Directory: Role players and their characters
Used to be a constable on the Surface. She retired in a traumatic incident that involved the death of her daughter and a crime she may or may not have committed (she remains silent on that point). She still has a husband (hopefully) waiting on the Surface; she intends to go back to him one day, so she intends to avoid dying down here at all costs. She tends to take everything seriously, has a soft spot for children and the Rubbery Men, and brings her trusty rifle everywhere, even tea parties. Especially tea parties.

Saevitia: Frequently bouncy thrillseeker who loves to discover new things about as much as she enjoys bar fights. Her exploits aren’t necessarily known, but she’s always happy to share them if someone else is buying the drinks. (For those who like D&D style alignments, she waffles between chaotic good and chaotic neutral. Usually.)

Player note: I suffer from UTC-7:00 and have a somewhat odd schedule, so replies/participation may seem erratic, but I try very hard to respond within a day. RP-via-social action is not ideal for me right now; between those already active and my current grind, my in-game turns are pretty much spoken for. Calling cards and similar are exceptions to that – if someone drops Vitya a note, she does her best to respond. She’s not entirely churlish!

Heck, RP’s part of what introduced me to FL to begin with.

Hotshot Blackburn is a dandy: a displaced gentleman with the airs of a fop whose gaudy clothing is bedecked by countless colourful ribbons brighter than the Surface. He is a mercenary: a sporting marksman with an elephant gun who loves the thrill of the hunt and the sometimes fatal, sometimes friendly relationship between hunter and beast. He is an idealist: a naive fool who writes trashy egalitarian rhetoric about being nice to one another, who bandies about with Rubbery Men, Anarchists, and recently Snuffers.

He is starting to get dangerous ideas about saving people.

(Note: I log on regularly and make every best effort to reply within a day, two if on the occasional zee-trip. It tends to be a combination of ‘in the moment’ and ‘actual message’, so just let me know if that’s not your thing. I might be delayed at the moment, but that should clear up by Wednesday!)

[b]Dirae Erinyes /b is perpetually heavily cloaked individual who is of course not a steampunk Frankenstein monster on a quest to avenge the first person to ever truly love them. Their favorite method to solving problems is by punching them, their favorite pastime is writing, and is currently playing The Great Game to further their own ambitions. For the good of London of course. They can be easily distracted by pleasures of the flesh, curiosity, and occasionally just shiny glim falling from the roof. However, as soon as they have a mission, they are as relentless as the Zee itself. Dirae Erinyes is pair however- they almost always are seen in the company of Evensong. Evensong is of course not a snuffer spy from the Foreign Office. She is however, embarrassed and delighted by her spouse’s enthusiastic devotion. She is still getting used to finding a safe spot to live with Dirae Erinyes - safety is something that Snuffers can never take for granted.

Vivien Wormwood

&quotOf revels and honey-dens, salons and soirees, V.V.W. is a habitué. But at each debauch, why do his thoughts seem elsewhere?&quot

He’s slight, elegantly-dressed, well-groomed but severely underslept. A Scholar of the Correspondence, Seeker of the Name, and Mycologene, the writer has delved too deeply into the darker sides of the Neath, and not come out the better for it.

Wormwood is a sensitive, charming, and friendly fellow… but not a good one.

[NOTE: I have a good idea of this character, but haven’t done online roleplay before. If you have any tips to get started, drop me a line on the forums or in-game.]

Morkan Kassington (Chaotic Good)

Morkan’s the flirty daredevil down here in search of adventure. He has delusion of grandur and is ultimately convinced that he is The Gentleman. And that the ladies of London will succumb to his charisma as he tries everything from playing detective to hunting animals to being an artist. He takes fellow men lightly, something he will soon regrets. Even though he is impatient and flighty, he still have a sense of justice and isn’t prone to cruelty.

I usually reply weekly. If you can’t tell, Morkan’s one of these comedic playboy, so take him with a grain of salt. Gentlemen (and those of neither genders too), feel free to ruin his days as actual ladies ignore him.
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Absimiliard the Elder

Absimiliard is a scandalous individual with a magnanimous nature and an insatiable interest in secrets, cats, mirrors, and the Duchess. They were once a Zailor at Zea, though almost nothing could compel them to face that Terror again. If you move in social circles you are likely to encounter them in scarlet stockings, glad rags, and a modish bonnet doing terribly entertaining, fun, and tremendously scandalous things. If you move in . . . &quotquieter&quot circles you are most likely to encounter them in a bowler hat and practical suit investigating some affair. No matter who you are you may well find yourself in the street watching them saving a life, dashing into burning building then racing up the stairs to fetch a crying babe from a fiery death is quite in-character.

