De-Papering the Mind: Watchful Healing for Seekers

So… some of us seekers have done foolish things. In my case, my alt account just purchased a goat and then my sleep addled mind didn’t realize I was about to click the wrong thing and it ended up halving it’s watchful (it did, at least, succeed though). Some of us have done worse to ourselves. This is not a place for people looking to accept a few games of chess. This is place for people looking to accept a flood of chess games. Who are willing to spend enormous numbers of actions just playing chess to undo what we’ve so foolishly done.

Anyone who wants to receive such a flood of requests should post here. Posting is just for receiving. You can send requests without posting. When you no longer need these requests please edit your original post so that people don’t have to track through the thread to see if you are still accepting requests. Please note that may of us are seekers so we will periodically have to fight our way out of menace states. If requests aren’t accepted immediately don’t get discouraged. Someone else may have just spammed the same person and they’re just waiting for actions to refresh.

EDIT: My alt has recovered enough and gotten far enough in Seeking that it should be able to make it the rest of the way so I’m taking it off the list. A big thanks to everyone who help out. If you are in need of chess yourself I encourage you to reach out to the list of others in need below.
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I am here for this.

Oh yes

Count me in too…

Feel free to send some games my way! Perhaps we can yet retain what once was lost…

Count me in!

I would be happy to play a totally egregious amount of chess.

This is starting to amount. If you have some actions left, I would gladly accept chess games, preferably from a high Watchful player, since that gives 2 Sudden Insights instead of 1. I’m currently at 122 Watchful (Lost 100 levels. I was glorious once! Oh, damn be that quest!)
Thank you.

I’m finishing the AotB carousel (IT NEVER ENDS GOSH), but I can take at least 10 requests at the morning and 10 after I get back from work. Then, I will accept them as I have spare actions. You can send me as many requests as you want and I will accept. If I didn’t accept everything in the same day the request was done, I’m simply swamped and will accept when I get refreshes, no need to give up on the request. ^^

[i]I’m no longer in need of any chess.
Thanks to everyone who sent/accepted chess invites.

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I would also like to receive chess invitations. I am currently in the colonies so it’ll take me a bit to accept, but requests are still appreciated.

My alt account will happily take all challengers.

I’d love some help/chess as well if possible:

Dom Scorp is always happy to take on anyone in a game of chess.

I take some comfort in the fact that I am not alone. Seeking will be my undoing…

Anyway, Chess, please.

Edit: I am most happy to anounce that my Watchful ist nearly fully restored. Thank you so very much for all those pleasant games of chess! I will accept every invitation to a game of chess from fellow seekers in the future, but I won’t send you one in return anymore.
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I would love some chess games, as well.[li]

…Only at 79 Watchful, currently, myself.

Edit: I’m right for now, thanks for all the help!
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My alt would love to receive ye seekers into their home for chess