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I’m also having that issue (“Quirkiness” in yhlsandbox, I am so original with the names). Color me puzzled.

EDIT: apologies, the thing is not Story-type but BasicAbility, but it’s still also showing up as an item.
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Thanks for the feedback. I will create a thread once I have some more content. I have a design document with the basic structure that I am wanting to build. Attributes and char gen should be done today, and then initial stories will be fed out later.

The storychoices wiki is a pretty great resource. /plug

I just figured out how to remove a quality affected. Is there an easier or more intuitive way to make that happen rather than removing it by setting it’s change by to 0? I confess that it took me a lot of cussing and swearing to figure that one out. Probably more than it needed.


Jeff Vandenberg
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All: The ‘status qualities that think they’re things’ issue is most likely the wonky change messages thing I mentioned above. We’re on it, but like I say - if you’re having difficulties with the messages, use QCDs in the meantime.

Sounds great :-) Looking forward to playing it.
The way to remove a quality affected is to remove all the numbers in the boxes, and then hit ‘set’. That should get rid of the quality change.

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That is correct. I guess I am just asking for a bit of usability. An X next to the quality, and a confirmation dialog “Are you sure you want to remove <Quality>” is a lot faster, and doesn’t involve doing non-intuitive things. Similar to the presentation when you’re doing in game editting on the front end?

You can also tell me to shut up and deal with it. I will understand. :)

Is there a known issue with Basic Abilities showing up under the fold rather than on the sidebar?

Also, I love front end editting. :) Give the ability to create cards there, and I’d be happy. :D Actually, there could be a serious suggestion in there. May have to write it up better after some more thought.



[color=#009900]Jeff -[/color]
[color=#009900]a ‘remove qualities’ button is on the list (in fact I think Nige originally suggested it, a while back - it’s just a long list :-) )[/color]
[color=#009900]The ability to add new storylets and branches directly through the live editing interface is firmly on the list. Sooner rather than later we’d like 90% of editing / creation work to occur through the front end.[/color]
[color=#009900]Basic Abilities appearing under the fold isn’t intended - cheers![/color]


Awesome! Thanks for the feedback. I can understand that there is a lot to do, and never enough time to get it all done.

Also, I am trying to delete a success result for a branch but am getting an error. Is this tied to that you can’t delete content once it’s been encountered or is that an actual defect? I know you can’t purge a storylet or branch once they are encountered.


Jeff Vandenberg


Yeah, you can’t delete events that way - it’s the same thing as deleting branches. If you want to change to a single-event branch, I’d make a new branch, retire the old one, and copy the relevant bits across.

Hello, I’d like to report a bug I’m getting on StoryNexus projects, as a player. I’ll use Heroic as the example ( but it also happens with Supernatural Seattle.

  • I register
  • I create my character
  • I click on the “What Makes you Special?” pinned card

Once the page loads, Firefox gives me file download prompt for “In” of application/json type. From there, clicking on a choice (Go) gives me the same but with a “ChooseBranch” file. Perhaps not / cancel button gives “GoBackFromStorylet”.

I’m pretty sure the reason is that I’m still using Firefox 3.6.26 (I’m conservative with such things…) but I don’t have the issue at all in Fallen London or Night Circus.

Just giving a quick peek at the HTTP stuff, here’s one big difference for Content-Type:

  • Fallen London = text/html; charset=utf-8
  • StoryNexus = application/json; charset=utf-8

I have a feeling my Firefox does not know how to handle application/json. And peeking some more reveals that Fallen London sends actual HTML (+ Javascript) while StoryNexus really sends JSON data. Mh…

Anyway, just a heads-up if you’re looking for wide (old) browser compatibility :)

Using the Log Out button from my developer account in Play! mode produces the following error:

“We couldn’t find this URL:
The Bazaar will spare you the comedy 404 message. It’s 2012 for Christ’s sake.
Be charitable: report the broken link to Thank you.”

Also, it doesn’t log me out. I’m using Google Chrome, whatever the most recent version is.

[color=#339900]Leo - cheers![/color]
[color=#339900]Gordon - we’ve added to the fix list. For now, if you go to *, that should log you out.[/color]

Thanks, Alexis. And thanks for being available on a Sunday!

Hi, all. I’m having an odd problem. In editing the storylet ‘Figures by the road’ in the world City of Phire, SN isn’t saving changes to the Actions for each branch. I keep setting them to 1 and when I test the storylet or reload it in the editor the actions have reverted to 0.

EDIT: Just figured this is because Figures by the Road is a ‘sometimes’ storylet which by design don’t cost actions to play, only to draw a hand of them.
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Hi! I’ve been having some problems with registration – it appears the confirmation emails aren’t reaching me (not in spam folder either), which means I’m unable to create a world or otherwise get started.

The email I’ve been using is

Apologies if this has been explained elsewhere, but at the moment I can’t find an explaination and if I don’t ask now I’ll totally forget…

How does you ensure cards which are no-longer applicable are removed? Is this even possible? I’ve been playing with different requirement systems and end up either with cards not being removable or them spawning when they’re not applicable which hardly solves the issue.

EDIT: ‘How does you’? Proof if ever it were needed that one should not post, publicly, at 5am after endless cups of coffee and the entire season one of My Little Pony. Planning the prologue of a free-to-play CYOA should not be performed under crunch conditions.

Anyway, more details… I have some opportunity cards which are only appropriate during a limited period of the Prologue, which is represented by a quality of ‘Prologue’. They are random events that occur around a town before it must defend itself against battle, so can’t occur after the battle begins. These storylets were initially designed with Qualities Required: Prologue Min 3 Max 4.

This successfully ensured the cards were only drawn at the right time. However the already drawn cards in my hand became unselectable once the story progressed, so clogged the hand up. I removed the Max 4 limit on the cards, instead applying that to the action branches and added another branch without requirements so the card could be removed. BUT now the cards continue to be drawn from the oppertunities deck which is just pointless.

I’m, frankly, stuck as to what to do.
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We’ve been having problems with the verification email system, but it should be sorted out now. Try again and it should work

Sometimes cards that can no longer be played hang around in the player’s hand until they can be played again.

This has a bunch of design implications that I didn’t expound on enough in the documentation - for which I apologise. I’ll start a new thread on this sub-forum on the subject, as it’s important and it might otherwise get lost in here. And I’ll update the documentation.

I don’t know if this is just me or something has happened to Heroic itself, but when I press play on my game I’m not seeing my Opp deck or any Pinned cards. My testing world and Evolve are working fine though.

Will a discard button be added for opp cards? Constantly adding discard options to the cards isn’t so bad, but it does mean I can’t make cards that requires a player to have a quality/item they can potentially get rid of, because if they get rid of it between drawing a set of cards and playing it. It seems a little too constrictive to not have one.

I would also like it if Opportunities were all discardable with an option to make specific cards stick around.