Crooked-Crosses Wanted for Salons

Salonnières and Crooked-Crosses rejoice: there’s a new option for Crooked-Crosses to visit salons. The implications are scandalous, possibly blasphemous, but very definitely thought-provoking!

If you have a salon and want to host a crooked-cross, or if you are a crooked-cross just waiting to corrupt new listeners, please post below! (I have a humble salon of my own, and can’t wait to see what happens when you crooked-crosses come by. I promise to have clergy and devils both present.)

PS. There are also new options for Corresondents to visit Orphanages, with a meet-up thread here.

Well hello there… :-)

I’m as crooked a cross as you’ll find. :-)

Hubris is a Crooked-Cross, and more than happy to throw a little temptation your way.

I too am a pastor of the counter-church

Thank you, babelfishwars and Sir Fred! I was expecting the story to be full of scandal and hellfire; instead, it was suggestive and thought-provoking. Residual Toast, I look forward to inviting you soon.

If anyone reading this has a salon and is looking for crooked-crosses, please feel free to post as well!

Having recently opened a salon ourselves, we would love to toss our proverbial hat in the proverbial ring, and also our physical hat in the general direction of our enemies.

I am a Crooked Cross myself, and I am looking for suitable entertainment.

Kasha Cairn is now a Crooked-Cross; I’m sure the old magpie would relish a chance to teach a bit of philosophy to the masses.

I’m now a proud member of the Crooked Cross community, always up for some healthy showmanship.

I am both a Crooked-Cross and a Salon owner looking for intriguing guests to entertain my acquaintances. I’ll likely drop an invitation by the lodgings of one of you lovely sinners next time I draw the card, but in the meantime, anyone who needs a Crooked-Cross is welcome to invite me in turn.

I just became a Crooked Cross. If anyone needs one to visit their Salon, I’d be happy to do it.
[li]EDIT: I am now Obscure, and unable to help you.
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Sophia Lunageas is a Crooked-Cross and runs an Orphanage (someone has to keep the little darlings off the rooftops). If it would help, I would be happy to assist.

Mr. Bright would be glad to pay visit to an up-and-coming-Salonniere. Feel free to drop him a calling card - although do remember to tip the busboy. Devils can be frustratingly petty sometimes.

I’m a Crooked Cross Salonniere and would be happy to speak. My salon has the services of both a chef and patissier, so please drop by if I reciprocate the invitation.

Mr. Earlslight is available for orations and discussions on matters beyond Heaven and Hell.

I have just become a Crooked-Cross. I am planning on starting up a Salon in the future, but for now I’ll be available whenever your appetite for scandal needs to be satiated.

Hello! I’m looking for a crooked cross to pop by my salon - if anyone is current accepting invitations, please let me know. I’m a correspondent, so I can recipricate if you happen to have an orphanage.

Feel free to tag Eddy Gale for salon work. They’ve been a Crooked Cross for some time!

Crooked cross here, ready to spread truth/lies/propoganda/revolutionary agendas/devil worship

Crooked Cross here, happy to attend your next select engagement. Username is Fugard