Crooked-Crosses Wanted for Salons

Some foolish types may call me a Crooked Cross, but those who wish me to attend their Salons know me as an Advocate. Happy to help.

Ladies, Gentlemen, and everything lovely in-between,

I can make a rousing addition to any salon.

Should you wish for my services, you may find me at the following address.

Lady Irith
edited by Irith on 11/12/2016

Why, well I’d be truly delighted to attend and speak. Happy to serve Truth however I can. I’m also an Advocate that would be happy to meet all requests to attend a Salon as often as invited. Would be happy to help other’s requests too, should you let me know what you need. Anything to spread the Word, yes?

(Find me at RevivalSPACESYMBOLLake for Crooked Cross invites to your Salon, or me and Glamredhel can accept any other friendly requests you need. Menaces, can help with Photographer, etc. Let us know in an other message if you need wounds seen to, k?)

One more advocate is offering his services, if you may.

How do you become a crooked cross?

Become a trickster and use the unsigned message card to upgrade.

Alas I may be away on the pursuit of pleasure, in between my pursuit of vengeance, however a very reliable Crooked Cross, willing to make a trip to wherever to show the benefits of being a little crooked.

I am a Crooked Cross and happy to offer my services.

Ms. Octavia Crowe, the Hellfaring Mystic, would like to make known to the general public that she is always pleased to attend the salons of the distinguished and tespected, there to entertain and educate on various philosophical conundrums and theological riddles.

Please send all inquiries to The Hellfaring Mystic.

A crooked cross happy to attend any and all Salons. Ragish is quite new to the profession and needs to make enough public appearances to get the business going, so to speak.

As an advocate of, let’s say, alternate church, I’ll be happy to offer my services (some call me Crooked-Cross, but not to my face).
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Blergh Blerghson would love to share the unword with those who most need to hear it.

Clownie, being an Advocate of many uncomfortable truths, would enjoy educating the individuals at any such establishment.

Upon his return from the North, the Deacon of Lebbeaus has discovered a certain fondness for cultivating critical thinking in others. He would not call this a &quotcrooked&quot aim by any means. Acknowledging the prevailing public perception of such aberration, however, he grudgingly accepts the label and will answer invitations accordingly.

I am a Crooked-Cross and you want me to come to your Salon. I hope I made myself very clear.

Artful would be honored to attend your selective Salon.

It would be Merle’s pleasure to attend your Salon and spread the not so good word!

A newly bent cross in his possession, Count Urbino would be delighted to entertain and edify at any of the city’s salons.

If anyone is even still reading this, I’m a Crooked Cross. If my services are needed, contact me.

I am a recently annointed Advocate, and would love to introduce myself to many Salons.