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I’m not sure that the character death function is working properly, or maybe I just don’t have it set up right. I have a pinned option to kill your character at any time, and it’s just a simple click through, with the exotic effect selected. But, when I play it nothing happens. Any ideas? Thanks!

Also, is the actions setting working? I’ve tried to have different cards take up an action but it never goes down on the game.
edited by Caitydid on 7/29/2012

When I try to create a second setting, I’m getting a General Error. I tried naming it Without first, and then, in case it was some kind of reserved word, Vastness.

ETA: in fact, I assume areas and settings aren’t working right now? My pinned card assigned to a created area doesn’t appear. I made a card assigned to ‘any’ and it did appear and seemed to function correctly.
edited by Chrysoula on 7/30/2012

Nigel: I’ll look forward to hearing more about how we can string QCDs. I’ve got my bit figured out but am interested to see how elastic the feature is.

On another note, I have a Story-type Quality that thinks it’s an item (again, my “Far, Far From Home” Quality). Any ideas what’s going on here?

I’d love a toy icon, by the way. Maybe a tilted top?

[color=#009900]Chrysoula: could you let us know the card and area in question? We’ll take a look.[/color]
[color=#009900]Caitydid: what’s the event name? We’ll try to reproduce.[/color]

A bunch of these issues have now been moved to the development queue - thanks folks!

I’m trying to replicate a few of the other ones, but I’m confident we’ll sort them out.

But two address two issues further back in the thread:

‘Must’ storylets not being in yet - there is a bodgy workaround if you really need them right now. If you want only your ‘move to Death area’ storylet available when Wounds hits 10, then you can put a ‘wounds max 9’ on all the usual content, so that the ‘you’re dead’ storylet that appears at Wounds 10 is the only thing that wounds 10+ characters can play. It means adding a lot of requirements, though, so it’s not ideal. But it will work if you need that.

Screenshots - we will be adding more screenshots to the documentation as time goes on. But we need the system and UI to be a bit more settled before we do that - there’s not much point in adding a bunch of screenshots when things are likely to change.

Alexis: I named it “Death Comes for Us All.”

Is there a way to set storylet branches with multiple requirements to an OR statement?

(Example: the Locked Door branch could be picked if you have EITHER of the following Qualities: Strength 10 OR Housekey 1.)
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[quote=Gordon Levine]Is there a way to set storylet branches with multiple requirements to an OR statement?

(Example: the Locked Door branch could be picked if you have EITHER of the following Qualities: Strength 10 OR Housekey 1.)
edited by levineg85 on 7/30/2012[/quote]

In that example, I’d want them to be separate branches because they’d have different success messages…

Yoda: for the purposes of that being an example off the top of my head, let’s assume the outcomes are identical. ;)

[quote=Gordon Levine]Is there a way to set storylet branches with multiple requirements to an OR statement?

(Example: the Locked Door branch could be picked if you have EITHER of the following Qualities: Strength 10 OR Housekey 1.)
edited by levineg85 on 7/30/2012[/quote]

[color=#6633cc]No, there’s no way to do this. [/color][color=rgb(102, 51, 204)]What we would suggest you do is make two identical branches, and untick the Branch Visible When Requirements Failed box as appropriate to prevent both being visible.[/color]
[color=#6633cc]So in this case, assuming you mean either/or but not both, you’d have one branch unlocked by Strength Min 10 and Housekey Max 0, and one unlocked by Strength Max 9 and Housekey Min 1, and untick the BVWRF box on each requirement. They’d otherwise be identical. People without Strength 10 and a Housekey won’t see either. [/color]
[color=#6633cc]Hope this makes sense? I’ve put this in to show how it can be done, but [/color][color=#6633cc]I’d add that you might want to think really carefully about why you want to do this. We very much encourage you to be parsimonious with your qualities, but in this case, wanting to do this might be a sign that you need to be using a third quality, or to be casting the storylet in a different way.[/color]
[color=#6633cc]Why not have one branch that lets you choose to chance a strength test, and one that relies on you having (or sends you off to search for/buy) a key as an alternative for those that don’t want to grind up their strength? Same result, plus added choice for the player, and a chance to offer different rewards.[/color]
edited by Emily St Aubert on 7/30/2012

Emily, thanks for the reply! I’ve been using the identical branch dodge so far but wondered if there was a way round it. Have a good one!

