Correspondence-induced Nightmares

I’m currently working towards my own Correspondence department at the University. Also, I’ve played through the Fidgeting Writer story a few times to grind some Night-Whispers for Sackmas. All in all, I’ve spent a lot of FL time recently studying Maniac’s Prayers and Correspondence Plaques and the like.
So, last night I dreamed of researching something in my RL university library. And suddenly, in my dream, my eyes started burning - actually catching fire! I recall seeing my reflection in a mirror or window, and there were two blazing orbs of fire where my eyes should be! I don’t recall much else happening besides me wandering through the empty library with my burning eyes (being alone in public places is a recurring theme in my dreams), and I hesitate even calling it a nightmare as I wasn’t feeling afraid; I also didn’t wake up screaming or something. It was just BEYOND WEIRD. :duh:

Has anyone similar experiences to share or should I just take a stint at a RL Royal Beth? :silly:

Not exactly a nightmare but it’s an FL &quotinspired&quot dream. I was contracted by a lady clad in a dull red dress to investigate one of the bookcases in the University. It seems that the area was haunted of some sort. I rummaged through its books and lo and behold, there are correspondence plaques there. I was about to pick them up when suddenly I felt a presence approaching me.

I turned to face the presence but only saw a humanoid figure that looks like a brown blur. I didn’t feel afraid, instead I fought it hand-to-hand and drove it off. Based on how I fight (I saw &quotmy&quot feet and arms as I fought) and the clothes that I wore (bandages and a nice black suit) I was either a tomb colonist or a very Dangerous person. Suffice to say, the lady in red was quite grateful that I got rid of the haunting. The scenes before I awoke uh… let’s just say Persuasive is increasing…

Well, this dream was even less of a nightmare. More like a wacky domestic comedy, really.
I dreamt that my Fallen London character (not me) was happily married to Feducci. She was trying to break into the Great Game, but not having much success, being as she was not the type for subtle manipulations; more the type who brings her trusty rifle to a tea party. Anyway, she made another go of it, attending a clandestine meeting at Tyrant Gardens, only to find that Feducci, fearing for his darling wife’s safety, had sent some lackeys in her place. After roundly beating up everyone present, she returned home and gave her husband a piece of her mind. Feducci promised to place more trust in her next time, they kissed and made up, and Feducci left to attend his Zumba class.

Then I woke up.

@Pyrodinium: cannot believe your dream took place at the University, too! There’s something strange going on here… Failbetter, what are you doing to us? ;)

THAT is just priceless, thank you! :roflmao:

[quote=phryne]@Pyrodinium: cannot believe your dream took place at the University, too! There’s something strange going on here… Failbetter, what are you doing to us? ;)

THAT is just priceless, thank you! :roflmao:[/quote]

@phryne Hmm… the plaques do work in the Surface perhaps we were exposed to it somehow. ::

@myrese I’ll totally pay a cartload of Nex just to see Feducci and the other Black Ribbons become potential marriage partners. Of course, having them practice the art of the Zumba won’t hurt ;)

Not exactly dreaming, not quite yet, but I have noticed a tendency to see greenish tints behind my eyes when I’m starting to fall asleep. Just yesterday, I discovered this is apparently the colour called viric.

Also, I may or may not have somehow gained a couple levels of Unaccountably Peckish in RL. This first happened exactly three days since I first played FL, waned away for a while, and has recently returned. I wonder if takoyaki can substitute for rubbery lumps, in this scenario…

Edit: For fairness’ sake, I have given my character a few levels of UP as well. This just seems… right.
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Sometimes it’s hard to tell the dancer from the dance, or the dreamer from the dream.

– Mal

It’s getting weirder: last night I had a genuine nightmare where I was stalked through a dark building by a faceless figure holding a Knife in its left and a Candle in its right hand…:eek:

There’s two kinds of mutual dreams. The mundane one, which I’ll talk about here, is called meshing. This type of dream has both you and another person dream similar, but unconnected, dreams since you play similar games.

So in your case, somewhere in the depths of the Surface’s Parabola, there’s another player stalking someone else with knife and candle in hand.

Just last night I had a dream that I was attempting to sell my soul to some devils when a Master swooped from the sky and somehow incinerated my potential business. It grabbed me in it’s claw and flew me into one of the coils of the Bazaar then we were sitting at a table casually enjoying some biscuits as we talked the destruction of the other Masters.I was game so we sneaked into this random pyramid in the center of Ms. Plenty’s carnival and found this strange lever made of worn leather. It encouraged me to pull the lever, but I was having some second thoughts. I whipped around and was like, “I can’t pull the lever, you can kill me if you want. Hell, you can even pull the lever yourself, but I can’t be the person who unmakes the Neath.” And just then a rubbery man loped in looking very confused and fell on top of the lever. There was a blinding light and then I woke up, pretty damn weirded out.

@Psyche Labyrinth: I wish I had detailed story-driven dreams like that! All I ever get are small scenes that hardly make any sense at all, like pieces cut out of a larger picture…

It’s so strange given that REM sleep only lasts a short while. It feels like my dreams last hours. Of course, it only happens when I’m lucky.

Last night, I saw a beautiful ivory skinned woman. She was dressed in black and her curly black hair danced loosely behind her. On the background was an overcast sky that was occasionally punctuated by lightning. I think it was unlike me looking directly at a person but rather, me looking at a reflection off an inky black pool.

She said to me. &quotYou’re always with me and I’m always have been with you&quot.

She didn’t speak her name but my mind told me she was Hecate. It was when she was moving nearer to me that I sensed that there’s something wrong.

