Eaves on 10/5/2015

Edit: I am afraid I won’t be available to RP from now on. Grad school has been crazy!

Sestina Valdis– An author who cannot help but feel odd when writing about herself in the third person. The pursuit of pleasure is what guides her in the darkness of the Neath; there are oral, bodily and textual pleasures aplenty for the young satirist. Marriage has hindered this pursuit, to an extent, but faithfulness has its own rewards. After all, matrimonial faithfulness does not preclude discussions about the written word, of the kind that make the most radical Bohemians blush, nor honey-drenched nights, nor alcohol-soaked evenings…!

Notes: I would prefer lighthearted, &quotcasual&quot RP that does not involve any rush for me to reply, due to the fact that I am studying AND teaching now… As Andrew (or &quotAndrew&quot?) knows, I tend to take a while to reply sometimes… Don’t take that personally, please! This is because of my schedule, and because typing as my character takes ages sometimes… (She tends to favour very long sentences and frustratingly strange metaphors…)
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Saturnin - A secretive socialite and entertainer who is as much at home in high society as in more bohemian communities. Has a deep distaste for violence but will take anyone up on more intellectual or pleasurable pursuits. Is anything but respectable, and would like to keep it that way. For more information feel free to consult this thread.

I’m up for both short term and long term stuff. My schedule if fairly flexible, but I would prefer OOC contact before getting into the meat of the matter.
edited by Gwydden on 10/5/2015

Sharalin Veilin - A delightfully chipper woman of science and high society. Anyone partaking in scientific adventures is sure to spark her interest and get some bonus points when talking to her. For backstory, visit this thread.

Vera Rosanburg - A sultry bohemian woman of a great many pleasures, adores meeting anyone and everyone who cares to strike up a conversation. Known for scandalous activities, beware of flirting.

Note - I will go through bouts of inactivate lengths of time on here, so the most sure fire ways to find me are on Tumblr, Skype, or Deviant Art (And as I have school, during the week days I will be active from around 4 PM to 10 PM Central US time, and probably will be up til 11 PM on friday nights. Weekends I’m usually on at around noon or earlier.)


Soalean Monterey (Chaotic Neutral) - A rather scandalous, and moderately new to the Neath, woman. Enjoys violence, hedonistic pursuits and, if the rumours are to be believed, thievery. Has a habit of getting drunk and hitting on people.

I have…no real idea on how to get started on Fallen London RP stuff and I may start off fairly bare-bones…but with time I’ll grow more comfortable.
edited by Soaleanmonterey on 10/10/2015

Var Sheridan (alignment best described as &quotNeutral Selfish&quot or &quotSelfish Good&quot) - a Correspondent, academic, and collector of secrets, as well as a member of the Bohemian set. Beneath a mannerly (if not particularly respectable) exterior they are passionate, self-indulgent, strong-willed, distrustful, and vengeful - they love strongly, hate strongly, and take a long time to learn to trust people. Despite this, they usually try to be a &quotgood&quot person, and are more likely to harm themself in the pursuit of knowledge than they are to harm others, although they resent anyone who puts obstacles in the way of their research.
Details of their appearance are here.

           Notes: A more relaxed pace of roleplaying is preferred, between one to several replies a week if possible, though I don't mind waiting if replies take longer than that. Open to roleplaying via Fallen London messages/social actions, tumblr posts, or through google documents. (Though the last two will have to be arranged via private messages or tumblr asks.) I'm pretty flexible about how and where! Anyone who wants to RP through tumblr should contact me on my Fallen London blog, [url=]here[/url]. There's also a whole pile of other stuff about the character on that tumblr, too, if anyone is interested.

Anatasia Swansong (Chaotic Good) - A brash and proud young lady of considerable talent and beauty. Is starting to learn the word &quothumility&quot.

Backstory here.

Having lived among minor nobles and merchants in the past, she was raised to be prim and proper and rebelled against it. Not enough to be streetwise, so she remained a young woman that grew up on romantic adventures except she can fence and do investigations.

In the Neath, she works with Constables closely, although several of her patrons had considerable influence on her that she focuses on the truly malicious instead of easy pickings. Her rough-and-tumble surroundings, combined with the praise she received in her past, made her somewhat overconfident both in ability and appearance. She also occasionally writes books out of cases she has dealt with before, to a warm reception with the Constables.