[quote=Alexis Kennedy][color=#009900]Chrysoula: could you let us know the card and area in question? We’ll take a look.[/color]

I think I sorted it out; the error showed up because I misremembered which area had been the default starting area before I renamed it… I think. A little marker to remind of that would be helpful, and possibly the ability to change the default area. Also, is there a way in Debug to move people between Areas or should I just Pin a card to do that for now?

Wanted to say thanks and that I am having fun experimenting with the developer tools. :)

A couple of notes and questions:

  1. I have also had difficulties with the ‘game over’ exotic effect. Was wanting to reset a test character as well.

  2. I know you don’t want to delete, and understand the difficulties it can present for later reporting. What about having it mark the story/quality as ‘archived’ under the hood that way it’s gone from the UI but also still allow for future reporting. It’s a trick I often do as a web dev.

  3. Speaking of the reporting tools, will those be on the plate later? Mostly curious.

  4. I would throw my vote in to having some sort of image upload functionality at some point in the future.

have created a story: focused on a character’s slow discovery of things that go bump in the night.



Not really sure where else to put this (and I know it’s the niggliest, nitpickiest comment imaginable…):

On the player side, when they open a Storylet and look down at their Branch options, it seems like there ought to be a line break between the Branch’s Description and the line describing its difficulty. I know it’s a piddly little thing, but I’d like to more clearly separate prose and mechanics.

When I try to use See More Options on a second Branch Result (making a travel card), instead of unfolding that fold, it moves me up to the first Branch Result’s See More Options. This is also true for the second Branch See More Options. Any idea how to work around this?

Trying to delete a branch without saving it first results in a General Error. Trying to delete it after saving it results in a General Error. In addition, when returning back from the General Error, it doesn’t show the unsaved branches. However, they’re still there-- you don’t apparently need to save branches for them to be permanently added to a card. You can see this on the Pinned Card ‘Travel’.


  1. That bug’s not quite squished yet. The tech department are on it. You can remove qualities by hand using the Debug function, but that’s not ideal. We’ll get it sorted ASAP.
  2. As a creator, it’s up to you how you want to handle archiving of unwanted content. An archive in-game area and tag will do the trick nicely, though.
  3. Reporting and feedback to creators is important, and we have some tools planned for that. No details as yet, though.
  4. That’s very likely to happen.

If you think you’ve enough content to be worth playtesting, put a thread for your game on the forum and invite feedback - I’d love to see what people are making.

The design isn’t totally nailed down yet. We’ll keep that in mind for when we do the next round.

I’ll try to replicate that first problem.
As to the second thing - new branches auto-save themselves. And you can’t delete branches. If you have unneeded branches, archive them (give them Impossible! Min 1 requirements and make sure they are invisible when the requirement is failed. And mark then REUSE or DEPRECATED or something.)


I’ve replicated the problem - it’s a bug, I’ve passed it on to the tech team. The problem seems to be branches that haven’t been saved. If you save the branch, then refresh the page, you can see the extended options list.

[color=#009900]You may notice that Heroic and Evolve now appear in the promotion dropdown menu at the top. This is us testing the mechanism, and also bigging them up as the first playable user-created games. It doesn’t guarantee they’ll be promoted when we go into public beta! … but the more complete and polished they are, the more likely that’ll happen.[/color]
[color=#009900]Same goes for all the other worlds in there…[/color]


There are some problems with some of the quality change messages right now. Some of them, especially wordy/QLD-based qualities, are giving odd change messages. This is partly a technical issue, but also we’re still deciding how quality change messges should work for QLD/wordy qualities.

Suggestions are welcome, but until we work it out, I’d suggest using QCDs if the change messages are causing problems.