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Destinies are a great Fallen London feature, but one should really know which one to pick since it’s only free the first time round - changing costs 25 Fate. When I joined FL during Christmas 2014, I randomly selected a Destiny after just a few days of playing - only to realize later that it didn’t fit my character at all.
To prevent other players from making the same mistake, I’ve put together this Destiny Guide!

Currently, you can get or change your Destiny only at the Fruits of the Zee Festival (“FotZ”, in late August), Halloween (“Hallowmas”) and Christmas (“Neathmas” or “Sackmas”). Getting one is free, while changing it is only available for the price of 25 Fate.

Hallowmas specifications here.

These are the available Destinies:

Dangerous +5:
Authority: Dominion will be given unto you.
The Instrument: It will end in war. [Fate-locked]
The Road: The sky will open to you. (add. +3 Watchful) [10 Fate]

Persuasive +5:
The Curator: You will preserve.
The Oath: You will be true.
Passion: There will still be something beautiful. [Fate-locked]

Shadowy +5:
Appetite: You may yet satisfy your hungers.
Gloom: There is a darkness in your future.
Backstage: Your hands, secretly, on the lever that moves the world. (add. +3 Persuasive) [10 Fate]

Watchful +5:
Gleam: Lost in light.
The Memory: You will change beyond all understanding, but something of you will remain.
The Revelation: Everything will change. For the better?

Torment (Dangerous -3, Persuasive -3, Shadowy -3, Watchful -3)
It will end horribly for you.

The hidden box below [click on “Summary”] contains clues of what each Destiny is about, but no big content spoilers! It also includes hints on how to find the ones related to Fate-locked stories.


There are 5 different branches, each leading to an array of Destinies. Here’s the roadmap:

a) An abyssal future
During FotZ and Christmas, you need your own ship to unlock this branch!
What will you sacrifice to the Lorn-Flukes?
the Bazaar → Gloom
yourself → The Memory
the Sky → The Road [10 Fate]
the Name → Torment (you need St Cerise’s Candle and SMEN 35) ¹
Nothing. Battle the Lorn-Flukes instead! → The Revelation

¹ choosing this Destiny gains you St Destin’s Candle, if you do not have it!

b) An obscure future
Whom will you try to save in the Liberation of Night?
everyone you possibly can → Gleam
your Spouse → The Oath (only for married players) ²
the Captivating Princess → Appetite (needs Acquaintance: The Captivating Princess) ³
No one. You only care for yourself → Appetite
No one. You’ve been working towards this! → Gloom

² whether you’re married to a PC or NPC doesn’t make a difference
³ you can make her acquaintance during the Feast of the Exceptional Rose

c) A chilly future
During Hallowmas, this branch is only open to Scholars of the Correspondence!
You have ascended to the ranks of the Masters! But why?
for reasons known only to yourself (storylet called ‘Prevaricate’) → The Memory
because it means POWER! (storylet called ‘Aver it’) → Authority
to rid Earth of the Bazaar! (storylet called ‘Deny it’) → Gleam
to become a Judgement! → The Road [10 Fate]
because you want to help the Bazaar at all cost → Passion [Fate-locked]

only visible after playing the USFiG option on ‘The Skin of the Bazaar’. That option itself is only visible after sacrificing an acquaintance during USFiG (which is a Fate-locked story)

d) A silvered future
During Hallowmas, you need Embroiled in the Wars of Illusion 2 to unlock this branch!
The Fingerkings have taken prisoners. Whom will you free?
the Genial Magician (a Sunless Sea NPC) → Gleam
Mr Wines → The Curator
yourself → Backstage [10 Fate]
the Bloody-Handed Queen → Gloom
the Diabolical Diplomat → Appetite [Fate-locked] (only visible after siding with Hell in E.R.)
the Bishop of Southwark → The Instrument [Fate-locked] (only visible after siding with him in E.R.)