I falsely woke up to sense that someone is tugging my right shoulder. I opened my eyes and saw that it was actually a spindly shadowy arm that came from the wall near my bed. I grasped it and felt it squirm in my hand. Then I actually woke up and saw that there’s nothing out of the ordinary in my roomo.

I think I should lay off grinding at Hunter’s Keep and visiting Mutton Island for now.

Aw, such a nasty turn after such a nice beginning… ;)

I think that part would’ve freaked me out of my skin!

[quote=phryne]Aw, such a nasty turn after such a nice beginning… ;)

I think that part would’ve freaked me out of my skin![/quote]

I probably would too. :) But somehow, my curiosity got the better of me. Perhaps it’s because &quotHecate&quot means me well rather than being hostile.

Someone in my dream tonight told me that Mr. Stones works for the daughter, not the parent.

Take it as you will.

I dreamed that I entered a comfortable study with a mahogany desk. I looked over the desk and found a ball point pen. I scribbled it in a parchment that I found near it. When I tried to doddle, I found out that I was instead writing in calligraphy. Of course I thought it was awesome and I wanted to share it to my friends. I was trying to leave when I felt that a force compelled me to sit by the desk and continue to write calligraphy. I looked at my pen and found out that it became an ornate dip pen. The study compelled me to write about the tales of the souls trapped within it. Of course, it was “nice” enough to suggest that I start with my own tale.

So, there was this horrible rubbery man that kept following me around and trying to get me to take deep amber from him, but he didn’t speak English so he was really making a scene. I also couldn’t seem to pull my pants up enough to walk and my teeth kept falling out.

Then I went to sleep and had a stress dream where my Making Waves was indicative of my school grades.

I am completely stunned and petrified at the vividness of your dreams and the strength of your memory…

As an ex-Lucid Dreamer, dreams are one of my all time fav topics! Anyway, I’ll share a cute little dream I had last night, that had some FL motifs in it.

> It all started with me being in a gloomy, run-down bar. I sat there on my table and wasted a way with a stein of pale ale and not a worry in the world. As soon as the bartender came to check on me though, I asked him something, a question of some sort, with words made out of silence. He gaped at me for a moment, then answered my question in the same manner (i.e he spoke &quotsilence&quot) and momentarily after that, he urged me to go on my way.

I did, since I learned what I needed to know. I then strolled through the empty streets until I was down town. Once there, I searched for a very specific shop that the bartender had previously mentioned. After 20-30 dream minutes of seeking, I finally found it. It was an antiques shop with it’s entrance built into the ground with a door that was a meter and probably 20 centimeters high and made out of old but thick black iron with floral and vine patterns decorating it all over. Anyway, I decided to finally stop gawking at the door and at the exhibits shown on the tiny window next to and enter.
Inside there were several shelfs with antiques of various kinds, a &quotthick&quot atmosphere of doldrum and oldness dominating the tiny shop-room and a small but solid, chestunt desk decorated with some very nicely carved baroque patterns, that found itself towards the back-center of the room. Behind the desk, stood a very short and motherly but also quite ancient-looking grandma. She wore a permanent smile on her face, her eyes looked like they were barely open, but if you stared you could feel her gaze like a knife pinning your skin. It’s also worth noting that the old thing never moved. As I shifted my focus from her, she spoke. The old lady introduced her self as Helen Candle, but asked me to call her Ms.Candles since everyone called her so. After that, Ms. Candles spoke with the words of silence, asking me &quotif I had chosen&quot. Before I could answer her though, the shop door opened and one of my cousins and a friend of his, drunk or high, entered the shop. They asked me what i was doing here, If I was going to joined them and then suddenly… &quotforgot&quot about me as If I weren’t even there and started staggering around, messing with things. The old lady didn’t say anything neither did she move. I too ignored them. Once they were done and had made a little mess, they went on their way without a word. Once gone, I apologized to the lady and started tidying up their mess. Then, she spoke once more and said in her raspy, low voice &quotyou’re ready&quot.
As I turned to see her, she was gone, and next to the desk, there was an entrence to a pitch-black hallway, that previously wasn’t there. I looked at it and got the feeling, the urge to go inside. And I did. Once I entered the blackness and moved blindly into nothingness, the entrence behind me slowly disappeared from sight and dim lights started to fill the &quothallway&quot. Once it was light enough for me to see, without any form of emotion, I noticed that the walls were…flesh. Flesh covered with a thin layer of slime dotted everywhere with small wounds and pustules that emitted the dim glow that was the only light inside this place. As I moved through the now maze like &quothalls&quot, the flesh whirled and writhed in slow chaotic motions with each step I made. After an hour of lurking through corridors and galleries of different sizes, some of which I could decern being…&quotdistorted crypts&quot, I finally came to a gigantic chamber, that glowed with a dark blue mixed with blood red light. I stood at the entrence of this place and…told myself &quotno&quot. I then turned away and now saw that there was a path that lead to a smaller, more &quotnormal&quot looking room. I walked there and inside, in the center of it all, was a piller of bone on which a huge mirror stood. I stopped infront of the mirror and I took in the reflection that it gave.My image was altered, changing, but I could see someone else besides me in it. It was the old woman standing some steps behind, with a multi-headed serpent, like a small hydra, coiled around her right arm - and each head, like a leech had stuck it’s bite into her face and neck. I stood and just watched the reflection without feeling anything and the granny, with her even now permanent smile, did the same.

After that I woke up and felt several of my scars, burning. Took half a day for the sensation to pass. Aaaand…that’s it! Woah, this is gonna be a long read, kudos to anyone who puts the effort.
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