My Profile:
My Appearance:
My Backstory:

Notes: I’m here mostly for two reasons; firstly, I love role-playing, second, I come from the Sunless Sea and I simply MUST learn more of the Lore, this world is just f____g awesome. I’m most likely to reply on a daily basis (possibly bar weekends, depends on the weekend), though exceptional friends of my character may garner many more responses than that. I’m perfectly as willing to explore via RP two people becoming close friends as I am to explore two people meeting each other and coming over time to discover they hate each other passionately, and if your character is at all ophidian in nature that’s where we’re going. And, please, if we go down the second route towards enmity let’s be certain to keep in in-character, I regard you all as MY friends (not my characters) and I do not wish to endanger that.

[color=white]Appolonia VonRavenscroft[/color]
[color=rgb(0, 0, 0)] [/color]
[color=rgb(0, 0, 0)] [/color] Appolonia is a lady of refined manners and peculiar dreams.
To the general public, she is best known as a composer of opera (and a great deal of other poetry), and as the editor of the newspaper The Winding Sheet.

If you’d like to have attended one of her operas, feel free to have done so. A description of a recent opera is here.

Her newspaper is more of a quasi literary magazine, known for its obituaries. Young writers seeking exposure compete to publish the most delicious reports of the deaths of ideas, fashions, and trends. The haunted-eyed publish reports of their most spectacular fantasies of their own deaths.

If you are religious, you may have met her at mass at the Cathedral of St. Fiacre.

If you are bohemian, she is frequently seen in Veilgarden at musical performances and in the honey-dens.

If you are academic, she is known to have published some works on the Correspondence. While not the most esteemed Correspondent in the city, she has a particular expertise in how Correspondence is used by the sorrow spiders and their cultists. She is also known to be a scholar of dreams.

She is approachable through the offices of the paper (should any wish to leave a card), and seems fond of conversation with people from all walks of life. Other approaches reflecting imagination, artistic talent, or daring will likely also work.

Out of character tips: I typically reply to posts several times a day, so I am happy to participate in complex stories. I have participated in more than 1500 pages of posts back and forth with various players. I am comfortable with romantic/adult RP, as part of long-term storylines. I am comfortable with dark stories – horror, grief – as fits the setting. If you aren’t sure, feel free to chat with me out of character. I only participate in forum scenes to which I have been invited in character, or have a very clear premise that the opportunity is easily identified by the general public.

My Profile:
[color=rgb(0, 0, 0)] [/color]My Appearance:
[color=rgb(0, 0, 0)] [/color]My Backstory:–backstory–goals.aspx?messageid=131630&Page=4#post#post131630
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Roleplaying is probably one of the most interesting things that can be done with this wonderful setting. So:

William Harley is a writer, and therefore a liar, but is also a charmer, and therefore his lies are not always of the good kind.

As a bohemian, his past is less than spectacular, in fact one could say it is quite turbid, undignified in his attempts at climbing the social ladder. He’s made stepping stones of people before. As a libertine and seeker of glory, he often sells his ability with words and smiles to the highest bidder, and has finally reached the Empress’ court, where he carefully allows everybody to believe that he’s always been what he now seems: a welcomed and lavish member of society. As an artist, he is enamoured with stories and beauty and he’d sell his soul to be remembered for the words he has written.

He tries to annihilate his miserable past self, but it is difficult to kill all shreds of intellectual honesty that have managed to survive within his mercenary spirit.


I may be a little slow with replies, but unless our roleplaying is getting very plot and action-heavy, I should manage within a couple days. I log in fairly regularly, usually daily. I am very interested in building stories and relationships on our own, of any kind; exploring that is one of the best parts of roleplaying.

A fair warning that while William may be flirty and ambiguous in nature, I as a writer am not particularly interested in the development of love stories. I count those as a minor part of roleplaying, so if my character manages to successfully woo yours or is allusive and flirtatious, and yours responds positively, please don’t take that as a sign that the roleplay can develop in a romantic direction only. William may write romance, but he’s not so inclined to be part of a serious one himself.

I am very flexible when it comes to the kind of character I want to write with! All types and social standings are welcome. William may be interested in high society, but I fully intend to write with anybody. We can figure it out.

To write with me, message me here for some organisation or send me a letter/calling card directly in-game. The former method is preferred to decide a setting.)
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Udorie Faine is a watcher, a watcher for the constables to be more precise. For this reason she often taunts unlawful companions, though she’d never dream of turning them in. Being a watcher she’s also very involved in the business of secrets, for better or for worse.

