Correspondents making Orphanage calls!

There appears to be a new option for those running orphanages: invite a Correspondent to educate the orphans! I would like to put my name (that is, Ember Keelty) out there as a Correspondent willing to take any and all requests to teach small children how to set things on fire with eldritch runes. Any others out there?

As an Eagle Scout, I have spent large quantities of time teaching children to how to best set things on fire. As a correspondent, I hope to bring this to a whole other level.

Whoever said education needed to be boring? Very happy to help any children wanting their lessons to have a little more bang.

I’m ready to pass on some fiery lore as well.

And Crooked-Crosses can now be invited to Salons, as well.

For the record, hwoosh is a Correspondent. Invite him to amuse/terrify your precocious foundling wards!

Lady Red is also a correspondent, and happy to ‘help’… :D

I have left this profession behind. Best of luck to you all.
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For the record, I am also prepared to spark new ideas in your urchins’ heads.

I have just promoted myself to Correspondent. I would be happy to give lectures on the matter to any curious orphans.

I would be delighted to teach at any orphanages willing to have me.

My main character, cathyr19355, is a Correspondent and remains interested in lecturing to Orphans at any time!
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I too am a Correspondent and available for educational opportunities.

Sir Fred is a Correspondent, delighted to give private lectures!

I am also available to provide lectures upon request.

I’d be delighted to visit a few orphanages.

I am, like the good people here, also a correspondent and amenable to visiting the little ones at orphanages.

I am also a Correspondant and would be delighted to teach.

I am available to provide relatively safe lectures.

As a new Correspondant, I would love to be invited to teach the language of the stars whenever necessary.
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I would love to impart my knowledge of the Correspondence on some impressionable minds, if anybody has a need of it!