Empyrean Redolence is the Fate-locked expansion of the Labyrinth of Tigers, a.k.a. ‘Neathy Pokemon’. Buy it, breed a Stallion and play a series of opp cards, making your final choice on one called ‘A Meeting on the Embankment’

e) A jewelled future
You have found the secret of eternal life! What will you do with it?
share it with the whole world → The Revelation
share it only with a select few → The Curator
destroy it because Death is important → Gloom
keep it to yourself and become a godlike power → Backstage [10 Fate]

Note that every single Destiny comes with its own unique text, including those that share the same name. So, while there are 13 differently named ones, the actual total of different Destinies is 25! All the more important to make an informed choice!

You Are The Best! (or very, very, close to the best, close enough that it requires a photo-finish)

Thanks Phryne, as a non-destiny person I really appreciate this.

I can confirm that you now need St. Cerise’s candle to get Destin’s through the Torment destiny.

Phryne always coming through with super helpful info

Bless you for this guide. I was wondering about the paths for each destiny too.

Thank you very much for your guide. I would like to propose a small correction.

Under the obscure future, Gloom and general Appetite should be switched, as Gloom represents your work with the Calendar Council, while Appetite your lack of interest in other beings. This can be verified through the wiki

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You should note on the Destiny list that Passion and The Instrument are both Fate-locked. In the list of how to get each Destiny, Passion should be clarified as Fate-locked as well.

I just got the destiny opportunity and the choices are “A chilly future”, “An obscure future”, “A silvered future”, and “A jewelled future”, I’m wondering which one I need to choose for The Oath.

This is fabulous info. I’ve been playing for 2 years and I still don’t really get destinies, though all of my characters technically have one.

Ahh, much appreciated for the advice. Just received my long-awaited destiny and very much enjoyed the writing during the journey there, which I’m now itching to put into fanart.

For someone like me who’s been playing nearly a year this topic does not explain what a destiny is and how to obtain it.
Does it have to do something with current event? As far as I’ve noticed all you do is fish and trade it for rewards. So I need a bigger fish then?
Yes, I’m a noob.

[quote=wziemniak]For someone like me who’s been playing nearly a year this topic does not explain what a destiny is and how to obtain it.
Does it have to do something with current event? As far as I’ve noticed all you do is fish and trade it for rewards. So I need a bigger fish then?
Yes, I’m a noob.[/quote]
Have you ever looked at your Myself tab? There’s a slot called Destiny… it’s a glimpse into your character’s future and it provides a stat bonus. (see OP for details)
And yes, it does have something to do with the current event: you can offer your Strange Catch to the Drownies to get a Destiny.
Similar things will be possible at the Halloween and Christmas events.

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Do Destiny have any other effect than stat boost?

Not really. They’re beautifully written though and contain some pretty terrific lore-bits.
edited by phryne on 8/15/2016

Thank you, I’ve got it now.
Got my destiny yay

Is there any difference between getting a destiny now, or at hallowmass or Christmas? I’m thinking of waiting so I can delay the decision, unless it will cost significantly more.

I’m also curious which method of getting your destiny comes with the best accompanying lore or storylets.

There isn’t any difference to the Destinies themselves, and they don’t really cost anything to begin with.

Though I think the accompanying lore is coolest at FotZ since you get to see the Drowning Feast, and we don’t really see that many Drownies in FL. At Christmas, you just inhale one of your Pails of Snow (Lacre) to give you “visions”. I would tell you how it works at Hallowmas if I could only remember…

Hallowmas requires fiddling to get certain cards to appear, and certain decisions from some cards determine what destiny branch you see. As said above, Christmas costs a pail of unusual snow. I’d say FotZ is the easiest method plus it gives you some extra lore. (Hallowmas has some special lore on the cards where people bring you the specific visions, but those can be played even with a destiny iirc.)

I enjoyed the menace at Hallowmas, but there’s so much going on there as well which is strictly time limited (and the festival is going to be changed this year) that I highly recommend trying now!

Still very useful info for me, since I’m about to get my second alt her destiny. Wrestling a Lorn-Fluke to the death it is! Not sure what I’ll do about my original character and their gloomy mistake.