Down in the Neath she goes by the name Concede, though if asked her what her real name was she’d happily oblige. Udorie’s very odd, one might say eccentric and comes of as goofy at times but others dead serious. It’s just a part of her nature. Her passions are reading, writing, card games, the great game, and anything involving secrets, ciphers, or rumors. Udorie hasn’t the foggiest notion of flirting, and it’s good for her as she’s already married.

Other~ Once Udorie saw with her own eyes how they procured honey, and consumed some of the more red kind, she’s vowed never to touch the stuff again.

If you’d like to roleplay with me, just send over message or calling card.


Udorie has a very interesting past to say the least, she lived with a single mother on the surface, her brother supported the family because her mother was too weak to work. She had always said she was going to go and make a life for herself somewhere, and she wanted to grow up quickly. One day her brother was found dead, killed in a skirmish perhaps, and as soon as her mother heard the news she changed. Slowly her mother drifted off into depression and Udorie decided as a young teenager that the Neath was where she was going to make a life for herself. In the beginning she hadn’t much time to think of her past, struggling to stay off the street, but as time went by she wondered what would happen if she had taken a different road. She’s dreamed of avenging her brother’s death since. Though she’d never admit it out loud.

The first time she ever went into exile she saw a woman burying one of the dead, it confused her greatly but she chose not to inquire. This person eventually explained to her that the woman she had buried was likely not coming back. Udorie took time to mourn with her, but not before she noticed that it was her mother’s own face, probably coming to look for her in the Neath. She prefers not to speak of her past unless she knows you well, she’s let go of her mother and brother, but the pain of knowing that she could’ve save her dear mom will always linger with her.
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I’m not used to roleplaying in English, but I’d like to try!

Daniel Ember
Formerly a doctor, now specialized in trickery, learning secrets, being sneaky, talking a lot, drinking too much wine and sleeping around. He likes cats, children, blood and gross stuff. His objective: discovering the secrets of Fallen London. All the secrets.
He’d like to meet likely-minded individuals to exchange notes, read stuff and do horribly dangerous things together.
Appearance here
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Dr. Adelaide “Addy” Capella - A friendly, cross-dressing physician with absolutely atrocious people-judging skills. She’s come to the neath to avenge her brother, which has proven difficult due to the fact that she’s about as vicious as a warm kitten. Despite her strict moral conscience, she tends to surround herself with less scrupulous people, and as such has developed a habit of bending said morals when it comes to protecting ‘her own’. She’s also been known to break them completely if she thinks there’s a good enough reason- so perhaps, she’s not as moral as she once was. But she tries.

Open to rping with most anyone, through letters or social actions. I send out a lot of nursing offers.

The Son

The ink-and-irrigo-clad creature dresses impeccably; only one of some means could afford the cuts and the fabrics The Son sports. Always masked, he is whispered of darkly within the fuliginous confines of the Medusa’s Head–everybody has their own take on who he is and what he wants. Stranger perhaps than the rumors and the ever-following Shadow of Death, it is true that the Cheery Man receives and screens all of this Shattering Force’s correspondences.

[Let’s roll. Open and flexible for all sorts of RP of quality.]

Elias has gone through leaps and bounds since I last posted so this seems a more appropriate intro for him. I still do like to role-play and I’ve got plenty of Free Evenings to spare. And I loiter. Suspiciously, more often than not.

No-one really expected this man to come shambling out of the dark, nameless and faceless, and transform the worst rookery in London into a fortress with the goal of… community outreach? No, you read that right. Formerly a thief and murderer (of the permanent variety), he began an organization by the name of The Flowerdene Initiative, opening schools and orphanages across the city.

The man himself? Far from unremarkable. He likes coffee. He enjoys poetry and literary discussions. He is often accompanied by a corpse being controlled by a sentient fungus named Ezekiel. He is a fan of the opera.

There is and will always be an essential part of him that will be forever lost. It is evident almost as soon as you meet him; Elias Lowe II is more scar than man.

Lawful Evil / Lawful Neutral

Cpt. Martin Walker - A curious, magnanimous, respectable, and sagacious gentleman. An explorer of the Neath, a scholar of dreams and correspondence, and an enemy of all who threaten man and god.

Seeking truth and power in the Neath, Martin has his hands in a good number of affairs. The relevancy of several of the things he’s involved in to his goals is questionable, but the rumours of him being able to appear in two places at once make one wonder if any of that matters to him.