She does not enjoy academic activities, but she makes token effort. While she is not brutal, she is very direct in dealing with problems and subterfuge is not her strength.

I try to reply within two days.
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Xilann Xi (Neutral Evil or True Neutral)
A Compelling and Sinister Individual- Crooked Cross, Soulless, Scofflaw. Sooner puts ones own principles before law or monopolized morality. Extremely distrusting, Fiercely loyal, expresses mirth in the misleading of others. To procure a complete truth from this individual is as likely as a Devil offering to carry The Burden of Atlas. Although, it is rumored that a weak spot for particularly delicious tea could be an effective cure for ones obscurities.
edited by Xilann Xi on 10/31/2015

Pyrodinium - male; Lawful Neutral - A ruthless Monster hunter but is quite magnanimous to his friends and remaining family members. Tends to be quite excitable when you’re talking about killable stuff. He’s prone to melancholic fits though when he remembers his past (Nemesis),

Rudolph of Taured - indeterminate gender; Chaotic Neutral - A bit young, it seems that they are of rubbery lineage which makes communication quite difficult. Tends to shuffle about and quite distrustful of the &quotpretty ones&quot (Society) and &quothurtful men&quot (Constable). Very sympathetic to &quotbandages&quot (Tomb Colonists), &quotfamily&quot (Rubbery Men) and &quotlittle ones&quot (Urchins). Loves shiny stuff (Light Fingers)

Takuza - Responds to roleplay with roleplay. Bi-personality, excessively practical and signs with takuza or excessively dramatic and signs with grenem. Roleplay may involve cryptic spoilers, though it’ll be mixed in with references to Unoriginal Characters that do not, in fact, exist in this reality.

Mathieu Psmith ~ A notable gentleman of the Neath, who has a weakness for making a scene in his public appearances. He originally made his artistic name in London by singing the songs of the rooftop urchins in the drawing rooms of those who’d never dare the Flit. Perhaps it was the fact that he chose a cause early, but this poet and artist seems to have emerged from his Bohemian origins with both his integrity and sense of humor intact. He’s now a devoted family man, with a lovely wife and three adopted girls he’s very proud of.

Vaughan Montblanc ~ A doctor hailing from the Canadian West. Originally, he was a hunter, of rats, big game… and certain men. After many violent entanglements in the Neath, however, he underwent a change of heart, and now has taken up the profession of Doctor. No stranger to dark secrets himself, he made his reputation through absolute discretion.

Irene Psmith ~ Adopted Daughter of Mathieu. A troublingly enthusiastic Player of the Great Game, and always on the lookout for the Main Chance. Not deliberately mean, but even she’d admit you’d be daft to trust her. Still, not bad company if you keep that in mind, and a very useful person to know, in a pinch.

Professor Travers Durward (Chaotic Neutral) - Outsiders see him as a charming free-spirit who confoundingly seems to have no ultimate motive or faction membership; helping with the right hand while simultaneously hindering with the left. His contradictions can be easily reconciled once one understands that he doesn’t care about the power struggles of the Neath as long as he can control his world. To ensure his continued relevance in any possible world, he acts to ingratiate himself into every faction that holds any kind of power in the Neath but, at the same time, chooses to betray them when they are least likely to notice; snitching on thieves while pilfering brandy for the Widow, freeing captured snakes while smashing mirrors, and handing out amber to Rubbery Men whilst slashing a few in the back alleys.
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Baron Koich - The honeyed Monster-Hunter. A laid-back, apathetic-looking person whose name is respected among zailors and toasted-to among Bohemians, partly due to his past as a hack writer and composer, but mostly because of his (in)famous honey binges and hunting lodge that’s visited only by a select few. Cynically disposed towards the Constables, the Church, and especially high society.

Can reply at least once a day, most of the time. Zee-fairing might disrupt that, though.[li]

A foul mouthed, smart silesian PI. Uses damn like a damn comma. Likes both the docks and constables. Lawful Neutral

A revolutionary criminal lesbian from Warsaw. Grasping english, overly enthusiastic and naive. Attempts to disguise as a society lady, hates Russia
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