Free for RP’ing, though I’ll admit I’m a bit rusty at it as of late.
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Amelia Syrus
Appearance: [ X X ]

A drunken thief of dubious quality, starting to make her name from the depths of shadows and her fighting prowess. A goaless sort with rage pulsing through her heart and a sharp tongue to match.

To Note: I should have posted here ages ago. Even if my character is still at a developmental stage, I think it’s safe to say Amelia will always be violent and drunk. Willing to roleplay in the forums here, In-game, or elsewhere if requested. If it’s In-Game, I can accept any request except any SMEN related ones.

Ezekiel is available for role-play anywhere on the forum and often frequents the Inflammatory Salon, but he currently has no ingame persona.

The Corpse-Puppeteer of Flowerdene Rookery. Of course, Ezekiel is not the corpse, it is the fungus that grows inside of it which has for some reason been taught to speak like us and act like us, but it will never be one of us.

In the employ of Caretaker Elias Lowe II, the fungus known as Ezekiel stopped attempting to blend in among us and allowed itself to grow fully, using the calcium of the victims bones to evolve into a more sentient organism, a process which still continues. Though volatile and prone to frightening acts of aggression and cruelty, it has begun to understand why every conversation does not begin with volleys of gunfire.

Know this, there is a reason why Ezekiel exist here and it is the only one that understands that reason. If others knew, it could spell disaster for all of London.

Neutral Evil
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Vavakx Nonexus, the Deranged Solicitor - The well-informed owner of the Bazaarine Emporium, named ‘Euphemia’. None of the items on display (many of which are mirrors, broken or otherwise) are for sale, but other, less corporeal wares are traded in the store. They welcome all visitors to the shop. Do not linger, though, as you may be mistaken for a rival in perfidy, and charged immense taxes by this very same individual: Spirit Ownership, Soullessness, Meddling with the Third Trader’s Transaction and records thereof, Breaking the Bilingual Barter Concordat… Does such law truly exist down here, or are they just filling their pockets under the name of justice? There are few that they ignore, all of them bearing a stylized eye upon their wrist and mundane, grey cloth upon their shoulders. Does this person play the game, as well?

Ready to roll with basically any scenario. May use Neath’s Mysteries without following the lore behind it (Not actually attending a concert/talking about a dream/investigating/reading). Is open to new partners unless stated otherwise.

Important things down below.

(Some of) their items:
A (passing) look upon their Parabola-Wear:
How they look (not really):
Their scientific work (for realsies this time):
Short description of moral compass (and wrongdoings):
(Incomplete) list of tropes:
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After some misfortunes in the past weeks (sorry for all that were hanging waiting for my reply!) I’m back.

I’m open to rp with the guys in my signature:

Professor Strix, a professor that solves crimes or a detective that gives lectures at the university, depending on the time of the week. She is polite and a little socially awkward, but will help you with anything she can.

Derek Davies, the Dapper Escapist, spent a while in the body of a sulky bat. He is a magician in Mahogany Hall at Saturdays, a reporter during the work days and a bohemian good-for-nothing in the others. Be careful of him, though, he almost always has second intentions in his interactions.


  1. To clarify things for polite first approaches: &quotStrix&quot is not the Professor’s surname, but her first name. When I signed in the game, I didn’t know that the forums exist, or that I would use her to rp - I barely knew what FL even was! -, so I used Brazilian naming convention of Title + First Name instead of Title + Last Name. Her full name is Strix van Allen - and it’s an obviously fake name. No one knows the name she used in Surface and she likes it this way.

  2. IRL, I’m a teacher, I’m working my way into being a professor, and I keep other artistic projects. I may take a little while (1-2 days) to reply the rp messages, specially if I’m writing something non-FL-related and find it hard to put my creative juices back in rp. I try to keep a backup of everything people send to me, so, if my message didn’t reach you, I might be able to find it and send it again. Some misclicks happen once in a while, though, and I lost some messages this way. If you feel I’m taking too much time, I may have sent the message to the wrong player, or mistakenly accepted yours without reading (I usually warn people of this, but weird things happen), or it may be some mess like what happened to me two weeks ago (and, very occasionally, this unholy breed of scientist and artist here may just forget things, like a good ol’ absented-minded professor). I don’t mind if you give me a nudge in a pm in the forum or in a letter in game.

Lord William &quotHattie&quot Masters, also found in my signature - The Melancholy Lord, a surface nobleman who came to the Neath on a mission of Vengeance. Outwardly a cheery and affable man, inwardly he is tormented by his own personal demons. Firstly a charmer, and then a bruiser, but very capable at both. (Appearance, Old draft of backstory can be found on these forums, for a newer one enquire in character (or out of character for a quick rundown) )